CONald Trump Meme Of The Day


Home Ankle Bracelet Monitoring Systems Are The Prefect Christmas Gifts For CONald Trump And His Fellow Criminal Banana Republicans


Ahhhh!  Now it’s all making sense why banana republicans like Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, and many others are “all of sudden” retiring from politics.

WALL STREET STOCK TIP OF THE YEAR – purchase as many stocks as humanly possible in the ankle bracelet home monitoring system industry 😉



When Barking Like A Dog Is Not Good For You

Especially, if you are running for President of the United States of America..This is almost as bad for presidential aspirations…maybe an extra sliver better…than when a politician wears a baseball seen below..basebals.JPG

When history looks back at the past 7 days in WASHINGTON aka “american politics” is only going to say ONE THING…”They have ALL lost their FUCKING minds!!!!!!!!”

Let’s take a closer look at what just happened in the past 7 days

  1. We have Hillary and her “Goldman Handcuffs” barking like a dog while making fun of the republicans when she should be worrying about “FEEL THE BERN” phenomenon…or, at the very least…Hillary needs to “wake up” and “start smelling the roses” and stop delaying as to who she will pick to be her Vice President …Simply because, the longer she waits on this decision, the more she hurts the entire DEMOCRATIC base…Please tell Hillary:  Every single person (democrats, republicans, and independents) in this country ALREADY knows all of your “positions” and “stances” on every single ISSUE pertaining to the lives of hard working AMERICANS..What we ALL want to know HILLARY is very simple…Who will you pick as your Vice President?  Your choice will enable the hard working people of AMERICA to choose between “the road already traveled” or “the road less traveled”…And, just so you know HILLARY…the BERNIE phenomenon is the American people’s way of saying, “we demand the ROAD LESS traveled!”
  2. President Obama needs to stop DOING “stupid things”…Passing the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement with the “WE HATE OBAMA” republicans in the dark of the night and behind closed doors was MOST definitely very stupid..Please tell President Obama that he shattered my main premise about today’s BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats…that there is no difference between both parties other than the fact that DEMOCRATS “lie” slightly better when it comes to pretending to care about the AMERICAN people..
  3. President Obama needs to stop SAYING “stupid things”…will someone please explain to me why OBAMA would get on NATIONAL TELEVISION yesterday and say that he thinks “DONALD TRUMP will not be PRESIDENT” and that “the american people have too much sense to choose a President Trump.”  And say these things a couple of days before the SOUTH CAROLINA republican primaries..Does OBAMA realize just how many VOTES he just swung DONALD TRUMP’S way?  Let’s just my humble opinion…TONS of VOTES..Now, I know Obama and Hillary think that there would be nothing better for the DEMOCRATS than to run against DONALD TRUMP in the 2016 presidential elections..But, you’d be a fool to think that…Allow me to remind you that JIMMY CARTER threw a huge party at the WHITE HOUSE when finding out RONALD REAGAN was the republican nominee in 1980..that is how confidant the DEMOCRATS were in CARTER getting re-elected again..And we all know how that ENDED
  4. And regards to the REPUBLICANS and SOUTH CAROLINA..I’ll let Pinocchio speak for me


Hillary Better Pick Bernie As Her Vice President Otherwise Bernie Will Pick ELizabeth Warren As His Vice President

vxxxsi.JPGAnd then, it’s game over for the CLINTONS…Another scenario that might happen is that Hillary picks Elizabeth Warren as her vice president…but that would mean the “Socialist” wins then…

Now, let’s get to the gist of this matter…Everything that is currently happening with the CLINTONS is all the CLINTON’S fault…They can scream all they want about the “VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY” until their faces turn BLUE…but, the bottom line here is very simple…It was not a REPUBLICAN who put those SERVERS in the CLINTON’S posh crib – it was the CLINTONS…

Now, we all know that the REPUBLICANS love sucking up to WALL STREET and have cut their OWN throats in order to collect 100s of thousands of dollars of CASH from WALL STREET for SPEAKING FEES behind closed doors…so, why would the CLINTONS be so UTTERLY ignorant and risk HILLARY’s chances of becoming the first woman president in AMERICAN history by doing the same thing???

The answer is SIMPLE – there is no DIFFERENCE between the CLINTON and the BUSH dynasties…and let us please not forget the KENNEDY dynasty which gave us PUPPET, I mean, president obama…

Dynasties serve one purpose..and that purpose is to stay in power..and, in order to stay in power, dynasties need TONS of CASH…it’s really that simple…

Now, in regards to Obama and HIS legacy…this, too, is very simple..President Obama shit on his own LEGACY just like NEW DEMOCRAT bill clinton did by passing NAFTA and then repealing GLASS STEAGALL when he was president in the 1990s..

The birth and rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders happened because of ONE reason AND one REASON only – When Obama and the “we hate obama” republicans met in the dark of the night, behind closed doors and passed the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement…thus proving to the majority of AMERICANS that there is no difference between today’s BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans other than who wears the STUPID HAT and WHEN…or, in other words…IT’S ALL a FUCKING CHARADE…

And, when it comes to WASHINGTON’s addiction to WAR…whether it’s the republicans starting bogus wars for WALL STREET profits by putting BOOTS on the GROUND…or the democrats’ “LEAD FROM BEHIND” and sneaky drone bullshit..IT IS ALL THE SAME THING – Middle East nation building in its worst form.

Long story short, if Hillary TRULY wants to win the her party’s nomination and the presidential election, she better pick Bernie as her vice president with a quickness…If she doesn’t OR she wants to continue playing the DELAY-GAME then BERNIE will pick Elizabeth Warren as his VP…and then you can FOREVER kiss HILLARY good-bye…as well as OBAMA’S legacy..

In regards to Jeb Bush, the republican voters better put him down like a rabid dog real fast.  For those not in the know: Jebbie is the SON of a war mongering father who was head of the CIA before he was a Vice President and then a one-term president…as well as the younger brother of a war criminal who BANKRUPTED everything he touched in life (including america) with a SMUG smile on his smug face..And unfortunately and I hate to say this…but I will because it is true…every day that JEBBIE (cakes) stays in the race is one day closer to America getting hit by jihad terrorism..







The Pentagon Wants 8 Billion Dollars More In Order To Drop More “Smart” Bombs In The Middle East


Hmmmm……I guess the 579 billion dollars the Pentagon has ALREADY received in their military budget this year wasn’t ENOUGH….or perhaps the Pentagon underestimated the costs of “SMART” bombs???  I don’t know and I don’t care because our government has lost its FUCKING minds…

Allow me to read your near future AMERICA…the war criminals (republicans) in CONGRESS will give THE PENTAGON the 8 billion dollars they so “desperately” need faster than FAT-FUCK chris christie can swallow a pizza pie…and/or faster than Ted “freddy krueger” Cruz can lie to the war-mongering, FALSE CHRISTIANS of IOWA during the 2016 Iowa caucuses.

And, the democrats will do what they do best – lie better than the republicans AND pretend to care about the AMERICAN people as they find new ways for the AMERICAN people to pay for the politically craven mistakes WASHINGTON always makes…AND, the final insult will be that NO one will go to jail for poisoning children with lead.

Grow a BRAIN already AMERICA…or, at the very least, remove your brain from your skulls and then replace with a brand, new, extra shiny “SMART” phone and start taking more “selfies”


If Wall Street Tanks In 2016, Bernie Is President In A Heartbeat


Let us never, EVER forget….bailing out WALL STREET not ONCE but TWICE (one under bush jr for 750 billion dollars in 2008 and one under obama for a trillion dollars in 2009) is SOCIALISM in its PUREST FORM…

A wise word to all SOCIALISTS (inept democrats) and FASCISTS (inept republicans) in CAPITALIST’S clothing presiding in WASHINGTON today…make sure you keep all your SOCIALIST & FASCIST cronies on WALL STREET in check during 2016…OTHERWISE, you will be handing over THE PRESIDENCY to BERNIE on a SLIVER PLATTER..

And, if you fools try to tank WALL STREET after 2016…you will be handing over the presidency to ELIZABETH WARREN on a GOLD PLATTER in 2020.

Bottom line here is very, very, very simple….today’s republicans and democrats (the baby boomer politicians) are responsible for creating OUR new-age, modern class of INDENTURED SERVANTS…otherwise known as the MILLENNIALS…Every single day that turns into night, this POOR generation of AMERICANS will have to pay more and more out of their pockets in order to just BARELY sustain our unsustainable socialist/fascist corrupt system of cronyism nurtured and natured by Big Oil, Big Pharma, Wall Street and Washington.

The problem with our current MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, I mean, capitalists on wall street is that they DEEM themselves to be PERFECT…when, in reality, they are nothing more than a bunch of CRAVEN sociopaths who LOVE socialism AKA “too big to fail” just as much as they love fascism AKA the “war on terror” as the conduit to globalization



NRA Awards President Obama Employee Of The Decade


Oh my God!  Will someone please tell President Obama to stop talking about guns!  As sure as I can guarantee to all on earth that the Sun will rise tomorrow morning, I will bet my life that the very second President Obama finishes his Town Hall on GUN CONTROL this Thursday, gun  and ammunition sales to MENTALLY ILL americans and terrorists of all flavors  will skyrocket like never seen before…

The more I think about it..the more I am convinced that the NRA aided and funded President Obama’s Presidential victories in 2008 & 2012..Never underestimate the greed of evil men…What better way to sell unlimited guns and ammo to the FREEDOM-FIGHTING gun hoarders of america than to have a “Black”, “Muslim”, “Socialist”, “Liberal Democrat” from “Kenya” become president of the United States of America….

Shit!!!  The more I think about..the more I am convinced that President Obama is Washington’s wet-dream come true in regards to TAX COLLECTIONS off of gun sales…Come this Friday – Uncle Sam offices all across this beautiful country will be whistling with profits…


Liar Liar Benjamin Netanyahu’s Pants Are On Fire Again

Forget about the words “Groundhog’s Day”…If politically craven, Neo Conservatives like Benjamin Netanyahu continue to have their LYING-WAYS, “Groundhog’s Day” would become “Groundhog’s Century”..or in other words..the reason why HISTORY repeats itself is simply because the SAME lies are spewed over and over again by the same lying people whose very INTERESTS and PROFITS are attached to those odious lies..or in other words, “rules are meant to be broken”… only by the very same people who create those rules…or, in other words, “history is ALWAYS written” only by the PEOPLE who can afford to MAKE history through their actions and words…meaning HISTORY has always and will always be written by the RICH and POWERFUL…because that’s the whole POINT of being RICH and POWERFUL..these are just some of the STREAMS OF CONSCIOUSNESS that periodically run through my mind…And, don’t worry…you can call me crazy all you want because “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!”

Now, to my main point about “Liar Liar Benjamin Netanyahu’s Pants Are On Fire Again”…If you watch the video above courtesy of RACHEL MADDOW of MSNBC, you will see that NO ONE, I mean, NO ONE has lied to the AMERICAN people MORE THAN benjamin netanyahu in regards to starting the BOGUS WAR of IGNORANT CHOICE (Iraq War 2003)..

Okay, Okay…My mistake..I was wrong and apologize for that…allow me to re-phrase…NO ONE, and I mean, NO ONE has lied more to the AMERICAN people than NEO CONSERVATIVE, war criminals, George W. Bush, Prick, I mean, Dick Cheney and Benjamin Netanyahu..WHEW!  I’m glad I got that off of my chest…

AND now…allow me to remind everyone ONCE AGAIN that if it weren’t for “LIAR LIAR george w. bush, dick cheney, and benjamin netanyahu’s pants are on fire again” starting that BOGUS iraq war in 2003 based on complete and utter lies (as shown in the video above)..there would be NO SUCH THING as SADDAMISTS, I mean, ISIS terrorizing the MIDDLE EAST with AMERICAN WEAPONS using AMERICAN-STYLE propaganda in order to recruit future terrorists..

And, In regards to IRAN, let us never forget the bush, cheney, netanyahu LIE about “the last thing we want is IRAN becoming a SUPER-POWER in the MIDDLE EAST..” Well, once again, if you lying fools had not started the IRAQ war in 2003 with BOGUS lies…IRAN would not NOW be a SUPER-POWER in the MIDDLE EAST on the cusp of CREATING a nuclear bomb…The “existential threat” that Netanyahu keeps referring to in regards to IRAN was CREATED by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Long story short, when HISTORY looks back at THESE men, all three of them will have wished they had just told the TRUTH about themselves..that being…”WE HATE MUSLIMS, LOVE MONEY and POWER, LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, and WILL DO ANYTHING and EVERYTHING HUMANLY POSSIBLE TO ATTAIN OUR GOALS!”  But, therein lies the TRUTH about liars..and can be seen in this simple formula.

LIARS = incapable of TELLING the TRUTH under any and all situations

So…please, please ISRAEL…with all the sugar in the world on top…VOTE “liar liar benjamin netanyahu’s pants are on fire again” out of office in the next 2 weeks…This beautiful world and all the beautiful people in it can no longer afford to believe in LEADERS that are incapable of telling the TRUTH under any and all circumstances…But, more importantly…NOTHING on this planet “increases the INDIFFERENCE towards the beautiful JEWISH PEOPLE (Elie Wiesel)” than an ARROGANT, LYING, NEO CONSERVATIVE, POLITICALLY CRAVEN, ISRAELI politician named BENJAMIN NETANYAHU…take it from me and the rest of my fellow americans – who are (to this day) just BARELY surviving THE BUSH and CHENEY LIES…

The Clown, I Mean, Conservative Political Action Conference 2014


An extra long YAWN for the same OLD, HOT GARBAGE from different clown faces (notice I didn’t put a clown face on the JEB BUSH and that’s because ALL BUSHES are clowns).  If you support bigger government, more guns, Wall Street, more pollution, less regulation higher crime, less jobs, the healthcare for profit system of old, starting bogus wars for profit, making the rich richer and the poor poorer, citizen united, bail-outs, too-big-to fail, slave labor in 3rd world countries, more jobs in CHINA and INDIA, more subsidies for POLLUTING oil and coal corporations, voter suppression, bigotry, sexism, more prisons for profit, less education, and the “WE TRULY HATE AMERICA” list can go on forever – then by all means you should definitely vote republican.  But here’s a fact idiot republicans of today just do NOT want to admit – the CLINTON FAMILY cheat book is far superior to the BUSH FAMILY cheat box.  So, get your POPCORN HERE!  Because it’s going to be so much fun watching the treasonous GOP disappear into history like the WHIG PARTY of old right before our very eyes 6,666 days after New Year’s Eve 2000 (January 25th, 2018).

 And to all democrats – you best wipe those smug smiles off of your CORRUPT faces.  Do not be proud that you have finally learned how to lick corporate ASSHOLE better than the republicans – you friggin CREEPS.  In many ways, you idiot clowns are even bigger sellouts than the republicans; and, you will pay dearly as well.  We have a problem AMERICA and the only solution is to remove both parties from the history books forever.  And the only way this can happen is to first remove the more dangerous cancer (the GOP) so the other will follow (the DEMOCRATS).  The republicans are the weaker of both parties today with their BOGUS trickle down bullshit theories, so let’s remove them first; and, I promise the LYING, cheating DEMOCRATS will follow.  Or, a 3rd party needs to be created immediately after the 2016 election.  In addition to this, every signal scumbag politician in WASHINTON today (both parties included) should be voted out in the next few, upcoming elections–  let me repeat, “Every Single FUCKING one of them”.  This must be the first step as a warning salvo that CHANGE is coming real fast.  Long story short AMERICA, if you care about this country then take these simple steps every single day until the 2016 elections – CONSUME LESS, VOTE OUT every scumbag in WASHINGTON today, and be ready for change cause it’s coming whether we like it or not.

In the end, both political parties use different tactics to serve only ONE MOTIVE – fleecing the american sheeple for every penny we have.  Whether we like it or not, this country has become one big FUCKING scam.

p.s. The POWERS-THAT-BE must have me confused for someone else – I was not put on THIS EARTH so that SCUMBAGS with WAY TOO MUCH money can make EVEN more money.

Special thanks to WMXDESIGNS for images

So The Fat Man Who Will Never Be President Of The United States Of America Wins A 2nd Term As The Governor Of New Jersey


WhoopdeeFUCKINGdoo!   Or better yet – WhoopdeeFATFUCKINGdoo!!!!  The bottom line is the fat man, I mean, Mr. Blubber, I mean Chris Christie will never be president of the United States Of America for a multitude of reasons so I will just use baseball and “the 3 strikes and you are OUT!” analogy to keep things simple.

 Strike 1!!!! – lobbied for Wall Street before becoming Governor Of New Jersey

 Strike 2!!!! – One of Chris Christie’s largest money-making clients as a Wall Street lobbyist was an ORGANIZATION that was created SOLELY as a criminal business front by THE #1 SCUMBAG in AMERICA and BEST “ponzi schemer” of all time BERNIE MADOFF

 Strike 3 & ” YOU ARE OUTTA HERE you fat fuck!!!! – The little OBESE dance and FRENCH-TONGUE kissing, Mr. Blubber, I mean, Chris Christie enjoyed with President Obama immediately after Hurricane Sandy was the final nail in his “I want to be President Of The United States” coffin.  Way, way, and way MORE before the 2016 GOP presidential primaries officially begins, this country will realize Mr. Blubber is nothing more than an EXTRA heavy cost for the CLINTON FAMILY as they purchase THEIR PATH for a HILLARY CLINTON landslide from a selected few GOP buddies on their payroll while “MIND-FUCKING” the truly ignorant TEA PARTY whose constituents are TRULY TO fucking STUPID to see this.

P.S. Hey Renewable Dummies, I mean, STUPID AMERICANS!  If you cannot see that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats & republicans owned by truly TREASONOUS, trillion dollar corporations that pay no taxes want ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with A THRID PARTY in this country whether it be from the hypocrisy filled, racist conservative RIGHT or the “WE PRETEND TO CARE but actually fucking hate the MIDDLE CLASS”, extra-spending for their own profit, liberal LEFT, then this country deserves to grab its 300 million guns and die in a POOL of its own ignorant AMERICAN BLOOD – and deservedly so for the SAFETY of our future truly innocent CHILDREN.  Ironically and MOST depressingly is the fact that  Renewable Dummies, I mean, truly STUPID and IGNORANT Americans cannot see this due to their ignorant partisan finger pointing and this is EXACTLY what BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats & republicans want.

 We have seen this boring and “HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF” story in our recent past during the 1960’s, where some in that generation became HIP in A brief moment of TRUE CLARITY to the corrupt game that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats & republicans ALWAYS start playing when they sense WE THE PEOPLE want change for THE BETTERMENT of themselves and their children.  This type of change has ALWAYS & will ALWAYS threaten the “MONEYED-INTERESTS” of our corrupt corporations and their political MINIONS.  Let’s not forget that every single AMERICAN in that generation that tried to ACTUALLY change America’s course for the better for all AMERICANS and their children were violently shot to DEATH by BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats & republicans’ preferred weapon of the choice – the 2ND amendment.

Soon To Be Unemployed


Will someone please tell this soon to be UNEMPLOYED troll that only a TRULY ignorant american believes that there is a DIFFERENCE between BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans when EVERY single intelligent, sensible American knows that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans are ONE and the SAME party who take turns wearing the BAD GUY cap.  In America’s very NEAR FUTURE, ignorant people who point their CROOKED & CORRUPTED partisan fingers as their MAIN form of EMPLOYMENT (99% of today’s MEDIA) will be THE VERY FIRST people on the long line to the GULLOTINE, I mean, for UNEMPLOYMENT benefits that they deem as WELFARE.

 Hey America!  Whether you like this or not, CHANGE is a COMING real fast and will take no PRISONERS just like every other time on this PLANET’S history.  This change will happen to everyday AMERICANS as they wake up from the PRETEND “bi-partisan politics” NIGHTMARE that this country so proudly labels as a “DEMOCRACY” – when in reality, it’s nothing more than CORRUPTED CAPITALISM which is no different than China’s TOTALITARIAN CAPITALISM.  Mark my words – within 2 years (by 2015) the majority of Americans will NO LONGER accept the CURRENT form of PRETEND democracy that we have AND will demand that anyone that even slightly resembles the days of a PAST CENTURY or MILLENIUM be chased down and burned at the stake faster than any and all poor innocent witches from SALEM some 300 years ago.  I will end by quoting ABE LINCOLN (the last republican president that actually cared about AMERICA and AMERICANS), “A house divided against itself CANNOT stand” because it will be those WORDS that precipitate the END of the “paid-for” GROUNDHOG’S day our UBER scummy %1ERS, POLITICIANS, and MEDIA never want to end solely because its how these truly cancerous fools enable themselves to remain wealthy and stay in power.  CHANGE or get the fuck out of the way BECAUSE if you don’t – you will get STAMPEDED by a MOB that will truly enjoy ending YOUR LIFE as only you know it.

Eternal Welfare For Our Scummy Uber Wealthy And Our U.S. Political Class Is Now Called Too Big To Fail


And RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, truly STUPID Americans to this very day still do not have a SLIVER of a CLUE how those 4 simple words TRULY ruined the lives of their children, their grand children, their great grand children, and finally THEIR fucking great, great grand children as they continue to point their truly ignorant bi-partisan fingers at each other as to who is responsible for destroying this once beautiful & great country. Hey everyone in fucking BRAIN-DEAD america! I will give you all a REALLY, REALLY big fucking clue – it’s ALL of OUR FAULTS for acting like A BUNCH of ignorant INBREDS.  Here’s another pretty OBVIOUS clue that I will BLESS upon the RENEWABLE DUMMIES of america, I mean, stupid AMERICANS – the trick to ANY successful GOVERNMENT (past, present, or future) is to make it’s OWN citizens AS TRULY IGNORANT as humanly possible (that’s the eternal struggle between good and evil you know what I am saying).  I mean, if you are republican or a democrat (either or – it don’t make a difference to me) who thinks they love America MORE than their political enemy or nemesis who is ALSO an American – well then, you should all be shot DEAD because it is THIS very obvious IGNORANCE that allows our TRULY scummy and corrupted politicians and the corporations who own them to behave like the true BLOOD SUCKING leeches that they are.

 In our very NEAR FUTURE, words like “Too Big To Fail” will become “Too Corrupt To Fail” then “Too Greedy To Fail” then “Too Stupid To Fail” then “Too Obese To Fail” then “Too Horny To Fail” then “Too Ugly To Fail” then “Too Cowardly To Fail” then “Too High & Drunk To Fail” then “Too Polluted To Fail” and I can go and on and on until my asshole is BRIGHT GREEN & glow in the dark BLUE from eating all of Monsanto’s genetically created foods of our future, I mean, our future’s “HEALTH AND ORGANIC” foods.  And still you will see both IGNORANT democrats and republicans, I mean, RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, truly ignorant Americans pointing their bi-partisan fingers at each other as our corrupt politicians & corporations continuously slide their greedy fingers up and down our OBAMA CARE anal canals looking for a more cost effective to exploit another weakness amongst the people.

In ending, I will SUPER-QUICKLY look into AMERICA’S crystal ball and reveal our very near future.  By no later than 50 YEARS from now (probably much sooner is my guess but I’m a pessimist not an optimist) the BLOODY heads of RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, stupid Americans’ babies will be rolling down streets of every country and nation on this planet (INCLUDING IN AMERICA) with crowds of 100,000s of thousand cheering at the top of their lungs.  And what will RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, stupid Americans being doing while this is happening?  Pointing their bi-partisan crooked and ignorant fingers at each other screaming at the top of their lungs, “it’s all the REPUBLICANS fault!’ and “it’s all the DEMOCRATS fault!” while watching their IDIOT boxes, I mean, televisions and computers filled with CORPORATE & POLITICAL lies and falsehoods provided by the truly DIRTY WHORES of our lying society otherwise known as our MEDIA.  I will end with “Get off your “SMART” phones and stop texting your lives away with your pudgy, diabetic, lazy, filthy hands and wake up AMERICA!  And the solution is so VERY simple – “Money is the ROOT to all GOVERNMENT evil!”  So, let’s start with the very basics like; for example, ENDING CORPORATE PERSONHOOD immediately.  Hmmmm, and I’m pretty certain that OUR FOUNDING FATHERS would agree with me on that one, don’t ya think!

Best Friends Forever Democrats And Republicans In Congress Have No Choice But To Shut The Fuck Up And Do Their Jobs For The First Time In A Really Long Time


And it’s about fucking time.  The days of getting paid your extra PLUSH and CUSHY salaries, the extra SWEET healthcare plans that you have given ONLY to yourselves and not to WE THE PEOPLE, and all the “CASH UNDER THE TABLE” and/or “WALL STREET INSIDER TRADING INFORMATION” side perks that you cowardly idiots have been able to enjoy for the longest of time as your means to your IGNORANT end to further MOVE yourself as far away from WE THE PEOPLE as you possibly can – THOSE DAYS are over.  On September 9th, you cowardly, selfish, do nothing FOOLS will have to reluctantly come back from your TROLLING 4 DOLLARS vacations and be forced to ACTUALLY do your job.  You will no longer be able to hide from WE THE PEOPLE like the TRUE cowards you have been for the past 20 or so years and you will be forced to VOTE on something that will either HELP OR HURT we the people.

 Your choices are – You will either VOTE to continue WAR PROFITEERING, I mean, NATION BUILDING in the Middle East and, ONCE AGAIN, put American DOLLARS & SOLDIERS in between two groups of people who hate each just as much they hate AMERICANS or you will put AMERICA & JOBS first for the first time in a VERY, VERY, VERY LONG TIME and let the people in the MIDDLE EAST continue killing each other – if that’s what they truly want to do.  And just so you know BFF democrats and republicans, your VOTE will be on RECORD.  The days of being OBNOXIOUS & truly SPINELESS chickens are OVER!  And just so you know on top of my previous “just so you know!”, your vote will have future CONSEQUENCES and you will pay DEARLY in your next election for the vote you make in your decision as to who you want to truly help – WE THE PEOPLE AND THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY or to continue helping people in the MIDDLE EAST like you have done since the NEW millennium began.  I understand your over-all plan of destroying the Middle East ONE LEADER at a time – I totally get THAT!  But what I have a PROBLEM with is that THESE MILITARY’S OPERATIONS are always on the THE PEOPLE’S dime  but YET, it’s only the greedy politicians and military that reap the trillions of dollars in profits that these military operations always seem to garner.  But yet, you have never given WE THE PEOPLE a slice  or  a TASTE (as the mafia would say)  of all these trillions – even worse, you charge us on the back-end with higher taxes on all of our freedoms.

 One last, final note I will give Best Friends Forever democrats & republicans in the DO NOTHING CONGRESS a little hint as to what THE BEST CHOICE is for this beautiful country and WE THE PEOPLE.  Please forgive me but I will need to flashback for a quick minute or so into our own past some 150 years ago to AMERICA’S own BLOODY civil war as to what course this country should follow from now until ETERNITY.  Here is an extremely important question that we have to ask and answer ourselves and this question and answer is so VERY simple – DID SYRIA OR ANY COUNTRY FROM THE MIDDLE EAST try to stop, pick sides, and/or attempt to intervene in AMERICA’S CIVIL WAR some 150 years ago?  The answer is a resounding and extra obvious “FUCK NO!”  So, let’s return the favor and let all countries in the MIDDLE EAST squash their OWN fucking problems like they LET US squash our own 150 years or so ago.  Maybe, OUR POLITICIANS might come up with a BRIGHT idea  or two and START fixing the problems THEY CREATED for their selfish personal & political purposes.  On September 9th, 2013, Congress has the opportunity to actually do their jobs and help WE THE PEOPLE for the VERY first time in a VERY long time OR we can let THE MONEY TROLLS from both parties in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA do what they do best – keep destroying this country.  It’s your choice AMERICA!

 P.S. – When it comes to politics in AMERICA, I’m a pessimist so my money is on the fact that OUR BEST FRIENDS FOREVER DEMOCRATS & REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS will fail us ONCE AGAIN and fabricate some US MILITARY bullshit that will happen AGAIN in the MIDDLE EAST on September 11, 2013 as the visual magic trick to con WE THE PEOPLE one more time.  Let’s not let them do THIS okay AMERICA because like I have said a MILLION TIMES before, “There are NO coincidences in the life of the ONLY SUPER POWER”.  Don’t believe the Kabuki Theater, I mean,  the HYPE!