This Truly Ignorant Dude Most Definitely Gives All Decent, Hardworking, Honest White Americans A Very Bad Name


But NOT to WORRY america! Truly beautiful DAYS are coming to a THEATER near US real soon…that I promise AMERICA!!! How do I know this? Very simple….and here’s WHY! It will be BECAUSE of truly IGNORANT idiots like CLIVEN “I Eat Too Many Burritos” Bundy that will MAKE today’s REPUBLICAN PARTY go the way of WHIG PARTY by no LATER than 10 years…meaning “SEE YA and don’t LET the DOOR hit you on the WAY OUT assholes!”

And that is GREAT news AMERICA!!! That means half the battle has BEEN won! And, once the REPUBLICANS have been removed from AMERICA due to their own SHEER ignorance and hypocrisy…we can FINALLY remove the other equally cancerous and treasonous tumor, I mean, political party otherwise known as the DEMOCRATIC party. That’s right DEMOCRATS! We will KICK your ass out of this BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY as well…and deservedly so…Just so you know DEMOCRATIC PARTY…LYING slightly better than the REPUBLICAN PARTY does NOT make you a BETTER alternative for WE THE PEOPLE simply because we ALL know that you DESPISE the AMERICAN PEOPLE just as EQUALLY as the REPUBLICAN PARTY.

It’s been a long standing THEORY of mine that the REPUBLICAN and DEMOCRATIC parties have recently (within the last 30 years) become BEST FRIENDS FOREVER who take TURNS wearing the BAD GUY hat…meaning they are ONE and the SAME PARTY when it comes to FUCKING the american people. Unfortunately for the AMERICAN PEOPLE, this is what happens when the U.S. MONOPOLIES that own OUR GOVERNMENT fill WASHINGTON with TRULY ignorant CORPORATE TOOLS. Now…don’t get me WRONG now…I have nothing against CORPORATE TOOLS…I’m just against CORPORATE tools, trolls and shills whose only CONCERN is PRESERVING the IMMENSE power given to them by WE THE PEOPLE instead of being the TRUE LEADERS that this COUNTRY and WORLD so DESPERATELY needs today. In a nutshell, that’s my fucking PROBLEM with BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats of TODAY….

Beautiful days are coming REAL soon AMERICA…Our MOMENT OF CLARITY is close at HAND. We must be ready and we WILL be, this I know!…Just sit back and relax and watch the POWER of the AMERICAN people come ROARING back because it WILL….All that is required is a 2 simple steps…purposely CONSUME LESS AMERICA…if you do not need it THEN don’t BUY it…and then LET Washington KNOW why you are purposely CONSUMING less by saying, “STOP SELLING US OUT FOR PERSONAL GAIN assholes!” That is all that is required to protect ourselves from participating in OUR own demise.



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