Shooting On Capitol Hill Today Must Mean Washington Wants Money To Surveil Us More


Hmmm…Why is it that anytime there are proposed cuts to military spending…or, when Washington wants to surveil Americans more…crazy terrorist acts happen some where in the world and/or americans with guns start doing crazy things…Just wondering 🙂


NRA Awards President Obama Employee Of The Decade


Oh my God!  Will someone please tell President Obama to stop talking about guns!  As sure as I can guarantee to all on earth that the Sun will rise tomorrow morning, I will bet my life that the very second President Obama finishes his Town Hall on GUN CONTROL this Thursday, gun  and ammunition sales to MENTALLY ILL americans and terrorists of all flavors  will skyrocket like never seen before…

The more I think about it..the more I am convinced that the NRA aided and funded President Obama’s Presidential victories in 2008 & 2012..Never underestimate the greed of evil men…What better way to sell unlimited guns and ammo to the FREEDOM-FIGHTING gun hoarders of america than to have a “Black”, “Muslim”, “Socialist”, “Liberal Democrat” from “Kenya” become president of the United States of America….

Shit!!!  The more I think about..the more I am convinced that President Obama is Washington’s wet-dream come true in regards to TAX COLLECTIONS off of gun sales…Come this Friday – Uncle Sam offices all across this beautiful country will be whistling with profits…


Clown Face Wayne Lapierre – A Jihadist’s Wet Dream Come True

Hmmmm….let’s see…the federal Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act has been stalled in Washington for eight years now…

Anyone want to take a wild AND crazy guess as to who is making this happen?  It’s a very simple answer…

BINGO! You guessed it!  The NRA and ignorant bobble-head whore Wayne Lapierre and his suitcases full of SPECIAL INTEREST/LOBBYISTS’ blood money and RE-ELECTION victories as well as every single BOBBLE HEAD/CORPORATE puppet in WASHINGTON from all sides of the political spectrum…

Now…if I were a “MENTALLY UNSTABLE” jihadist in AMERICA who is extremely angry at AMERICA for starting BOGUS WARS in the MIDDLE EAST (that has killed more than 350,000 innocent civilians – women and children always included) solely for the purpose of reaping huge profits off the THEFT of OIL and THE SALES of unlimited guns/ammo to all peoples who hate each other in the MIDDLE EAST….there’s going to be 72 “dark-eyed” Mulsim virgins in PARADISE who are going to be very, very, very angry at me…simply because the mere glimpse of WAYNE LAPIERRE’S face and what he STANDS for (profits ALWAYS before people and freedom) would make me CREAM in my PANTS…




Not To Worry America! Climate-Change “Storms” Will Kill More Americans Annually Than Gun Violence In Our Very Near Future

hmmdAnd just like with GUN violence in AMERICA, our politicians (both parties) will do ABSOLUTELY nothing other than to FUND RAISE for the FINANCIAL interests of their political parties and their bogus ideologies.  Never forget AMERICANS…”Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around” – Sofia from the movie Vanilla Sky

American Guns Killing God Softly


America is NOT a nation of God, it is a nation of GUNS



and FOREVER tomorrow

Forgive me LORD…For, my FAITH in you is DEAD

Forgive me America…FOR, my dream in you has FADED

with each passing innocent

from the HAIL of BULLETS

I see a GUN in the hands of GOD

the trigger pulled by THE finger of ONE of yOUR children

who PROUDLY kills IN your name



and FOREVER tomorrow

there will be no 2nd COMING,


tWO thousand and fifteen years ago

JESUS sacrificed HIS life NOT for YOU

but foR manKInd

aND you took him….aND you kept him

Forgive me LORD…For, my FAITH in you is DEAD

Forgive me America…FOR, my dream in you has FADED

tWO thousand and fifteen years ago

JESUS sacrificed HIS life NOT for YOU

but foR manKInd

for HE believed his reward would be to SIT next to YOU

for eternity

iNSTEAD his punishment was

to see you CREATE the GUN

FROM the unholy MIND of one OF your children




and YOU have FAILED

and, for this – AMERICA will kill YOU

but THE LOVE for, in, and by JESUS will be




“in GUN we TRUST”dxfg

The National Drone With Rifle Association Coming Soon?

This is TRULY scary stuff…and just a matter of time before people start losing their lives somewhere on this planet due to this truly terrifying combination of personal drones and personal guns…

I mean, I can already smell the DROOL of greedy LOBBYISTS of the GUN INDUSTRY and WASHINGTON devising ways to maximize their profits by this new deadly combination…

“Never let SENSELESS gun violence stop you from making a profit..” is the “BUSINESS AS USUAL” motto of OUR ever greedy GUN INDUSTRY of, it would not surprise me that in our VERY near future, THERE WILL BE a NATIONAL DRONE WITH RIFLE ASSOCIATION coming to a theater near you..

This Video Proves That The Iraq War And The 2nd Amendment Are Responsible For Killing 4 Brave Marines In Tennessee Yesterday

This video proves that gun nuts of AMERICA better grow an effin BRAIN really, really, really, really (did I say REALLY enough times) FAST….

Because if you do NOT heed my words…and GROW an EFFIN brain…within 10 YEARS…UNCLE sam will come & take your guns..PERMANENTLY!

Yesterday’s tragedy in Tennessee proves that, in the EYES of washington, it is TOTALLY kosher and cool for muslim terrorists to kill INNOCENT americans of all kinds IN america…even if you are a brave AMERICAN MARINE/PURPLE HEART recipient who SERVED two TOURS in the MIDDLE EAST.

Let me repeat – as long as muslim terrorists who truly hate america use AMERICA’S favorite COWARDLY toy (the GUN) to kill innocent AMERICANS in AMERICA – “it’s ALL GOOD BABY BABY” to quote BIGGIE WASHINGTON’S eyes..

I mean, it is NO COINCIDENT that every time a MUSLIM TERRORIST kills innocent AMERICANS in AMERICA…wayne lapierre waynebabyinstantly disappears into THIN air faster than BARBARA EDEN from I DREAM OF JEANNIE (hot diggity damn barbara eden is one fine one woman!)


And that’s pretty DANG hard to do…

But back to the POINT (i apologize for letting barbara eden distract me)…As we all already know, the ONLY time non-sensible GUN CONTROL laws seems to be PASSED is when AMERICAN GUNS are pointed and/or shot at our POLITICIANS..



In AMERICA’S very near FUTURE, one of THESE cowardly MUSLIM TERRORISTS will get their cowardly hands on LEGAL AMERICAN GUNS and point and aim and fire at AN AMERICAN POLITICIAN/S…at which point, you can kiss the 2ND AMENDMENT’S ass (as we know it) GOOD-BYE forever…It will be like WASHINGTON winning the MEGA LOTTERY of ALL-TIME with a JACK-POT prize of 500 million NON-SENSIBLE gun control laws passed faster than any SPEEDING BULLET and SUPERMAN combined…that I promise you.

Now, look AMERICA…I am a very, very busy man with many, many things to do in my VERY VERY important life (in the tone of  TRUE sarcasm)…SO, I really don’t have time to waste with TRULY STUPID, single ISSUE voters OF america any know the ONES I am talking about – the “GIMMIE, GIMMIE, GIMMIE more GUNS” fools.

But, because I truly LOVE america AND americans (even the “GIMMIE, GIMMIE, GIMMIE more GUNS” fools)..I will BLESS you by spending a few minutes of my very very important time in my very very important life to pass on some VERY wise advice to Y’ALL who CHERISH the 2ND AMENDMENT and OUR FOUNDING FATHERS who created IT.

But, before I do pass on some very wise advice..we must first discuss some facts that CAN no longer be IGNORED..


Before lying war criminals bush jr and cheney started THE BOGUS IRAQ war in 2003…THERE WAS NO SUCH THING as ISIS….so, IN ESSENCE, isis CAN be called SADDAMISTS…and, SADDAMISTS can be called ISIS..they are one and the same people.


SADDAMISTS/ISIS has AMERICAN WEAPONS..and are using AMERICAN WEAPONS to create HAVOC all OVER the MIDDLE EAST…in their ATTEMPT to lure BRAVE AMERICAN SOLDIERS back into the MIDDLE EAST to fight THE HOLY WAR of all WARS.  Even more creepy is the fact that SADDAMISTS/ISIS are using EX vice-president PRICK CHENEY style propaganda (the use of spreading lies and fear TO start WARS) to accomplish their GOALS..


SADDAMISTS/ISIS not ONLY hate america BUT ALSO americans ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE on this PLANET…and, THEY will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to kill INNOCENT americans ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE on this planet…america INCLUDED.

If you doubt me THEN just watch AND listen to the VIDEO above –

So, here is my ADVICE to all GUN-NUTS of AMERICA who cherish the 2ND AMENDMENT

*GROW SOME LONG HAIR like THESE “totally awesome” DUDES from the 1960s

hipp*Organize protests AND march on WASHINGTON yelling and screaming




Heed my advice AMERICA…and DEMAND that our GOVERNMENT gets out of the MIDDLE EAST asap…For, if you continue to IGNORE – this once great & beautiful country & democracy AND all of our freedoms (many of which have already been stolen under the PATRIOT ACT) is ONE mere “COWARDLY muslim TERRORIST with AMERICAN GUNS PROTECTED BY THE 2ND AMENDMENT and AIMED AT an american POLITICIAN” away from the OPPOSITE of what OUR FOUNDING FATHERS dreamed about WHEN founding this GREAT COUNTRY….

The handwriting is on the WALL america….SO FUCKING READ IT or FOREVER NEVER HOLD YOUR


Gun Nuts Of America Better Tell Their Government To Get Out Of The Middle East

gunnuty4 Marines dead at Tennessee Navy Facility today…My money is on the fact that the GUN used by the muslim terrorist was LEGAL..and, if THE GUN was ILLEGAL – I’ll quote HILLARY CLINTON, “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!”  Bottom line here is very simple – if you are a GUN-NUT, you BETTER tell your government to get the EFF out of the MIDDLE EAST..because if you don’t start DEMANDING this and MAKE THIS happen then..MARK MY WORDS, your government will START taking your GUNS away – BLACK FLAG or NOT..I know, I know – it’s going to truly suck that you will NOW have to become a 2 ISSUE VOTER..but THAT’S life..

3 Easy Steps To Become An American Billionaire

wayneidoit*Drum Roll*

Step #1:

By hook, NOOK, and/OR crook – become a CEO of an AMERICAN Gun Manufacturer i.e. SMITH and WESSON

Step #2:

Find stupid, IGNORANT people who HATE each OTHER – they ARE all over THE world so it should be easy as A, B, C and D

Step #3:

Sell AS many GUNS and AMMUNITION as humanly POSSIBLE to all the  people WHO hate each other UNTIL there is not one PENNY in their pockets

And VOILA – You just became a BILLIONAIRE…





p.s. I can BE thanked for my SAGE advice in our next life

America Does Not Have A Gun Problem – It Has A Cowardly American Males With Guns Problem

YESAS I’m not going to get into the litany of all the senseless gun violence that has recently occurred in America because there is no POINT in doing this…So, I am going to stick with my original premise which is… Stupid cunt wayne lapeirre (I apologize for using truly foul language to describe a truly foul human being) is turning  BEAUTIFUL America into a NATION of cowards one gun at a time..But, do not worry AMERICA!  According to Wayne Lapeirre, when AMERICA has one BILLION guns…which will probably take 20 years to achieve..that will be the DAY when we are all SAFE.  Remember this fact…GUNS don’t kill PEOPLE..cowardly american males with guns KILL people (innocent women and children always included). So, let’s give CREDIT where CREDIT is DUE…


Time To Say Good Bye To The Creepy Gun Advocates Of America

Ok! Let’s get this straight right off the FUCKING bat ok!  I bully creepy GUN ADVOCATES for fun simply because the GUN ADVOCATES of today are a bunch of PUNKS and COWARDS.  Your BOGUS propa-FUCKING-ganda no longer works.  You can no longer claim to be THE DEFENDERS of our FREEDOMS when you are actually selling our FREEDOMS for pennies on the DOLLAR.  Allow me to re-PHRASE – the NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS of AMERICA have been STRONG-ARMING, I mean, BRIBING, I mean, lobbying our easy to corrupt POLTICIANS with their BLOOD MONEY for the longest of time.  Matter of fact, the NRA and GUN MANUFACTUERS of AMERICA created and developed the original BLUE PRINT (“Bribing Washington For Dummies” should be the title) on how to CORRUPT our politicians and government so that other GREEDY & SINISTER industries could follow suit i.e. PASSING citizens united into LAW.  And, just so you know, the SOLE purpose of Citizens United was to allow BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republican and democrat politicians to sell the OUR GOVERNMENT to the highest bidder in a more efficient and profitable manner TO ALL INDUSTRIES & CORPORATIONS who PROFIT THE MOST from the American people while despising them even more – the MOST PERFECT win-win situation for Best Friends Forever republicans and democrats.

 So, to me, I NOW find it extremely COMICAL watching all the KING CRY BABY gun NUTS getting all WORKED UP and pissing on themselves complaining to DEAF ears across AMERICA about how  “MONEY is CORRUPING our POLITICS (i.e. other special interest groups like MAYOR micheal “tammany hall” bloomberg’s Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns shelling out COLD, HARD CASH to our government in their pursuit of passing SENSIBLE gun laws that SOON will be enforced in this COUNTRY if you creepy gun nuts continue to be on the WRONG side of HISTORY).  Even more comical is the fact that you ignorant LOSERS can’t put one and one together as to why this is HAPPENING.

 This is happening BECAUSE the 2nd amendment PLUS citizens united in the hands of CREEPY & GREEDY LOSER CORPORATIONS equals THE TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT our founding fathers feared so much.  ONCE AGAIN, and allow me to repeat, everything that is WRONG with OUR GOVERNMENT today can be traced back to the BLOOD MONEY of the NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS of America.  It is the REASON why our government cannot accomplish ANYTHING anymore because it pits GREEDY MONEY vs GREEDY MONEY which means ONLY THE GREEDY make money.

 The perfect case in point is what just happened this past weekend in Exeter, Rhode Island on the 1 year ANNIVERSARY of the MASSACRE of Sandy Hook, Connecticut.  On December 14, 2013, right in the middle of a huge snowstorm, the brave voters of Exeter, Rhode Island THWARTED the NRA’s & Gun Manufacturers (with their army of lawyers and suitcases full of cash) RECALL attempt to oust its politicians by a WHOPPING percentage of 63 to 37.  And please don’t use COLORADO’S recent RECALL elections as your example of bravely standing up and defending our freedoms you ignorant gun fools because in the very near future Colorado’s motto of “Nothing without Providence” will turn into “Nothing without Mass Murderers With Legal Guns” and the NICKNAME of the “CENTENNIAL” state will change into the “MASSACRING OF THE INNOCENCES”

 So, a wise word to the LEGAL, idiotic gun owner of today. If you SINCERELY want to keep you guns do not want gun control in this country, you better listen to my 3 pieces of wise advice –

#1. Keep your FUCKING ignorant MOUTHS shut

#2. Get the FUCK out of the STRONG-ARMING, I mean, BRIBING, I mean, LOBBYING business.

#3. And most importantly, ADMIT to the only ABSOLUTE truth about GUNS and the ONLY reason why Our Founding Fathers created the 2nd AMENDMENT in the first place – GUNS ARE FOR PUNKS AND COWARDS WHO ARE AFRAID OF OTHER PUNKS AND COWARDS WITH GUNS (because the only other alternative as to why the 2NDAMENDMENT was put in our CONSTITUTION was because our founding fathers were possibly STRONG-ARMED, I mean, BRIBED, I mean, lobbied into putting it in and I don’t want to believe that because that would shred every concept of what a true democracy is)

I Vote For Drones To Kill Every Single Legal Gun Owning Cowardly Idiot In The United States Of America

Only because it was your blinding IGNORANCE & COWARDICE that allowed DRONES to be created in the first place.  Let’s get the facts straight okay!  When drones first popped onto our NATIONAL scene way back when, I vividly recalled extra-spending lefty liberals losing their FREAKIN minds screaming and protesting at the top of their LUNGS that drones would be very, very, very bad for this country and this planet IF they were in the very HANDS of our GOVERNMENT.  And, what did the ignorant, hypocrisy filled conservatives and the so-called defenders of the 2nd amendment do?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but purchase more cowardly guns when they could have sided with the lefty liberals they despise so much and practically made it impossible for drones to be the ITEM of our future (fucking creepy LOSERS).  But this did NOT happen!  And guess what?  The very “TYRANNICAL” government that you creepy, cowardly ASSHOLES claimed to fear so much is NOW here; and, in the VERY near future, it will be THE DRONES, I mean, our government that takes your guns away.  IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE, THERE WILL BE COMPREHENSIVE GUN CONTROL IN THIS COUNTRY!  This will happen simply because as we move one day at a time into OUR FUTURE, we the people will REALIZE that you cowardly & ignorant fools are the TRUE TRYANNICAL GOVERNMENT that our founding fathers feared so much – AND YOUR GUNS will be taken away over YOUR DEAD cowardly BODIES.  Good fucking riddance to the CANCER of our society! AND this is EXACTLY what happens to a country CURSED from still doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING after the truly HORRIFYING massacre of the 20 truly beautiful and innocent children attending elementary school in Connecticut by the hands of a true AMERICAN PYSHCO with legal firearms last year.  Now, enjoy my new favorite video on YOUTUBE.

Where There Are Guns, There Will Never Be Freedom


I am going to let RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, Americans in on a little dirty, FUCKING secret that their little, puny brains will probably never be able to comprehend.  And to be 1,000,000% (america’s favorite number – ONE MILLION or more) honest, I couldn’t give a flying, fat, cross-eyed pig fuck if this country comprehends this or not simply BECAUSE a country that does ABSOLUTELY nothing after the TRULY HORRIFYING slaughter of 20 beautiful and TRULY innocent, little AMERICAN children while attending ELEMENTARY SCHOOL by the HANDS of a TRULY insane American psychopath (nra EMPLOYEE of the CENTURY adam lanza) USING a SYMBOL, I mean, a LEGAL weapon that represents FREEDOM in this truly COWARDLY country DESERVES exactly the government WE HAVE – a government that does ABSOLUTELY nothing but count their ever increasing profits from We The People

 Every single weapon that has ever been created in the history of MANKIND has had ONE sole PURPOSE – to force TRULY peaceful people without WEAPONS to follow the rules and LAWS of a political ideology and/or religion that a small group of MEN created solely so they ONLY can profit from; whether it be Communism Socialism, Nazism, Marxism, Democracy, Islam, Judaism, Catholicism or whatever THE FUCK fancy TERM or words these TRULY corrupted men want to use as their label of government and/or religion – it’s ALL the same fucking thing because GUNS distort every ideal imaginable.  And, if one looks closely at AMERICA and it’s symbol of FREEDOM which is nothing more than the BEST-EVER killing machine ever created in the HISTORY OF mankind, one will see that the ONLY freedom AMERICANS have is the FREEDOM to kill EACH-OTHER whenever and for whatever reason they want.  BE PROUD America and, most definitely PLEASE keep killing each other because IT’S the AMERICAN way.

 I will end with “LET’S PLAY PRETEND!” – a brand new game I just created with one very simple rule; and that rule is to pretend that I have created a new weapon that renders guns completely useless all over this planet.  What do you think will happen to me?  Oh! You are too stupid to fucking know?  Okay! I understand completely – it’s not easy being a RENEWABLE DUMMY, I mean, an American so I will give you the CORRECT answer.  Every single country, nation, religion, etc. and every single greedy FUCK asshole HUNGRY for power out there in this world WOULD come after ME with every single WEAPON they have in their attempt to END MY LIFE with AMERICA leading the CHARGE in order to stop me from GIVING the people of this WORLD the true gift they so DESERVE – complete freedom from the tyranny of cowards and their bogus political ideologies that are constantly distorted so that THE FEW can be free at the expense of slavery for all.  Or, we can play REVERSE “let’s play pretend!” Let’s say I created a WEAPON that killed more efficiently and faster at a lower cost than GUNS ever could.  What do you think will happen to me? I know, I know! Stupid Americans cannot answer TRICK questions like this so, once again, I will provide the answer.  Every single FUCKING country on this planet with AMERICA leading the charge would call me the next HERO or SAVIOR of FREDDOM and the ENTIRE universe would OFFER me unlimited money, power, whores, whatever the fuck I wanted to get their greedy hands on this weapon FIRST so that all the other nations and their peoples would instantly become the NEW SLAVES in the LIFE of LIES where men with GUNS were once called BRAVE.