To All Idiots In Florida Who Voted For The False Prophet Mitt Romney in 2012

I guess TODAY is not such a FUNNY day for all you effin IDIOTS down there in FLORIDA who voted for MITTENS in 2012 huh!!!!  I mean, 26 EFFIN counties down there are completely UNDER water and there WASN’T even a FUCKING hurricane.  AMERICA needs to STOP subsidizing IGNORANCE immediately.  Here’s my thinking to finally put END to all this IGNORANT madness running rampant throughout AMERICA these DAYS….If you are a CLIMATE CHANGE denier, you should NOT receive ONE PENNY in FEDERAL EMERGENCY aid ever again.  You want ME to feel SORRY for a bunch of FUCKING ignorant ASSHOLES who WHOOP and HOLLER at MITT “the false prophet” ROMNEY’S truly UNFUNNY joke during the RNC convention in 2012 that was HELD in TAMPA, FLORIDA….that IS not GOING to happen because I’m laughing MY fucking ASS off too HARD right now…just so you KNOW….

But what will NOT be so FUNNY is the FACT that these IGNORANT, LIFE SUCKING losers will BE the very first PRICKS on line to suck every PENNY of FEDERAL EMERGENCY aid AVAILABLE paid for, ONCE AGAIN, by WE the PEOPLE…

And, herein LIES america’s BIGGEST problem…today IGNORANT, corporate-OWNED republican party enables the lying “WE LOVE AMERICA” DEMOCRATIC party to do ABSOLUTELY nothing other than to further PAD their pockets with MORE riches and POWER while they PERFECT the art of LYING to the AMERICAN people.   We are stuck in VICIOUS cycle OF a world where OUR GOVERNMENT (paid for BY we the people) takes OUR MONEY to FURTHER pollute OUR EARTH so they CAN take even more money from us so that THIS vicious CYCLE of UNFUNNY ignorance CAN continue on indefinitely…and the ultimate and final truth about his can be seen in the idiocy and comical ignorance of FLORIDIANS who deny CLIMATE change…because if Hurricane Katrina in NEW ORLEANS proved one thing…it’s that the ignorant climate change deniers will always without fail and/or hesitation grab every penny of federal emergency aid while they continue to MOCK the POOR people of this COUNTRY…and ACTUALLY, that’s NOT so funny


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