Eating Face Tastes Great!

Eating Face Tastes Great!

So I go to my nearest Sam Waltonopoly, I mean, Walmart store this past holiday weekend in hopes of purchasing some inexpensive MADE-in-AMERICA products for some relatives I am really not too fond of. And to my utter amazement, I could only find 2 products that were MADE-in-AMERICA; and, they were GUNS & BATH SALTS – so I start singing a different LOUIS ARMSTRONG tune out loud to myself,

“I see WEEDS of grey – DEAD roses TOO – I see them ROTTIN – for ME and YOU – and I yell to MYSELF – what a HORROR-FUL world!
I see SKIES of BLACK smog-pollution – CLOUDS of PINK toxins – dark CURSED days – and UNHOLY nights – and I yell to MYSELF – what a HORROR-FUL world!

Come along and let’s sing this together! “I see WEEDS of grey – DEAD roses TOO…..” Just kiddin….Long story short, all you need to know about your local SAM WALTONOPOLY, I mean, Walmart store (after gobbling up every MOM & POP shop across AMERICA in a mere couple of years) is that instead ever spending one penny trying to lobby our EASY-2-CORRUPT government and politicians for a MINUMUM WAGE increase for AMERICAN employees – it is much more profitable for them to spend 10s of MILLION OF DOLLARS lobbying Washington in order to legalize 20 million LATINOS in this country in order to keep the minimum wage exactly the same.

When it comes to BIG BROTHER (the government) and LITTLE SISTER (the %1ers with their “CORPORATIONS are PEOPLE too!” slogans), it has become ABUNDANTLY clear that their NEW favorite game has become FLIP THE COIN where “HEADS we (MONOPOLIES & BIG GOVERNMENT) win! Or…TAILS you (THE AMERICAN PEOPLE) lose!”

P.S. Once again, I have to thank for the hysterically GREAT photo….


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