Now That Georgia Has Passed Its Guns Everywhere Bill, I Say We Vote To Pass A Drones Everywhere In America Bill


And this will happen in our very NEAR future..and we can thank the GUN-NUT assholes of america who have blindly funded the GUNS FOR PROFIT, I mean, NRA for making this happen…I mean, it’s these VERY assholes who have been BRIBING, I mean, STRONG-ARMING, I mean, lobbying our GOVERNMENT for centuries in order to protect their OWN individual freedoms at the cost of everyone else’s…but now, when other industries start BRIBING, I mean, STRONG-ARMING, I mean, lobbying our GOVERNMENT for DRONES and their USE of them, the COWARDS of the NRA have a problem with this.

What did you non-comprising IDIOTS think?…that our CORRUPT and TREASONOUS government WOULD NOT take THE LOBBYISTS’ money from OTHER corrupt and treasonous industries!!!! PLEASE!!!! And, IRONICALLY…this LITTLE gun DEBATE that AMERICANS have been debating about for the past couple of DECADES in regards to GUN CONTROL exposes the TRUE IDIOCY that is RUNNING rampant throughout AMERICA – the SINGLE-ISSUE voter. I’m going to let you GUN-NUT, SINGLE-ISSUE voter IDIOTS in on a little secret…a NEW BREED of SINGLE ISSUE voter has been BORN…and that is me…this means that any and every issue regarding DRONES and their USE of THEM against idiots with GUNS…I will not ONLY support with FINANCIAL donations, BUT it will ALSO be THE ONLY issue I VOTE on and for….I mean, why are IGNORANT FOOLS only allowed to make OUR GOVERNMENT a bigger POLICE STATE by the day with THEIR cowardly LEGAL firearms…

This way….when I get all pissed OFF and angry FOR WHATEVER selfish AMERICAN reason I may HAVE at any particular moment…I can send my PERSONAL, LEGAL drone to, let’s say, a BAR in GEORGIA and MASS MURDER every single idiot holding a LEGAL firearm in that BAR from the comfort of my own HOME….and even better is the FACT that when the POLICE DRONES come to get me..I can, then, turn my PERSONAL, LEGAL drone on myself and COMMIT suicide like all you MASS-MURDERING, MENTALLY ill gun cowards. Of course and NATURALLY, it would go without saying that I would ALSO support AND vote for PERSONAL DRONES for the MENTALLY ILL as well as TERRORISTS bent on harming america…WHY SHOULD the GUN-NUTS of america have all the FUN is WHAT I am SCREAMING about..

And the very BEST part of PASSING a DRONES EVERYWHERE in AMERICA bill would be to put an end to the IGNORANT cunt WAYNE LAPIERRE’S ultimate AMERICAN lie – “the only thing that stops a BAD GUY with a GUN is A GOOD guy with A GUN”….You are full of ignorant SHIT wayne lapierre..and that is the cold TRUTH…because in your very NEAR future, it WILL BE drones that will BE the only thing THAT will stop A BAD guy WITH a GUN…because THERE IS no such thing WHATSOEVER as AN american GOOD GUY, SINGLE ISSUE VOTER with a GUN..

In ending, we are JUST going to have to ADMIT, as americans, THAT we are the MOST violent NATION this world HAS ever seen….and we are VERY proud of this FACT… So let’s make it EVEN more violent I say, AND let’s take even more pride in our VIOLENCE for profit… LET’S also try with all our MIGHT, at the very least, TO still BE #1 in at least one CATEGORY amongst THE so called “PEACE LOVING” nations OF the WORLD. I mean, if we are going to do something…let’s do it TO THE BEST of our capabilities…it’s the AMERICAN way. So, beware AMERICA…there’s a NEW BREED of single ISSUE voter…and that’s ME




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