Fascistbook, I Mean, Facebook Bans Me For 24 Hours For Writing This Comment


LOL!!! Hmmmm….let me think about this for a minute..I literally get thousands of “likes” a week on facebook from my comments..which means I am making some very nice money for facebook and their relentless BANNER-AD assaults through their “spying on americans” platform…

But now…..I have permanently deactivated my account..which means facebook is going to lose some money from their spying corporate masters who pay facebook to have their bogus BANNER ADS splashed all over that shitty  website that takes hours for a 30 second video to load up…So now, I’m thinking that I was correct in my comment which got me banned from facebook for 24 hours…LAUGHING OUT LOUD..I mean, it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet…and this is the email I received from facebook this morning “We (facebook) miss you on facebook”… 🙂


Eff You Forever Facebook!!!!


Bye Bye forever facebook!!!  Really!!!! 10 minutes to load a videos, pages, articles, comments, messages, links, EVERYTHING, etc!…You can give all the excuses in the world as to why EVERYTHING on your site takes so long to load up (has been happening for 2 months now)…but it still won’t make a difference…IT’S YOUR FAULT anyway you look at it facebook..

NOT ONE MORE SECOND IN LIFE WILL I SPEND ON YOUR SHITTY SITE!!!  So, I sincerely apologize that you will no longer be able to profit from me wasting MY time on your site any longer..but as the French say, “C’est la vie”… Make sure you keep it up FACEBOOK…cause within 5 years, you will lose 75% of your users.  And, good for you!!!!

P.s. PLEASE don’t waste YOUR TIME sending me a “reminder” in the next few weeks stating that “We have seen that you have not been on facebook for some time now…”fuck-facebook-south-park.gif

It’s The End Of The World – Facebook Is Down

fakebookHa! Facebook is garbage..I’m glad I killed my account 2 years ago…BUT..there are many in AMERICA who are losing their minds right now..probably like 1,000 hairs a minute jumping off their heads…Facebook better get their act together real fast before the majority of Americans become bald….or, die from a stress-induced heart attack..

Calm down Americans!  Facebook will be up AND running soon…and you can resume wasting more time in the one life you have on FACEBOOK..I’m sure WASHINGTON is not too happy though – NSA’s facial recognition programs on FACEBOOK won’t be able to spy on Americans wherever they go AND 3rd party bidders that give FACEBOOK tons of money in order to STEAL your digital lives will be DEMANDING a refund real soon 🙂

If Everyone In America Had A WordPress Page Instead Of A Facebook Or Twitter Page, This World Would Be A Better Place For All


And the REASON for this is SO very simple…Having a WORDPRESS page means you actually HAVE to have a functioning BRAIN…meaning you have to actually be able to READ and WRITE….Any demo-monkey of an AMERICAN can COPY and PASTE links or take SELFIES…this WE already KNOW…THERE is a MOST definite reason WHY america is a SUPER POWER in rapid DECLINE…and NO LONGER the SHINING beacon of DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM, and HOPE…and that REASON is IGNORANCE, SELFISHNESS, and NARCISSISM…which all go HAND in HAND…spoon fed to US by our GOVERNMENT and the CORPORATIONS that own it.

There is a WAR going on AMERICA…it’s a war between the STUPID vs the INTELLIGENT…and unfortunately AMERICA, the STUPID are winning. “WHY?” do you ask? Very simple…the corporations and the U.S. government they own are on the side OF the STUPID…ignorance only BREEDS two outcomes…immense WEALTH for the %1ers and A NATION of SLAVES..or, in other words, the NEW WORLD ORDER.

So, I say, “Let the ignorants STAY on sites like SLAVE-FACE-BOOK and/or STANK-CLITTER.com”….this way, when the SHIT hits THE FAN for these RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, the IGNORANTS of AMERICA…they will realize it DOES not TAKE a rocket-scientist to look INTO their OWN mirrors AND see why THEY have nothing in their TRULY meaningless lives other than THEIR simple PASSWORDS to login into their favorite SITES of IGNORANCE and SELFISHNESS.

Shiiiiiiiiit! The more I think about it, the more I realize that NOT everyone IN america should HAVE a WORDPRESS page…just the thought of having to see an endless array of SELFIES from STUPID americans who can barely read and write and/or having to read what some IDIOT had for breakfast or what shitty CHINESE-MADE PRODUCT they purchased from A treasonous AMERICAN CORPORATION….makes me TRULY cringe…


Candy Crushed


I will keep this nice and sweet – Fuck Off and Fuck You!  Please stop begging me for my money so that I can CHEAT further through your game.   You are not going to get one single, DAMNED, red penny of my hard-earned money EVER.  Matter of fact, I will no longer play another second of your bullshit game simply because the whole point of this game is to FLEECE as much money as humanly possible from SUCKERS all over the planet.  Even more depressing is the fact that games like CANDY CRUSH are the PERFECT example of how to become UBER-wealthy by getting lazy AMERICANS, I mean, SUCKERS to pay MORE money in order to FURTHER waste their life. If you truly love life – NEVER PLAY THIS GAME.   You can thank me for my wise words of advice in YOUR next LIFE.   

Myface, I Mean, Spacebook, I mean, Facebook Is Making The Same Mistake As Spacebook, I Mean, Myface, I Mean, Myspace


Wow!  I just created a cool & new TONGUE-TWISTER that everyone can probably say very easily!  Ain’t I awesome!  Bottom line here is very simple – if you are all about selling digital lives to the highest evil corporate bidder (more than likely to our best friends forever @ NSA first I am sure) then you can COUNT me out entirely.  You TECH idiots need to realize one thing – I am not afraid to close my accounts when I sense a sneaky, smiling SNAKE-FACE trying to enter my ANAL cavity so he/she can profit even more while offering me absolutely nothing other than an EVER-SLOWING website filled with video ADVERTISEMENTS.  We all saw and remembered what happened to Myspace when they sold their “ACTUALLY COOL SITE IN THE BEGINNING” to the TRANS-SEXUAL LOVING Rupert Murdoch who then purposely destroyed it in hopes that everyone would go back to reading & watching his loser newspapers and even bigger loser television stations.   And now mark SUCKERBERG of facebook will suffer the same consequences – at least from my end because I de-activated my account months ago when first reading about this in the news.  And now, I am going to close my account until these TECH giants get their PRIORITIES correct – STOP FLEECING US WITH NO SHAME; otherwise, your new name in the history books of OUR future will be Myspacefacebook.Uranus.gov