Time To Say Good Bye To The Creepy Gun Advocates Of America

Ok! Let’s get this straight right off the FUCKING bat ok!  I bully creepy GUN ADVOCATES for fun simply because the GUN ADVOCATES of today are a bunch of PUNKS and COWARDS.  Your BOGUS propa-FUCKING-ganda no longer works.  You can no longer claim to be THE DEFENDERS of our FREEDOMS when you are actually selling our FREEDOMS for pennies on the DOLLAR.  Allow me to re-PHRASE – the NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS of AMERICA have been STRONG-ARMING, I mean, BRIBING, I mean, lobbying our easy to corrupt POLTICIANS with their BLOOD MONEY for the longest of time.  Matter of fact, the NRA and GUN MANUFACTUERS of AMERICA created and developed the original BLUE PRINT (“Bribing Washington For Dummies” should be the title) on how to CORRUPT our politicians and government so that other GREEDY & SINISTER industries could follow suit i.e. PASSING citizens united into LAW.  And, just so you know, the SOLE purpose of Citizens United was to allow BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republican and democrat politicians to sell the OUR GOVERNMENT to the highest bidder in a more efficient and profitable manner TO ALL INDUSTRIES & CORPORATIONS who PROFIT THE MOST from the American people while despising them even more – the MOST PERFECT win-win situation for Best Friends Forever republicans and democrats.

 So, to me, I NOW find it extremely COMICAL watching all the KING CRY BABY gun NUTS getting all WORKED UP and pissing on themselves complaining to DEAF ears across AMERICA about how  “MONEY is CORRUPING our POLITICS (i.e. other special interest groups like MAYOR micheal “tammany hall” bloomberg’s Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns shelling out COLD, HARD CASH to our government in their pursuit of passing SENSIBLE gun laws that SOON will be enforced in this COUNTRY if you creepy gun nuts continue to be on the WRONG side of HISTORY).  Even more comical is the fact that you ignorant LOSERS can’t put one and one together as to why this is HAPPENING.

 This is happening BECAUSE the 2nd amendment PLUS citizens united in the hands of CREEPY & GREEDY LOSER CORPORATIONS equals THE TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT our founding fathers feared so much.  ONCE AGAIN, and allow me to repeat, everything that is WRONG with OUR GOVERNMENT today can be traced back to the BLOOD MONEY of the NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS of America.  It is the REASON why our government cannot accomplish ANYTHING anymore because it pits GREEDY MONEY vs GREEDY MONEY which means ONLY THE GREEDY make money.

 The perfect case in point is what just happened this past weekend in Exeter, Rhode Island on the 1 year ANNIVERSARY of the MASSACRE of Sandy Hook, Connecticut.  On December 14, 2013, right in the middle of a huge snowstorm, the brave voters of Exeter, Rhode Island THWARTED the NRA’s & Gun Manufacturers (with their army of lawyers and suitcases full of cash) RECALL attempt to oust its politicians by a WHOPPING percentage of 63 to 37.  And please don’t use COLORADO’S recent RECALL elections as your example of bravely standing up and defending our freedoms you ignorant gun fools because in the very near future Colorado’s motto of “Nothing without Providence” will turn into “Nothing without Mass Murderers With Legal Guns” and the NICKNAME of the “CENTENNIAL” state will change into the “MASSACRING OF THE INNOCENCES”

 So, a wise word to the LEGAL, idiotic gun owner of today. If you SINCERELY want to keep you guns do not want gun control in this country, you better listen to my 3 pieces of wise advice –

#1. Keep your FUCKING ignorant MOUTHS shut

#2. Get the FUCK out of the STRONG-ARMING, I mean, BRIBING, I mean, LOBBYING business.

#3. And most importantly, ADMIT to the only ABSOLUTE truth about GUNS and the ONLY reason why Our Founding Fathers created the 2nd AMENDMENT in the first place – GUNS ARE FOR PUNKS AND COWARDS WHO ARE AFRAID OF OTHER PUNKS AND COWARDS WITH GUNS (because the only other alternative as to why the 2NDAMENDMENT was put in our CONSTITUTION was because our founding fathers were possibly STRONG-ARMED, I mean, BRIBED, I mean, lobbied into putting it in and I don’t want to believe that because that would shred every concept of what a true democracy is)


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