Shift Happens

I’m so grateful that I was born (1966) and raised in the last real New York City and America (pre 2000)…I want no part of what this future will bring to this once beautiful planet..






In My Next Life – I Want One Of These

Unfortunately…BEST FRIENDS FOREVER big oil and big governments won’t let this happen….And, therein lies humanity’s biggest obstacle – ever GREEDY corporations and even greedier governments want nothing more…and will do everything humanly possible – to keep HUMANITY frozen in time.

In Regards 2 The New Apple Watch

aplesFull disclosure: I have never purchased nor will I ever purchase an APPLE product UNTIL they have ONE (or two) MANUFACTURING PLANTS in AMERICA that employs (at the very minimum) 20,000 americans..

Everything that is COMPLETELY wrong with AMERICA today…and ironically why AMERICANS are becoming so frustrated…can be seen THROUGH the PRISM of APPLE and how they run their corporation.

APPLE is an AMERICAN CORPORATION that TRULY hates AMERICA…and, even worse, an AMERICAN corporation that TRULY despises AMERICANS…it’s really THAT simple..

This is an AMERICAN corporation that has been protected by WASHINGTON since its very inception..a corporation that CHARGES top DOLLAR for products that are MADE by millions of CHINESE/VIETNAMESE employees that are severely underpaid AND who work in truly DESPICABLE working conditions…an AMERICAN corporation that does NOT reinvest their 100s of BILLIONS of DOLLARS of ANNUAL profits back into AMERICA…

economic, political, and social REVOLUTION is always the END result

We are currently living in a WORLD of cannibalism (GREED)..and, NO ONE loves eating AMERICAN fresh BRAIN more than APPLE corporation.  And, the AMERICAN people are getting SICK of this!!!  Case in point: the RISE of BERNIE SANDERS and DONALD TRUMP in their respective political parties as AMERICA gears up toward the next presidential campaign in 2016…

“a sum-thing is a HAPPENING america!!! CHANGE is a-coming…let’s a-ride that SURF board…to a bright and new horizon!!…Let’s take them apple watches and a-shove them where the SUN don’t a-shine..It’s our first a-BABY STEP to AMERICAN re-GREATNESS AGAIN!”

p.s. @apple corporation –


relentlessly playing


new apple watch





they SUCK!!!!

The National Drone With Rifle Association Coming Soon?

This is TRULY scary stuff…and just a matter of time before people start losing their lives somewhere on this planet due to this truly terrifying combination of personal drones and personal guns…

I mean, I can already smell the DROOL of greedy LOBBYISTS of the GUN INDUSTRY and WASHINGTON devising ways to maximize their profits by this new deadly combination…

“Never let SENSELESS gun violence stop you from making a profit..” is the “BUSINESS AS USUAL” motto of OUR ever greedy GUN INDUSTRY of, it would not surprise me that in our VERY near future, THERE WILL BE a NATIONAL DRONE WITH RIFLE ASSOCIATION coming to a theater near you..

dontleave2For the past 4 months…I have left home without it (I haven’t renewed my plan)!  And guess what AMERICA? I think my BRAIN is DEFINITELY growing BIGGER…or, my brain cells are being rejuvenated…or, AT THE VERY MINIMUM, my brain stopped shrinking..Matter of fact, I am now confidently convinced that if I continue NOT using a “SMART” phone for an entire year  – I might just be able to become a ROCKET SCIENTIST (see pic below)

rocketsOr, a NEUROSURGEON (see pic below)

brainsOr even…PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (see pic of idiot BELOW)

bsuhiAll kidding aside though, I have noticed that my memory has improved…like for example, when I did have my “SMART” phone – I couldn’t even remember my mother’s and girlfriend’s telephone #….NOW, I have 50 different telephone #s of family, friends, co-workers, and even some enemies memorized…I have also noticed that I am able to do simple math again i.e. adding, subtracting, division, and multiplications…which is great for my wallet and nest egg 🙂

Even better is the fact that when I leave my home now, I feel a sense of freedom that I have not felt since the early 1990s (THE PRE-CELL/SMART PHONE DAYS) when my only means of communication was my home phone..

There is a NEGATIVE side though….to not HAVING your “SMART” phone when leaving home that is starting to disturb me immensely….and that is – the questions I am receiving from family, friends, girlfriend, co-workers, etc…The #1 question being, “I tried to call you many times and could NOT reach you (in a very frustrated tone)!!!..why don’t you have your CELL/SMART phone on you?  Is there something you are trying to hide?  Are you doing something ILLEGAL? Are you cheating on me with another woman?”…and I’m like, “OMG! Have you all LOST your EFFIN minds?”

Then….it all DAWNED on me…and a SHIVER of creepiness slid across my spine….If everyone I know gets suspicious about the fact that when I leave my home without having my CELL/SMART phone on my being…then, I can only imagine what my government is thinking about this…and that is CREEPY…

I am now convinced that GEORGE ORWELL had it only half correct in regards to the THEORY of BIG BROTHER aka BIG GOVERNMENT…He either forgot to mention or WAS NOT aware of LITTLE SISTER aka TECHNOLOGY….Mark my words..for I have had moment of clarity – 500 years from now, HUMAN BRAINS will SHRINK and be NO larger than a WALNUT…

BIG BROTHER will NOT only use LITTLE SISTER to spy on our EVERY movements/thoughts/feelings throughout our ENTIRE lives but also to make us DUMBER than ROCKS

When The Zombies Come To Town, They Will Be Munching On Smart-Phone Brains

All I know is..when the zombies come to town (…and they will), they won’t be munching on my brain because I still don’t own a smart-phone..which means I won’t have to turn on my smart-phone with my pocketful of useless apps in order to be able to think and run for the hills…i.e. I won’t have to use my smart phone in order to Google where the nearest hills are…

I’m just hoping that when the zombies do come..they will be more like the WALKING DEAD zombies (who move extra slow) compared to WORLD WAR Z or I AM LEGEND zombies – those zombies are real fast!!!

P.S….Look for my cameo role as the zombie in the quick video I just made (i had to use the contrast filter in my webcam in order to slightly resemble a zombie) 🙂

Citizens United Has Best Friends Forever Republicans And Democrats Singing Their Favorite Song Again For 2016 Elections

“I used to think that MONEY was the root of all evil…then I realized I was wrong…Washington is the ROOT of all EVIL because they PRINT all the money…” realeyezlife

While the honest, hard-working MIDDLE CLASS of AMERICA continues to ask, “What we can do for our COUNTRY?..” the TREASONOUS %1ers ask, “Since we own all those CORRUPT politicians, what can WASHINGTON do for ME?…”

Grow a BRAIN already AMERICA!!!  PROFITS before PEOPLE is the complete ANTITHESIS of DEMOCRACY.  If you think for EVEN one SPLIT second that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats care about your vote….well then, YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MIND…

Washington does NOT care about OR need your vote….they NEED your subservience to their CORRUPT version of DEMOCRACY..or, IN OTHER WORDS,



AND, be quiet

*I hope you DIG the little video I created 🙂 🙂

A Rat Done Bit My Sister And Ted Cruz Will Make Sure Whitey Is No Longer On The Moon

cruz12Ted “The Entire World Loses” Cruz will soon be the chairman of the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Science, Space, and Competitiveness..or, in other words, he will oversee NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration…Mark my words…this will NOT end well for NASA…for Ted “The Entire World Loses” Cruz..and, the ENTIRE universe AS we know it….SUBSIDIZE TO PRIVATIZE, I mean, the IDIOT-IFICATION of AMERICA continues

*FOOTNOTE – the word SCIENCE in the PIC was MIS-spelled intentionally 🙂

A Wise Word To All Who Have A Smart Phone


Just so everyone KNOWS…I am not HERE to offend ANYONE..I am HERE just to SPEAK the truth…and here is THE truth…SMART phones make PEOPLE stupid.  I will just USE one example to PROVE my point…Divide 85,434 by 37 in long division like we were taught in middle & high school…and, more than likely, you will get an INSTANT and smashing headache like I just did trying to remember how to do long division…I am NOT even going TO MENTION the fact that all SMART PHONES in AMERICA are NOT & have never been made in AMERICA by AMERICANS…they are made by SLAVE LABOR in communist COUNTRIES which completely UNDERMINES our too-BIG -to-FAIL capitalism…let ALONE mention the fact that these SURVEILLANCE, I mean, so-called SMART phones enable the NSA and the U.S. corporations that FEED this truly EVIL beast to SPY on OUR every move in life from NOW until ETERNITY…wake UP america…purposefully CONSUME less and LET washington KNOW…if it is NOT made in AMERICA by an AMERICAN..we will not BUY it….otherwise will become a NATION of DEMO-MONKEYS, I mean, IDIOTS…which, by the way, are the same thing 😉

Myface, I Mean, Spacebook, I mean, Facebook Is Making The Same Mistake As Spacebook, I Mean, Myface, I Mean, Myspace


Wow!  I just created a cool & new TONGUE-TWISTER that everyone can probably say very easily!  Ain’t I awesome!  Bottom line here is very simple – if you are all about selling digital lives to the highest evil corporate bidder (more than likely to our best friends forever @ NSA first I am sure) then you can COUNT me out entirely.  You TECH idiots need to realize one thing – I am not afraid to close my accounts when I sense a sneaky, smiling SNAKE-FACE trying to enter my ANAL cavity so he/she can profit even more while offering me absolutely nothing other than an EVER-SLOWING website filled with video ADVERTISEMENTS.  We all saw and remembered what happened to Myspace when they sold their “ACTUALLY COOL SITE IN THE BEGINNING” to the TRANS-SEXUAL LOVING Rupert Murdoch who then purposely destroyed it in hopes that everyone would go back to reading & watching his loser newspapers and even bigger loser television stations.   And now mark SUCKERBERG of facebook will suffer the same consequences – at least from my end because I de-activated my account months ago when first reading about this in the news.  And now, I am going to close my account until these TECH giants get their PRIORITIES correct – STOP FLEECING US WITH NO SHAME; otherwise, your new name in the history books of OUR future will be

Beware Of A Nation Full Of Demo Monkeys And Their Pocketfuls Of Useless Apps


Otherwise known as the Americans and their “SMART” phones & useless APPS.  Let’s get to the fucking point right off the back because I am in no mood to be wasting time today.  The problem with AMERICA is that it’s filled with AMERICANS.  Let’s take a quick look at America’s favorite company APPLE as an example – here is a company that has made TRILLIONS in profits over the years, paid the absolute lowest in TAXES off of their profits, who actually lobbies politicians on live TV so as to pay even less taxes, has more than 700,000 CHINESE employees compared to less than 40,000 American employees, who charges the HIGHEST PRICES (1000S of dollars) for a product that actually makes Americans even more stupid than they already are so that the NSA can track them even more efficiently in real time so that other US companies like facebook, yahoo, msn, twitter, etc. can all sell their customers’ digital lives to the highest CORPORATE bidder and, then, the whole vicious cycle starts all over again.


 Can someone please tell me what the FUCK is wrong with this picture in regards to America? Is there anyone out there who can take a wild guess as to what the answer is to our problems or am I just a dumb IDIOT amongst a nation full of demo-monkeys.  I mean, am I wrong in thinking that America used to have the smartest consumers on the face of the planet and in the history of time and now we have the most ignorant consumers who actually, now, take pride in their IGNORANCE as the #1 SHEEPLE in the world just as long as companies like APPLE make their TRILLIONS. Please! Will someone please tell me what is wrong with this PICTURE! Anyone? Someone? No one! Dang! That’s just straight up not freakin proper.

Who Needs Beer Googles When There Is Photoshop

Great news for all men, women, and sex lives across the globe & horrible news for all alcohol companies!  Now, instead of drinking ridiculous amounts of unhealthy booze in order to have sex with another person who is not considered “BEAUTIFUL” in our BRAINWASHED society of TODAY and then passing out only to wake up the next morning with the most dreaded feeling of all, “Oh my FUCKING God! Who is this FUGLY person sleeping/passed out next to me!  And, oh my FUCKING God! Did I just have sex with this person – I can’t remember and oh my FUCKING God, does my head hurt from this expensive hangover!” we can now just photoshop the person the way we want them to look and then print a life size version with our 3d printers and then glue the IMAGE to our wall in our bedroom so that we can tear that SEXY ass up for hours while staring at the photoshopped image of our DREAMS!

No more wasting money on booze and no more extra EXPENSIVE hangovers and regrets the next day!  Ain’t technology great!