Myface, I Mean, Spacebook, I mean, Facebook Is Making The Same Mistake As Spacebook, I Mean, Myface, I Mean, Myspace


Wow!  I just created a cool & new TONGUE-TWISTER that everyone can probably say very easily!  Ain’t I awesome!  Bottom line here is very simple – if you are all about selling digital lives to the highest evil corporate bidder (more than likely to our best friends forever @ NSA first I am sure) then you can COUNT me out entirely.  You TECH idiots need to realize one thing – I am not afraid to close my accounts when I sense a sneaky, smiling SNAKE-FACE trying to enter my ANAL cavity so he/she can profit even more while offering me absolutely nothing other than an EVER-SLOWING website filled with video ADVERTISEMENTS.  We all saw and remembered what happened to Myspace when they sold their “ACTUALLY COOL SITE IN THE BEGINNING” to the TRANS-SEXUAL LOVING Rupert Murdoch who then purposely destroyed it in hopes that everyone would go back to reading & watching his loser newspapers and even bigger loser television stations.   And now mark SUCKERBERG of facebook will suffer the same consequences – at least from my end because I de-activated my account months ago when first reading about this in the news.  And now, I am going to close my account until these TECH giants get their PRIORITIES correct – STOP FLEECING US WITH NO SHAME; otherwise, your new name in the history books of OUR future will be


One thought on “Myface, I Mean, Spacebook, I mean, Facebook Is Making The Same Mistake As Spacebook, I Mean, Myface, I Mean, Myspace

  1. I just don’t trust Facebook. They constantly change their policies so that customers are never sure wtf is going on with their personal information. FB execs just don’t care if someone loses their job because what they originally thought was private is now available for billions of people to see. Now that they’ve gone public I trust them even less because greedy shareholders are up corporate’s ass to push more ads to the site and to find new ways of exploiting our privacy.

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