Can We Stop With The Stupid Earth Days And Start Having Earth Decades

Or how about…Earth Century…or even better Earth Millennium…and instead of polluting our oceans, atmosphere and planet…why don’t we just send all of our pollution up into SPACE in the direction of our SUN….or, even better, deep into the planet of UR-ANUS…just kidding :)…

What will not be so funny 100 years from now is when everything we eat, breathe, and drink will have extremely HIGH-LEVELS of pollution IN it. But not to WORRY…I’m sure the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT will subsidize a NEW corporate STUDY that will prove that EATING american MONEY is just as delicious and nutritious as eating FOOD. I mean, the AMERICAN dollar is GREEN…full of FIBER…and, most importantly, extremely LOW on calories,  saturated fats and SODIUM…Unfortunately, however, it is HIGHLY processed….

Wake the FUCK up AMERICA! Earth Day is one BIG, corporate, POLLUTED joke…if you TRULY care about YOUR CHILDREN and their children’s CHILDREN…Consume LESS and let WASHINGTON know why because this POLLUTING MADNESS is starting to get out of hand…until THEN….bon appetit!



Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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