If America Does Not Boycott Everything General Mills, Then This Country Has Truly Lost Its Effin Mind!


Hey everyone!!!! It’s NOW officially OFFICIAL…AMERICA has TRULY lost its FUCKING mind….and SOUL as well (but that’s another story for another day). I’m deadly serious about this…AND this AIN’T no funny JOKE yo!

Now…..you’re probably asking yourself, “WHAT THE FUCK is the this LUNATIC from new york city TALKING ABOUT?” And being that I am not THAT type of GUY because “WORD is always BOND”, I’m going to tell what this is all ABOUT!

So…I wake up this and turn on the NEWS like I always do…and one of the NEWS STORIES I hear is about GENERAL MILLS and how this truly CORRUPT and immorally GREEDY u.s. CORPORATION has placed a new PRIVACY POLICY where if consumers interact with their online brands (i.e. “LIKING” on facebook OR downloading coupons from their site or other sites) will LOSE their LEGAL RIGHT to sue GENERAL MILLS…(read below for more INFO….just click on image to make larger and easier to read)


Now…you may be asking yourself, “WHY WOULD GENERAL MILLS DO THIS?” And the answer is VERY, VERY simple…because they have been FACING MORE AND MORE class action lawsuits due to THEIR lying LABELING and INGREDIENTS…or in SIMPLER terms…these FREAKIN lying and immoral BASTARDS want to CONTINUE with their LIES about THEIR shitty and UNHEALTHY products and labeling..It is SORT OF like a few DECADES ago when McDonalds used to sell “MILK SHAKES” by the 10 of MILLIONS daily until THE PEOPLE of america found out there wasn’t A SINGLE fucking DROP of milk in those crappy “SHAKES”…this is EXACTLY what GENERAL MILLS wants to CONTINUE.

Now…I’M going to be 1,00,000,000,000,000,000,000% HONEST here and reveal that the first WORDS that came out of my MOUTH upon learning this were, “OH HELLS FUCKING NO!!!!!!!!” And then…I walked into my kitchen…grabbed the BOX OF CHEERIOS that I purchased yesterday…then walked to my toilet in my bathroom…DUMPED every single CHEERIO in my TOILET…then smashed and crushed the EMPTY BOX of cheerios and threw into the GARBAGE….and then, I walked back to my TOILET and drained AN EXTRA LONG, BURNING HOT, ASPARAGUS-SMELLING piss on THE CHEERIOS floating in my TOILET…And then… because, I am not that TYPE of guy….I figured I might as well finish the JOB properly and took a HUGE, STANK dump on them CHEERIOS… at which point I WIPED and then…finally FLUSHED my toilet…AND LET ME TELL YOU, I never felt better….

When HISTORY looks back at the TIMES we are currently living in, they will have no choice BUT to call it the AGE OF THE RENEWABLE DUMMY. There is A REASON why AMERICA has become the MOST OBESE NATION on the face of this PLANET. It is BECAUSE of LYING, IMMORAL, OUR GREED HAS NO BOUNDS corporations LIKE general mills.

Here’s a better IDEA general mills….STOP fucking lying FOR PROFITS to the health DETRIMENTS of the BEAUTIFUL people OF america – THAT IS NOT THE american WAY!!!! IT IS THE communist WAY!!! If general mills CAN ONLY MAKE A PROFIT by lying about its unhealthy INGREDIENTS and their LABELING of their unhealthy INGREDIENTS……this MONOPOLY, I mean, company should NO LONGER be in BUSINESS….If americans CONTINUE to PURCHASE general mills’ UNHEALTHY products after installing this new PRIVACY POLICY…then this COUNTRY has become a NATION of RENEWABLE DUMMIES…and will deserve EVERYTHING bad that will HAPPEN to them in their UNHEALTHY & “obamacare wet dream come true” futures.

Consume LESS america! And by all means, START using your PURCHASING power to BOYCOTT these CRIMINAL, LYING, IMMORAL corporations that own OUR GOVERNMENT because I most DEFINITELY am…I am NO renewable DUMMY yo! Plus, I know for a fact that if the AMERICAN people stopped REWARDING these truly CANCEROUS u.s. corporations with THEIR PURCHASING POWERS, these TRULY cancerous U.S. CORPORATIONS would MOST DEFINITELY get the PICTURE.



One thought on “If America Does Not Boycott Everything General Mills, Then This Country Has Truly Lost Its Effin Mind!

  1. Its pretty amazing that a huge company like General Mills would risk bad publicity by using strong arm legal tactics like this and I agree with you totally. However even though you weren’t trying to be funny, you were!!

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