Terrorism To Hit Germany And Britain Next


And it will hit within 6 weeks….if not sooner….How do I know this?  Because just like with FRANCE, the UK and GERMANY have now decided to join the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in continuing their unrelenting bombing of the MIDDLE EAST.

There is only ONE WAY to put an END to all this MADNESS..and that ONE WAY is NEVER EVER mentioned by WASHINGTON and/or by any of its lying bobble-head corporate owned media/news/foreign policy pundits…and that way is to


Here are the 3 things that will happen to any and all governments who join the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S coalition against the so called “WAR ON TERROR”

  1. More innocent tax-payers of these countries will continue to be massacred
  2. Your national debt will SKYROCKET into the TRILLIONS of DOLLARS within 5 years
  3. Your ECONOMIES will SHRINK to very dangerous levels

How do I know this….? Very simple…Because this is EXACTLY what has happened to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA since it started all this bullshit by starting that TRULY bogus IRAQI WAR in 2003.

If I have said this once, I have said this more times than there are guns in america (300 million times)…this so called WAR ON TERROR will end EXACTLY the same was as WASHINGTON’S war on poverty and/or WASHINGTON’S war on drugs – with cheaper and more lethal terrorists EVERYWHERE….And, our recent history is already proving this for all the world to see.

Simply because…It is NOT about protecting its tax paying citizens – IT IS ALL ABOUT extracting 100s of BILLIONS of $$$$s from its TAX PAYERS so as to continue their profitable myriad of EXTREMELY BOGUS ponzi schemes under the guise of words like freedom, capitalism, and security…

But…there is GOOD NEWS coming soon!  Our collective moment of clarity is EXTREMELY close at hand WO/MANKIND!  And it will be BEAUTIFUL and EVERLASTING!!  It is already happening in small pockets across this beautiful GLOBE….AND will only continue to grow bigger and bigger by the day….and it will be NON-VIOLENT…but, most importantly, it will restore the natural order of life- PEOPLE before PROFITS…

Organic boycotts are the ANSWER to all of our problems…and I will explain why in my next blog, “It’s Going To Be A Bloody Christmas And An Even Bloodier New Year!”







Clown Face Wayne Lapierre – A Jihadist’s Wet Dream Come True

Hmmmm….let’s see…the federal Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act has been stalled in Washington for eight years now…

Anyone want to take a wild AND crazy guess as to who is making this happen?  It’s a very simple answer…

BINGO! You guessed it!  The NRA and ignorant bobble-head whore Wayne Lapierre and his suitcases full of SPECIAL INTEREST/LOBBYISTS’ blood money and RE-ELECTION victories as well as every single BOBBLE HEAD/CORPORATE puppet in WASHINGTON from all sides of the political spectrum…

Now…if I were a “MENTALLY UNSTABLE” jihadist in AMERICA who is extremely angry at AMERICA for starting BOGUS WARS in the MIDDLE EAST (that has killed more than 350,000 innocent civilians – women and children always included) solely for the purpose of reaping huge profits off the THEFT of OIL and THE SALES of unlimited guns/ammo to all peoples who hate each other in the MIDDLE EAST….there’s going to be 72 “dark-eyed” Mulsim virgins in PARADISE who are going to be very, very, very angry at me…simply because the mere glimpse of WAYNE LAPIERRE’S face and what he STANDS for (profits ALWAYS before people and freedom) would make me CREAM in my PANTS…




Not To Worry America! Climate-Change “Storms” Will Kill More Americans Annually Than Gun Violence In Our Very Near Future

hmmdAnd just like with GUN violence in AMERICA, our politicians (both parties) will do ABSOLUTELY nothing other than to FUND RAISE for the FINANCIAL interests of their political parties and their bogus ideologies.  Never forget AMERICANS…”Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around” – Sofia from the movie Vanilla Sky

American Guns Killing God Softly


America is NOT a nation of God, it is a nation of GUNS



and FOREVER tomorrow

Forgive me LORD…For, my FAITH in you is DEAD

Forgive me America…FOR, my dream in you has FADED

with each passing innocent

from the HAIL of BULLETS

I see a GUN in the hands of GOD

the trigger pulled by THE finger of ONE of yOUR children

who PROUDLY kills IN your name



and FOREVER tomorrow

there will be no 2nd COMING,


tWO thousand and fifteen years ago

JESUS sacrificed HIS life NOT for YOU

but foR manKInd

aND you took him….aND you kept him

Forgive me LORD…For, my FAITH in you is DEAD

Forgive me America…FOR, my dream in you has FADED

tWO thousand and fifteen years ago

JESUS sacrificed HIS life NOT for YOU

but foR manKInd

for HE believed his reward would be to SIT next to YOU

for eternity

iNSTEAD his punishment was

to see you CREATE the GUN

FROM the unholy MIND of one OF your children




and YOU have FAILED

and, for this – AMERICA will kill YOU

but THE LOVE for, in, and by JESUS will be




“in GUN we TRUST”dxfg

This Video Proves That The Iraq War And The 2nd Amendment Are Responsible For Killing 4 Brave Marines In Tennessee Yesterday

This video proves that gun nuts of AMERICA better grow an effin BRAIN really, really, really, really (did I say REALLY enough times) FAST….

Because if you do NOT heed my words…and GROW an EFFIN brain…within 10 YEARS…UNCLE sam will come & take your guns..PERMANENTLY!

Yesterday’s tragedy in Tennessee proves that, in the EYES of washington, it is TOTALLY kosher and cool for muslim terrorists to kill INNOCENT americans of all kinds IN america…even if you are a brave AMERICAN MARINE/PURPLE HEART recipient who SERVED two TOURS in the MIDDLE EAST.

Let me repeat – as long as muslim terrorists who truly hate america use AMERICA’S favorite COWARDLY toy (the GUN) to kill innocent AMERICANS in AMERICA – “it’s ALL GOOD BABY BABY” to quote BIGGIE SMALLS..in WASHINGTON’S eyes..

I mean, it is NO COINCIDENT that every time a MUSLIM TERRORIST kills innocent AMERICANS in AMERICA…wayne lapierre waynebabyinstantly disappears into THIN air faster than BARBARA EDEN from I DREAM OF JEANNIE (hot diggity damn barbara eden is one fine one woman!)


And that’s pretty DANG hard to do…

But back to the POINT (i apologize for letting barbara eden distract me)…As we all already know, the ONLY time non-sensible GUN CONTROL laws seems to be PASSED is when AMERICAN GUNS are pointed and/or shot at our POLITICIANS..



In AMERICA’S very near FUTURE, one of THESE cowardly MUSLIM TERRORISTS will get their cowardly hands on LEGAL AMERICAN GUNS and point and aim and fire at AN AMERICAN POLITICIAN/S…at which point, you can kiss the 2ND AMENDMENT’S ass (as we know it) GOOD-BYE forever…It will be like WASHINGTON winning the MEGA LOTTERY of ALL-TIME with a JACK-POT prize of 500 million NON-SENSIBLE gun control laws passed faster than any SPEEDING BULLET and SUPERMAN combined…that I promise you.

Now, look AMERICA…I am a very, very busy man with many, many things to do in my VERY VERY important life (in the tone of  TRUE sarcasm)…SO, I really don’t have time to waste with TRULY STUPID, single ISSUE voters OF america any longer..you know the ONES I am talking about – the “GIMMIE, GIMMIE, GIMMIE more GUNS” fools.

But, because I truly LOVE america AND americans (even the “GIMMIE, GIMMIE, GIMMIE more GUNS” fools)..I will BLESS you by spending a few minutes of my very very important time in my very very important life to pass on some VERY wise advice to Y’ALL who CHERISH the 2ND AMENDMENT and OUR FOUNDING FATHERS who created IT.

But, before I do pass on some very wise advice..we must first discuss some facts that CAN no longer be IGNORED..


Before lying war criminals bush jr and cheney started THE BOGUS IRAQ war in 2003…THERE WAS NO SUCH THING as ISIS….so, IN ESSENCE, isis CAN be called SADDAMISTS…and, SADDAMISTS can be called ISIS..they are one and the same people.


SADDAMISTS/ISIS has AMERICAN WEAPONS..and are using AMERICAN WEAPONS to create HAVOC all OVER the MIDDLE EAST…in their ATTEMPT to lure BRAVE AMERICAN SOLDIERS back into the MIDDLE EAST to fight THE HOLY WAR of all WARS.  Even more creepy is the fact that SADDAMISTS/ISIS are using EX vice-president PRICK CHENEY style propaganda (the use of spreading lies and fear TO start WARS) to accomplish their GOALS..


SADDAMISTS/ISIS not ONLY hate america BUT ALSO americans ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE on this PLANET…and, THEY will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to kill INNOCENT americans ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE on this planet…america INCLUDED.

If you doubt me THEN just watch AND listen to the VIDEO above –

So, here is my ADVICE to all GUN-NUTS of AMERICA who cherish the 2ND AMENDMENT

*GROW SOME LONG HAIR like THESE “totally awesome” DUDES from the 1960s

hipp*Organize protests AND march on WASHINGTON yelling and screaming




Heed my advice AMERICA…and DEMAND that our GOVERNMENT gets out of the MIDDLE EAST asap…For, if you continue to IGNORE – this once great & beautiful country & democracy AND all of our freedoms (many of which have already been stolen under the PATRIOT ACT) is ONE mere “COWARDLY muslim TERRORIST with AMERICAN GUNS PROTECTED BY THE 2ND AMENDMENT and AIMED AT an american POLITICIAN” away from the OPPOSITE of what OUR FOUNDING FATHERS dreamed about WHEN founding this GREAT COUNTRY….

The handwriting is on the WALL america….SO FUCKING READ IT or FOREVER NEVER HOLD YOUR


Gun Nuts Of America Better Tell Their Government To Get Out Of The Middle East

gunnuty4 Marines dead at Tennessee Navy Facility today…My money is on the fact that the GUN used by the muslim terrorist was LEGAL..and, if THE GUN was ILLEGAL – I’ll quote HILLARY CLINTON, “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!”  Bottom line here is very simple – if you are a GUN-NUT, you BETTER tell your government to get the EFF out of the MIDDLE EAST..because if you don’t start DEMANDING this and MAKE THIS happen then..MARK MY WORDS, your government will START taking your GUNS away – BLACK FLAG or NOT..I know, I know – it’s going to truly suck that you will NOW have to become a 2 ISSUE VOTER..but THAT’S life..

How To Pass Gun Control In America


First and foremost, let’s get our facts straight about GUNS …guns are for punks and cowards who are afraid of other punks and cowards with GUNS…if this WERE not TRUE, our founding FATHERS would have never have CREATED the 2ND AMENDMENT in the first place…end of STORY. Everything that is COMPLETELY wrong about AMERICA today can be traced back to the NRA…it has created the ULTIMATE blueprint on how to destroy freedom and democracy in every sense of the word….

DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM are about the POWER of the PEOPLE…not the POWER of MONEY or CORPORATIONS…it’s really that simple…the NRA has been bullying, I mean, lobbying our government with suitcases full of CASH & RE-ELECTION victories for the LONGEST time now (more than 200 years now)….Our genius FOUNDING FATHERS warned us ABOUT money in POLITICS….and how it would truly DESTROY freedom for FREEDOM loving people.

This has led to other industries copying the NRA blueprint on how to STEAL more freedoms from WE THE PEOPLE and to make life more EXPENSIVE for ALL…like for example the HEALTHCARE for PROFIT industry and OBAMACARE…or the u.s. subsidized POLLUTING for PROFITS oil INDUSTRY…or the EVER-INCREASING in size u.s. POLICE STATE…or the WALL STREET bailout…and how about the SHITTY-FOOD for PROFIT industry that refuses to LABEL the ingredients in our FOODS…or the POLLUTING coal industry that WILL never stop POLLUTING our waters that we drink…or how about the SAM WALTONOPOLIES, I mean, WALMARTS in AMERICA who refuse to increase the MINIMUM WAGE because they TRULY love government SUBSIDIES like FOOD ASSISTANCE so that their employees can only purchase their shitty products and foods because they cannot afford to shop anywhere else….who TOTALLY supported and funded the NAFTA trade agreement back in the 1990s and now totally supports and funds the TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP that will lead to more AMERICANS jobs being lost.

What do all THESE INDUSTRIES now have in COMMON…they have all used THE nra BLUEPRINT…step ONE – give enough MONEY to politicians to ensure their RE-ELECTION victory so that THE PROFITS can rain in which then is PUMPED back into our NOW corrupt and treasonous GOVERNMENT so they can stay in power and steal OUR FREEDOMS for CENTURIES to come.

I want to make this COMPLETELY 100% clear…keep your GUNS…but tell the NRA to stop giving BLOOD MONEY to Washington…it will NOT be GUNS that will destroy OUR DEMOCRACY..it will be the MONEY given to WASHINGTON by the INDUSTRIES that ALWAYS put PROFITS before PEOPLE that will…I will ask 2 very SIMPLE questions that even the MOST ignorant of IGNORANT americans can ANSWER…

QUESTION #1: What COUNTRY has the BIGGEST government on THE face OF THIS earth?
QUESTION #2: What COUNTRY has the MOST amount of GUNS on THE face of THIS earth?

Now, put ONE and ONE together and GROW a FUCKING brain…and you WILL arrive at a VERY SIMPLE answer…that THERE is a DIRECT correlation between THE SIZE of a GOVERNMENT and THE amount OF GUNS it has…so PLEASE!!!! Keep your GUNS but PLEASE be honest LYING gun NUTS of AMERICA and stop SPEWING your IGNORANCE about GUNS, FREEDOM, and SMALL government.

Perhaps We Should Have Standing Ovations Rather Than Moments Of Silence After Mass Shootings In America?

What I’m about to say may seem EXTREMELY callous to some out there…so then, I will ask, “but is it anymore more callous than when AMERICANS males with mental issues decide to slaughter innocent AMERICAN during mass shootings with their LEGAL firearms?” I don’t think so.

So here goes….Can we all, as cowardly AMERICANS, please STOP having MOMENTS OF SILENCE for the INNOCENT Americans who have been SLAUGHTERED by TRULY selfish and mentally ill AMERICAN males during MASS SHOOTINGS with LEGAL FIREARMS in AMERICA!!!!! Do you want to KNOW why I think THIS way? Here’s why….because MOMENTS OF SILENCE after MASS SHOOTINGS with LEGAL FIREARMS in AMERICA insult the VERY intelligence of EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN alive TODAY…Do you want to know WHY this is? Very simple…Because, as AMERICANS, we all KNOW nothing WHATSOEVER will be DONE by our so-called GREAT government in order to prevent these truly TERRIBLE and HORRIBLE tragedies from HAPPENING again…Matter of fact, we, as AMERICANS, all know MASS SHOOTINGS by cowardly, selfish, mentally ILL american MALES has now practically become an every day part of our lives – which defeats of the WHOLE PURPOSE of having a MOMENTS OF SILENCE.

Let’s take what happened in FORT HOOD, texas this past week as the perfect EXAMPLE. In the past 5 years there have been 2 MASS SHOOTINGS (not ONE but TWO) where innocent, brave american SOLDIERS have been slaughtered…not by enemy soldiers in a foreign country…but by TRULY cowardly, selfish and mentally ILL american MALES. Two moments of silence in the past 5 years at FORT HOOD, texas means there will be ANOTHER mass shooting there in our very near future – that I know and promise. Does this mean that there will be another SANDY HOOK in our NEAR FUTURE? I most certainly HOPE not but, unfortunately, my ANSWER is YES – there will be another SANDY HOOK in our very near future – and still NOTHING will be done other than GUN-SALES across america will SKY-ROCKET

Perhaps having STANDING OVATIONS instead of MOMENTS OF SILENCE after MASS SHOOTIGNS using LEGAL FIREARMS in AMERICA will WAKE us all UP enough to realize that THIS STUPID SHIT has to come to an END once and for and with a real QUICKNESS. I mean, it worked for the ROMAN EMPIRE during the age of the GLADIATOR. Looking back at a little history, one will see that the GLADIATORIAL GAMES reached their PEAK in ROME during the 1st century B.C. (before CHRIST) thru the 2nd century A.D. (after CHRIST). However, in the year 380 A.D. (after CHRIST), when CHRISTIANITY was adopted as the STATE CHURCH of the ROMAN EMPIRE, the GLADIATORIAL GAMES rapidly waned in POPULARITY and then finally came to an end in the 5th century A.D. (after CHRIST).

America DOES NOT have a GUN PROBLEM – america has an AMERICAN MALE GUN problem. It’s really that simple! And, once we admit to this little fact, blue SKIES lay ahead because “recognition is half the battle” as they say. So, let’s have STANDING OVATIONS after MASS SHOOTINGS in AMERICA. This way we can APPLAUD the cowardice of a small percentage of mentally ill AMERICAN MALES packing LEGAL FIREARMS bent on slaughtering INNOCENT Americans for whatever selfish reasons they deem fit at any particular moment. Let us ALSO applaud the COWARDICE of our NOT-SO-GREAT government for doing absolutely nothing to try to STOP this type of LIFE-SUCKING sheer INSANITY.

Perhaps this will be the IMPETUS that is required to finally make us REALIZE that AMERICA has become ONE HUGE roman AMPHITHEATER filled with SLAVES, I mean, AMERICAN CITIZENS who have very little CHANCE of surviving AGAINST government sponsored and subsidized GUN-VIOLENCE lobbied THRU and BY the GUN MANUFACTURERS of AMERICA in order to gain our freedom FROM the tyranny of a small percentage of cowardly, selfish mentally-ill american MALES legally packing LEATHAL FIREARMS. In short, until we try SOMETHING different…our AMERICAN MALE GUN PROBLEM  will ONLY get worse NOT better.

It Is Time For America To Admit That It Has A Male Gun Problem


Let’s NEVER forget that GUNS do NOT kill – PEOPLE kill! If I have said this once, I have said this a QUAD-TRILLION times….America does NOT have a GUN problem; it has a MALE GUN problem….I mean, at some point in AMERICA’S lying history, we are just going to have to accept the FACT that 99% of gun violence comes from the cowardly HANDS of PUNK males packing legal/illegal firearms. America’s FOUNDING FATHERS were honest enough to admit this truth about GUNS…that they are for punks and cowards who are afraid of other cowards and punks with guns! And for this reason and absolute truth ALONE…the 2ND AMENDMENT was created and placed in our CONSTITUTION.

So, when I hear the lying, SACK OF SHIT, cowardly punk wayne lapierre say, “the only thing that stops a BAD GUY with a GUN is a GOOD GUY with a GUN!” – I start laughing hysterically…because THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GOOD GUY WITH A GUN – this is what you can term a true OXYMORON. Perhaps the only thing that stops A BAD GUY WITH A GUN is A GOOD WOMAN with a GUN. I mean, there’s a REASON why you can NEVER find A GOOD GUY with A GUN when you really need HIM – there’s no such THING! Do you want to know why? It’s a very simple ANSWER – GUNS turn MEN into selfish PUNKS and COWARDS…and proves that AMERICA does NOT have a GUN problem…. it has a PUNK MALE GUN PROBLEM.

In short, we as AMERICANS should just admit to this simple fact….cowardly PUNK males with LEGAL/ILLEGAL firearms mass-murdering other INNOCENT Americans for whatever selfish and cowardly reason has become our DE-FACTO way of life..it has BECOME the american WAY…be PROUD america cause I’m not.

Omfg Now I Have To Worry About Getting Mowed Down By A Blind Man WIth A Legal Gun When I Am In Iowa


Mental Note To Myself:  NEVER go to Iowa ever again and NEVER spend another damn, red penny on anything ever MADE and/or FROM Iowa ever again.  And, it goes without saying, all my 10,000 and growing Facebook friends will follow suit.  I mean, we are already ALL boycotting NRA and any and all businesses related to the NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS in this country so this won’t be difficult either.  This is yet another perfect example of how our so-called DEFENDERS of OUR FREEDOMS, I mean, all you 2nd Amendment lovers, the NRA, and the GUN MANUFACTURERS of this country have become the TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT that our founding fathers feared so much.  Don’t get me wrong now – I don’t anything against blind people whatsoever; but by allowing blind people to legally pack heat (carry guns) in Iowa perfectly ILLUSTRATES the truly corrupting impact and influence that money has in POLITICS.  IT IS OBVIOUS that this law was passed due to the strong arming, I mean, bribing, I mean, lobbying of NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS in the state of Iowa.  It also highlights just how corrupt some of our politicians who constantly claim to be against CORPORATE PERSONHOOD but always seem to have a huge brown bag filled with CASH underneath their desks.

 If I have said this once, I have said a trillion times to all legal gun owners in America, “BUY & KEEP ALL THE GUNS YOU WANT BUT GET FUCK OUT OF THE STRONG ARMING, I mean, BRIBING, I mean, LOBBYING BUSINESS.  You idiots can no longer pretend to be patriotic hiding behind the AMERICAN FLAG & the 2ND AMENDMENT while you selfish assholes sit idly by as the NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS spread their cancer and sell our freedoms for pennies on the dollar.  Do you understand what I am saying!  It’s very simple!  Corporate personhood via LOBBYING by corrupt, corporate LOBBYISTS are destroying this country – not guns or responsible legal gun owners.  And being that the NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS of America created the PLAYBOOK on how to correctly corrupt our politicians and political system, other corrupt CORPORATIONS and INDUSTIRES like, for example, WALL STREET say to themselves, “Hey! If Americans are truly THIS stupid and ignorant…Why don’t we STRONG-ARM, I mean, BRIBE, I mean, LOBBY our greedy and corrupt politicians so that we can get more of the AMERICAN PIE just like the NRA & GUN MANUFACTURERS do!”

 So, let’s play PRETEND again…Let’s say I am a bad guy with no money in Iowa but I want to get my hands on a GUN.  Here’s all I would have to do in order to obtain my gun.  First things first, I would burn on a cheap Compact Disc my voice screaming, “hey you BLIND MOTHERFUCKER…give me all your fucking MONEY before I put some LUMPS on your head!”  I would then put that CD with my voice on it in a cheap BOOM BOX that I stole a few days ago and then put that cheap boom box in my barely working car that I ALSO stole a few days ago.  I would then go to the nearest gun store and/or gun show and patiently wait for a blind man to enter and then leave with a brand new firearm he just purchased.  I would then follow the blind man home and when he was about 20 feet from his door I would put down my cheap BOOM BOX with my CD in it and press play.  Suddenly, The blind man would hear, “hey you BLIND MOTHERFUCKER…give me all your fucking MONEY before I put some LUMPS on your head!”  The blind man who just purchased his legal firearm would abruptly turn around and then start shooting in order to save his life.  Naturally, he’d probably hit some innocent people (not me because I would be laying on the ground to the side of him) in the vicinity because the poor guy is FUCKING BLIND and would unload in the direction of the boom box with my recorded voice on it.  It would be at this point that the blind man would hear my voice saying, “Close but no cigar dude!!!  And, by the way, you just shot your next door neighbor mowing his lawn across the street you stupid ASS blind fuck!”  Then I would calmly grab his gun (I wouldn’t even have to push him to the ground – how easy is that) and take off yelling, “look who has a brand new motherfucking GUN now!”

 Or, if I just was a lazy bad guy in search of a GUN, I would follow a blind man home from a gun show and/or gun store and wait until it was dark.  Once it was dark, I would just break into his home and repeat above and guess who would have, “a brand new motherfucking gun now?”  BINGO! You answered correctly – ME the bad guy!  So, until you ignorant fools grow half a fucking BRAIN and a quarter set of fucking BALLS and stand up THE CORPORATE PERSONHOOD whores of the NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS who are corrupting our politicians and government, I can proudly say that “guns are for punks who are afraid of other punks with guns” – it’s really that simple! And, if you could just admit to this simple fact, half of the gun control crowd would instantly disappears! Until this happens, then you are “THE TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT” our founding fathers never wanted in our country in the first place.  So, keep killing each other STUPID AMERICANS…it’s the AMERICAN way!

The Moral Of The Fat, Guilty Casey Anthony Look Alike, I mean, George Zimmerman Story


It’s REAL, REAL easy to be a tough guy WANNABE while stalking and then murdering an unarmed teenager with your cowardly legal gun; or, pointing your cowardly legal gun in the face of your girlfriend while smashing all of her belongings with it before you push her out of her OWN house – It’s NOT so easy being a cowardly, fat, guilty Casey Anthony look alike punk in a maximum security prison surrounded by violent felons without your cowardly LEGAL gun.  Just sayin…And, where were all of fatty Georgie’s friends and family yesterday?  I mean, did you see the fat punk in court yesterday – his brother, mother, father, etc. NO ONE was there!  He was all by his lonesome in that courtroom with his public defender lawyers.  Poor little creepy Georgie says he only has $144 dollars to his name because he owes his extra-fancy and extra expensive lawyers from his last case 2.5 million dollars.  And, where were all his ignorant, racist, bigot friends who claimed they weren’t racist BUT were all giving FATSO all kinds of money in his defense in the Trayvon Martin case?  Oh I guess, putting your cowardly legal gun in the face of white, blond woman is not cool enough for you losers anymore so you left poor, little, fat Georgie all by himself in the courtroom yesterday.  So, the REAL moral of this story is if you are going to be PUNK and stalk then kill an innocent unarmed person with your cowardly legal gun, it will cost you about 2.5 to 3 million dollars to be found innocent.  It’s really that simple.  One last final thought….just imagine if creepy FATSO, I mean, georgie Zimmerman had just continued taking his martial arts class and learned how to defend himself like a REAL MAN.  But fat, stupid, lazy, ignorant Americans ALWAYS take the easy way in life; and guess what!  There are no EASY ways in LIFE – unless, that is, you are born with a half gold, half  “blood” diamond spoon in your fucking mouth, I mean, you are born into the greedy, corrupt, and treasonous 1%.

 As long as Americans keep killing each other for whatever reason they deem fit, the %1ers never have to worry about losing a single, damn, red penny of their wealth.  They can just sit back sipping on some EXTRA expensive champagne while snacking on some FRESH caviar with brie cheese on a crunchy stick of celery and have their paid for BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republican and democrat PUPPETS, I mean, POLITICIANS play on the prejudices, fears, ignorance, and cowardice of the people they deem as the animals of THEIR society – the middle class and poor.  Even more sinister is the fact that EVERY single TIME the middle class and/or poor start getting A CLUE about the corrupt game of MONOPOLY in this country and start speaking their mind about equality and human rights is EXACTLY when the A hired COWARD with A GUN (paid in full by the %1ers) hides in the shadows and pulls the trigger; and, then all that SILLINESS & STUPIDNESS about equality and human rights and BETTERMENT of all (Lincoln, Jfk, Mlk just to name a few) instantly disappears.

The 2nd Amendment Plus Citizens United Equals An Extra Gross And Fugly Whore On Crack, I Mean, The Death Of America


  • Let us never forget…America does not have a gun problem..it has a cowardly American males (of all colors) with guns problem…And guns don’t kill, cowardly a
  • American males (of all colors) with guns kill – THAT’S FACT!

Here’s the little dirty secret our cowardly, gun loving, ignorant, selfish corporate personhood WHORES, I mean, our SO-CALLED defenders of our freedoms NEVER want to admit; and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, will be the reason why they are they are the CANCER that truly kills all freedom.  If I have said this ONCE, I have SAID this a ga-zillion TIMES – I have no problems whatsoever with responsible gun owners in the once LAND OF THE FREE (now the land of the corporate slave) and THE HOME OF THE BRAVE (now the home of the ignorant coward).  What I do have a problem with is very simple – you cannot be a DEFENDER OF OUR FREEDOM if you support CORPORATE PERSONHOOD or, in other words, you do NOT believe that MONEY is the ROOT of all GOVERNMENT evil.

 PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE with all the SUGAR in the world ON TOP, PRETTY PLEASE stop quoting our founding father and THE 2nd AMENDMENT unless you stupid, FREAKIN products of daddy banging granny, I mean, ignorant INBREDS are also going to quote our FOUNDING FATHERS’ feelings and words about MONEY corrupting our GOVERNMENT in our CONSTITUTION.

Always REMEMBER and never FORGET, MONEY corrupts – it’s just a FACT of life! Is that too DIFFICULT of a concept for you CORPORATE PERSONHHOD whores to comprehend or are you guys just a bunch of lying, FREAKIN cowards who actually dream of the day that A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT is born.  I mean, you fucking idiots DO UNDERSTAND that the TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT our founding father feared so much is A GOVERNMENT owned and controlled by MONEY & CORPORATIONS.  Look up it idiots!  It’s ALL right there in OUR PAST, in our HISTORY BOOKS and in our fucking CONSTITUTION.  So, once again, if you FOOLS are going to constantly QUOTE our founding fathers and the 2ND amendment; then, you must ALSO quote their words and thoughts about MONEY in POLITICS; or otherwise, you are nothing more than AN UGLY CRACKHEAD who constantly promises herself/himself and the world, “I swear to GOD, this TIME, I swear, will be my last COCK I suck for a hit of crack!” (only to suck another cock 5 minutes later for yet another bell-ringer hit)

 Long story short, the GUN MANUFACTURERS and the NRA have been bribing, I mean, strong-arming, I mean, lobbying our EASY TO CORRUPT (best friends forever democrats and republicans) politicians and government for the longest of time.  SHIIIIT! I’ll bet you that our MUSKET MANUFACTURERS from our past bribed, I mean, strong-armed, I mean lobbied our founding fathers to put the 2nd Amendment into our CONSTITUTION in the first place.

 So, the MORAL of THIS STORY is extremely simple.  If you want to be the TRUE DEFENDERS OF OUR FREEDOMS then keep your guns and GET THE FUCK OUT of the CORPORATE PERSONHOOD and LOBBYING business; or, in your very near future you treasonous ignorant fools will be lower on the TOTEM POLE than WALL STREET – the TRUE epitome of scum. Or, you can continue as is and be the best corporate personhood, lying WHORES on the face of this planet so that you can keep giving your hard-earned money to the GUN MANUFACTURERS & NRA so that they can CONTINUE bribing, I mean, strong arming, I mean, LOBBYING our corrupt politicians and government until this once beautiful country is CHOKED to death from your OWN ignorance and your OWN hypocrisy.   You CANNOT have your cake (the 2nd amendment) and eat it (citizens united) too because THIS is the TYRANNICAL government you fools claim to be protecting us from.   If your crack, I mean, your guns have made you TOO IGNORANT to understand this THEN you are the REAL enemy that will LOSE dearly.

 P.S. Let’s the get the definition of the word TRAGEDY in regards to Gun Violence correct okay assholes.  If you are a MODERN DAY pro-gun, pro-2nd amendment, and pro-corporate personhood asshole and someone very dear & close to you (i.e. a family member, child, best friend, wife, or whomever) dies at the hands of a GUN for whatever reason…THIS is NOT a tragedy – IT’S fucking ignorant BAD KARMA.  But, if you are for ENDING CORPORATE personhood so that only TRULY responsible people can own LEGAL guns like our founding father intended and a close family member, friend, etc. is SHOT to death or maimed then that’s A TRUE TRAGEDY.


Every Night Before I Go To Bed I Get On My Hands And Knees And Pray To The Lord That A Good Guy With A Gun Hears Voices Inside His Head Instructing Him To Make The True Bad Guy With A Gun Wayne Lapierre A Martyr


Hey Wayne!  If I weren’t a friggin COWARD like you and if I wasn’t vehemently ANTI-gun & ANTI-2nd Amendment UNLIKE you, I’d do it myself whether I heard voices in my head or not just to prove ONE simple fact – that you are ONE greedy, ignorant TRUE coward who, if ever confronted by a LUNATIC with LEGAL firearms bent on hurting innocent Americans, would be the FIRST to run for the HILLS in order to save your life and hide before even contemplating for EVEN one split second taking your OWN gun out and defending yourself and/or other innocent Americans.  There is A REASON why there NEVER is “A GOOD GUY WITH A GUN” when a BAD GUY WITH A GUN is massacring innocent AMERICANS in America these days.  And that reason is SIMPLE – guns are for COWARDS.  If guns weren’t for COWARDS like wayne THEN there wouldn’t be BAD GUYS with GUNS massacring INNOCENT Americans on an almost regular basis in this country.  It is ALSO the reason why THERE IS NEVER a good guy with a GUN when you truly need him.  In short, wayne AND all of his cowardly, ever greedy gun manufacturing friends would never risk a penny of THEIR profits from GUN SALES, I mean, their LIVES to help defend and/or save innocent Americans from the horror and violence of the very weapons they manufacture and profit from.  This would defeat their WHOLE purpose in life; which is “how can we count our billions of YEARLY dollars in profits from stupid, cowardly, ignorant Americans who love killing each other IF WE, too, ARE DEAD!”

 In short, I have no tolerance for cowardly, punk AMERICAN hypocrites (big brother government & little sister %1ers) who constantly and endlessly speak in LYING TONGUE quoting their false versions of the HOLY BIBLE on a regular basis in order to continue counting their UNLIMITED profits from ignorant & VIOLENT Americans who purchase GUNS & AMMUNITION in order to prove just how PATRIOTIC they are.  And for this reason alone, I get on my hands and knees every single night and pray to the almighty LORD that the next American psychopath with legal guns who hears voices inside his head intent on killing innocents to PLEASE, please listen to my VOICE screaming, “Please, Please, Please with all the sugar in the world ON TOP go after WAYNE LAPIERRE with your LEGAL assault weapons and  illogical insanity!”  This way more than 75% of this country (gun owners INCLUDED) will see you as the TRUE AMERICAN HERO that you TRULY are – matter of fact, 10s of millions of people from all over the world will scream and cheer like never heard before that’s how famous you will become if you heed my advice.  It will also prove my main point that stupid cunt WAYNE LAPIERRE would never become a MARTYR for his beliefs because he would rather run 666 times from here to HELL and back in order to keep his EXTREME wealth than to ever risk his life being a GOOD GUY WITH A GUN!

P.S. to all responsible gun owners across the United States Of America – when gun control is finally passed within the NEXT  5 years, you can blame stupid cunt WAYNE LAPIERRE for it.  A piece of very valuable advice for you – keep your stupid, ignorant fat mouths shut and grow some balls and tell stupid cunt wayne to get the fuck out of the LOBBYING business on behalf of the gun manufacturers and to get back to protecting gun rights for responsible gun owners

Stupid Americans Killing Other Stupid Americans With Their Cowardly Legal Guns In America Is Not Breaking News


Especially when it happens every day in the home of the IGNORANT coward (not the brave), I mean, America and NOTHING, absolutely nothing, is ever done to change this.  But now, and ONCE AGAIN, I will be forced to watch on every single TV station and website on the INTERNET for the NEXT 2 WEEK straight, 24 hours a DAY another ENDLESS barrage of boring stupid, USELESS stories, segments, views, opinions, etc as to why STUPID americans keep killing other STUPID americans WITH their cowardly legal and/or illegal guns when it is COMPLETELY OBVIOUS to every single person on this planet outside of America what the actual problem is – stupid, cowardly, ignorant people should never be given access to GUNS.  And, once again, I have to ask myself – why do I give a fuck about people that do not give a fuck about anyone else other than themselves and their guns.  So, keep killing other stupid Americans because it’s the AMERICAN way.  I truly hate to say this but everyday that we go into OUR future, it becomes more and more obvious with each dead American killed by a gun – your LOSS is my GAIN as they would say.

Here are some facts that I know that will NEVER change when it comes to OUR country’s little GUN PROBLEM that we currently have.

  1. Our government will not tell us the TRUTH as to what happened today in Washington or any time until months after the fact, if at all, when it comes to these so called “senseless acts” of gun violence
  2. Gun sales in this country will dramatically go up tomorrow and in the next few weeks and months as a result of what happened in WASHINGTON today
  3. The guns used in this incident will be LEGAL guns legally manufactured in this country
  4. The NRA and ignorant Wayne Lapierre will use this incident to spread more fear which will lead to MORE gun sales in the upcoming weeks and months.
  5. This BRAINWASHED country will not feel safe until there is 1 billion guns (350 million gun as of today) in AMERICA
  6. And when there are 1 billion guns in America (probably within the next 10 years), there will be no country called AMERICA anymore.
  7. There will be more “SENSELESS” gun violence and massacres with GUNS in our very near future.
  8. And, last but not least, Guns and the 2nd Amendment will not protect us from a TRYANNICAL GOVERNMENT simply because while all you stupid, ignorant GUN-LUVING, 2nd Amendment FOOLS kept hyper-focusing on being the best NRA trolls in the whole wide world while buying your endless amount of guns thinking it would protect you from this GOVENMENT, this government ACTUALLY created a WEAPON called DRONES that make guns completely useless.