Trump Protestor Flipping The Bird – Times Square NYC


Notice how I got the American Flag in the background 🙂


I’m 18,250 Days Old Today


Which means I am the big Five-O (50 years old) today! Yay!!  Today, I promise to no longer live my life in years but only point in thinking about the PAST..because not even God can change it…No more worries about the FUTURE because it has never, is, and will never be in my CONTROL..

“And acceptance is the answer to all my problems today.  When I am disturbed, it is because I find some person, place, thing, or situation – some fact of my life – unacceptable to me, and I can find no serenity until I accept that person, place, thing, or situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment.  Nothing, absolutely nothing happens in God’s world by mistake.” – Bill W.

From this day forward, I will live my life with the ONE PRECIOUS gift that God gave us all – the present.

Happy 38th Birthday Saturday Night Fever

I was 11 years old when this movie came out…and I can tell you with pride as an Italian/American born in Harlem, NYC (1966) that right after watching this movie…No joke…I made my mother buy that very exact outfit in the intro for me and was strutting around Harlem like an 11 year old John Travolta…stacking my pizza slices on top of each other and trying to pick up all the 11, 12, and 13 year old girls….Let’s just say, I was chased home that day after school….but since I could fly, I mean, run like the wind…no one caught me…and right before I entered my building with all the black and spanish kids breathing heavy from chasing me…I busted out some of those Travolta dance moves…and the next thing I know…I’m the only white boy in Harlem in a break-dancing crew…I was good…Oh! What fond memories of Old-School NYC…I miss them!

Here are some of my favorite clips of Saturday Night Fever…

Once again…being born into an Italian family..I can attest with 100% certainty that I have been slapped upside my head by my father many well as my father yelling “ONE PORK CHOP!” with my grandmother saying the exact same thing, “Basta!!! Manga, manga!”in her attempt to try to stop the arguing…And this was before Saturday Night Fever even came out in the movie theaters… 🙂

And, in this clip…you will see a young Fran Drescher (from the t.v. show “The Nanny”)…Rumor has it that she had such a crush on John Travolta that she didn’t wear any underwear for this scene..and, I have to be 100% honest..I would have done the exact same thing back then…..And, if this dance is not FOREVER remembered, then there is something terribly wrong with humanity 🙂

And, this scene featuring the song “More Than A Woman” has always given me (even to this day) the “LOVE” goose bumps and chills all up and down my spine 🙂

And finally, as any born and raised, old school New Yorker will tell you…anytime you got problems…or needed to clear your head from the insanity..or just a get a little peace and quiet…all you had to do was get on the NYC subway system late at night and just ride..Now granted…back then…NYC wasn’t the safest place (far from it! We had the highest murder rate for 50 consecutive years)…especially in the subways..and especially for people not from New York City…but, back then…it was all about your attitude..If you had a NYC attitude (even if you weren’t from New York City) – meaning you had respect for everyone – it was always ALL good..

Wow! I actually shed a tear or two just now..reminiscing about old school New York City…From my eyes, New York City has changed so much (for the worse) in the last 25 years (thanks to Mayor Giuliani and Bloomberg) in their pursuit of making NYC the richest city in the world.  The very essence and fabric of NYC has been destroyed forever…no more is there a vibrant middle class of all nationalities striving to make it here…Now, NYC is mostly extremely, obscenely wealthy with pockets of extreme poverty interspersed…where 100,000 homeless people sleep on the streets every single night..Don’t get me wrong now..there were many homeless people in the city back then…but no where near as many as there are now…

To the world, the Statue Of Liberty says, “Welcome To All!”…But to us New Yorkers…it’s always saying, “C’est la vie!”…”That’s life!”…I will always be grateful for the opportunity to have been able to have been born and raised in the last real NEW YORK CITY… and, in the last real AMERICA…



People Watching In New York City

poochie14So…it’s around 8:15 pm Saturday night (8/9/14)..I’m walking down 111th street between Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway on the Upper West Side in Manhattan…and, suddenly and out of nowhere, I get this incredibly strong feeling that someone is WATCHING me very intently….Do realize and do not get me wrong now…when it comes to PEOPLE-WATCHING, I am the ultimate JUDGE and JURY…meaning that I have no problems whatsoever when it comes to people watching me in New York City…It’s just that I want to know who’s doing the watching…

Anyway, as I am walking down 111th street and sense that INVISIBLE eyes are intently watching..I stop in my tracks and look around in order to BUST the culprit with the NOSEY eyes…and LOW & BEHOLD, I see this DAPPER and extra GOOD LOOKING fella sitting perfectly still in his window sill…At first glance, I thought it was a statue of a dog that some crazy New Yorker placed there for whatever crazy New York City reason they may have had…and I was like, “WTF! Someone has a statue of their dog and they place it on their window sill – crazy NEW YORKER!!!!”

And…it was at this point that this ADORABLE pooch sensed that I was onto him totally BUSTING him people watching…and, ever so slowly, the pooch began to SLINK backwards in his attempt to hide behind the ONE flower seen in the pic…I know THAT in this pooch’s mind…he believed that hiding and staying ABSOLUTELY and perfectly still behind that ONE FLOWER would make him invisible to all…It didn’t..But, I will give this DAPPER FELLA much credit tho…because he DID NOT flinch a centimeter when I kept asking her/him, “You want a TREAT!”…Now, that’s PEOPLE WATCHING in its purest form

NYC Police Do Not Know How 2 White Flags Were Placed On Top Of The Brooklyn Bridge Because They Are Too Busy Killing People For Selling Loose Cigarettes

What an EFFIN joke…so my taxes pay for police to kill a man for selling “LOOSE” cigarettes (probably at 50 cents a cigarette) whose family will now sue NEW YORK CITY for 10s of MILLIONS of DOLLARS…so that I will have TO PAY even higher TAXES in my NEAR future..Even worse and MORE insulting is the fact that SOMEONE and/or SOME PEOPLE were able to climb on top of the BROOKLYN BRIDGE and replace 2 AMERICAN FLAGS  with 2 WHITE FLAGS….and the POLICE do NOT have the SLIGHTEST clue as to how THIS happened.

Ironically (but not in a FUNNY way at ALL) is the FACT that this TRULY HORRIBLE way our CITY & STATE GOVERNMENTS spend our TAXES is almost as bad as how our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT spends our for EXAMPLE….giving ISRAEL billions of U.S. TAXPAYERS’ DOLLARS so that they can build the IRON DOME to protect themselves from MUSLIM TERRORISTS…all the while giving Palestine 47 million dollars for HUMANITARIAN AID due to the massacre of INNOCENT civilians and CHILDREN from the hands of ISRAEL…or, in other words, “HEADS we win and TAILS you lose!”

Which begs for the MOST IMPORTANT question to be answered…WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?  Well…I know what the FUCK is going on here…so, please allow me to explain..The CURRENT u.s. government (BOTH the republican and democratic PARTIES) have lost THEIR way..They are MORE interested in dividing THE PEOPLE than SERVING the people (who pay their salaries) because it’s their ONLY way to stay & retain THEIR power in a TRULY broken POLITICAL SYSTEM flush with all KINDS of legalized CORPORATE and/or 1%er, DARK MONEY…and that’s a very BIG & EXTREMELY DANGEROUS problem for every single person living on this PLANET today…But, not to worry AMERICA!  The SOLUTION is very simple…and, it’s our VERY last chance to RIGHT our ways AND return to our PATH to GREATNESS once again…

So, here goes..the 3 extremely simple steps that we can ALL take..

Step #1 – VOTE OUT every single INCUMBENT at EVERY SINGLE level of government when it’s time to vote (keep only the INCUMBENTS that are going to support and vote on CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM aka “getting money out of politics!” )..I’m not saying to vote for the other party..what I am saying is vote out the INCUMBENTS via PRIMARIES in your OWN party.  For example, take ERIC CANTOR in VIRGINIA as the perfect example..despite all his claims and promises that if he were NOT elected AGAIN..bad things would happen to VIRGINIA…THAT’S a complete & utter LIE..Virginia will be just FINE without ERIC CANTOR…

Step #2 – Get ALL money out of POLITICS…and it’s SO very simple to do…introduce amendments at EVERY level of government (federal included) that says, “Oh HELL’S no…no MORE money in our POLITICS!” I mean, do I really need to explain to all that MONEY in POLITICS defeats the whole purpose of HAVING elections and the POWER of the VOTE…in simpler TERMS, as long as money is in POLITICS…our current POLITICIANS would rather suck the SHIT out of a RED BABOON’S BALD ASS than to count the VOTES of people so ignorant as to allow MONEY into politics in THE first place – because that is NOT democracy…it’s PLUTOCRACY!

Step #3 – TERM LIMITS…I mean, if we already had TERM-LIMITS, 99% of the CURRENT scumbags in our government today WOULDN’T even be interested in getting into politics in the first place..MONEY & POWER-ADDICTED losers must be removed from all POLITICS by ANY means NECESSARY…and TERM-LIMITS achieve this OBJECTIVE.

This ALL can be ACCOMPLISHED america..but, unfortunately, this must be DONE by US (you & me)..and me & you alone…Now do realize, if all 3 simple steps above were to (even remotely) come close to FRUITION, you would start hearing all kinds of crazy words like words like, “This would lead to the END of life as we KNOW IT!” or “This would destroy America!” or “This is the most destructive & dangerous behavior of the PEOPLE ever seen before in the HISTORY of america!”…all these words and many more would come flying from the LYING mouths of MONEY & POWER ADDICTED losers and the CORPORATIONS that own OUR GOVERNMENT..And my answer to them is very simple, “SHUT the FUCK up! We’ve heard your lies before!” and then would point back to our HISTORY to prove my point!  If I recall correctly, every single CAR COMPANY in america SCREAMED and CRIED and HOLLERED that if SEAT BELTS were required in every car, the AMERICAN AUTO INDUSTRY would never survive AND die as we know it!!!” If this were the CASE (which it’s not), then we wouldn’t have to WORRY about CLIMATE CHANGE for another 200 years.

What Is 40 Years Old And A Complete Waste Of Time


Happy Birthday RUBIX cube…And I vividly remember when my father first gave me THE CUBE  in hopes of calming the extreme GEN X, adhd in me when I was 8 years old (1974).  I also vividly remember my response, “Cool Pops!!! A square baseball with many colors….Can I go out now and play some baseball!” It was at this moment that my father realized he was going to have many headaches in his future regarding his first born son…and replied, “No Christian…this is NOT a multi-colored, square baseball…This is a RUBIX cube…”  After about 10 minutes of explaining and showing me how to play the RUBIX cube, he left me alone with it thinking to himself, “PERFECT!  I will have about 2 years of PEACE as my son tries to figure the RUBIX cube out!”

A very long story short….I tried this RUBIX cube thing for about 15 minutes and then got extremely BORED with it….but I also wanted to make my father proud by finishing this RUBIX cube game so my solution was very simple…I took out my little painting set and the LITTLE BRUSH that came with it that my parents had given me a few years earlier when I was addicted to FINGER PAINTING (I think it was the smell of the PAINT that I was addicted to) and I painted the RUBIX cube so that every color matched on each side..PROBLEM SOLVED…

About 30 minutes after my father had given me that RUBIX cube thing that he had hoped would calm me down for 2 years…all he heard was “Look Pops! I finished the RUBIX cube game…NOW, I’m gonna play some baseball!”…and I was out the door faster than a father can say, “Don’t do that SON!”

All I’m gonna say about playing baseball with a RUBIX cube is that…..THERE IS NOTHING MORE FUN in the life of an 8 year old GEN xer with extreme ADHD than to play baseball with a RUBIX cube for about 4 innings….I mean, the fastballs you can throw with a RUBIX cube were unbelievable…even more fun was trying to catch a RUBIX ripped to the 3rd base line on the a wicked SHORT-HOP in order to completie a FANCY double play…The BEST, however, were the REGGIE JACKSON home runs you could hit that would always smash and PERFECTLY ding all the parked cars in the bleacher section of our baseball field.

And then everything STOPPED…thanks to the FAT-KID from 114th street and Amsterdam avenue…who we USED to call the “DANCING TEDDY BEAR”…I will never forget it…it was the bottom of the 4th inning of a really tight game…the score was 21 to 20 with my team winning (back then I think the RUBIX cube was made in america instead of CHINA like today so they lasted much longer)…the bases were loaded and our skinny Puerto Rican pitcher named GREG tried to sneak an INSIDE FASTBALL past the DANCING TEDDY BEAR for STRIKE three….but, instead of being on the INSIDE of the HOME PLATE…his pitched TURNED into A SQUARE MEATBALL right down the MIDDLE of the PLATE…

And let me tell you…the DANCING teddy BEAR crushed that PITCHED…I mean, literally, crushed that RUBIX cube…he hit that RUBIX cube so hard and so far that it FLEW through the WINDOW of some APARTMENT on the 5th floor…COMPLETE DEAD SILENCE…you could hear a PIN drop in CHINATOWN that’s how silent it became (we were on 112th street)…GAME OVER as we all fled the CRIME scene back to our individual homes.

It goes without saying that when I got home, the first thing I wanted was another RUBIX cube…”Hey Pops! Someone stole my RUBIX cube…Can I get another one tomorrow!” …to which he replied…”OH hells NO!! Here is something called a BASKETBALL! Now, go learn how to play down there on those basketball courts and let me get some sleep!”  Being a good son, I listened to my FATHER and started playing basketball..10 years later (18 years old) I was one of the top 20 best high school basketball players in NYC and one of the best 250 in the nation…proving that WHITE BOYS can jump (I had a vertical of 40 inches) jesus was my name in the mean-streets of ghettos throughout new york city…because I looked like jesus but jumped like a BLACK guy!  So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY rubix cube…you were a TON of fun for a brief moment in MY LIFE….

A Letter To The New York Stanks, I Mean, Giants From A Born And Raised New Yorker


First things FUCKING first, don’t get your hopes up too high STANKS, I mean, giant fans because you beat the Minnesota Vi-Queens last night and now have a 1-6 record!   Secondly and more importantly, I am not going to go into the litany of ENDLESS reasons why the 2013 New York Stanks, I mean, Giants truly suck my EXTRA hairy BALLS this season because it’s not good for my BLOOD PRESSURE according to my DOCTOR.   But, what I will say faster than a NEW YORK minute is that this horrible, truly disgusting failure of a football season all falls on 2 people – the coach and the $120 million dollar quarterback supposedly ELITE manning who has already thrown 15 interceptions this season.  And, just so you know,  I’m not the type of dude that is going to stomp on a dude while he is down so I am not going to dwell on the past and the 6 games the STANKS, I mean, the giants have already lost simply because NOT even GOD can change the past.

 But being that I am an old school, born and raised, “I don’t give a fuck what you fuckin’ think motherfucker”, Tammany Hall, “uptown baby, uptown baby!” tall, slim and dapper New Yorker, I AM going to cut to the chase and JUST say it as it is – this way we can move on from this already dead, wasted season and HOPEFULLY be PROUD new york giant fans once again in OUR near future.  And unfortunately for the supposedly ELITE manning most of the blame is going to fall on your “$120 million dollar” shoulders so you should most definitely STOP rapping with your brother in STUPID, waste of time commercials and listen to my advice if you EVER want to make the PLAYOFFS again – that’s right! I just said THAT.

Here’s my New York Stanks, I mean, Giants To Do List…

#1. Fire Coach Tom Coughlin immediately!  If his job is NOT on the line, he cannot coach PERIOD! I know, I know! “But he HAS won 2 superbowls for us and…blah, blah, blah and more blah blah blah bullshit” is what I always hear and I totally agree..sort of.  But, if you doubt my words then just look at his record since joining the giants and you will see his 2 Super Bowl wins were the only reason why he hasn’t ALREADY been fired twice.  It sucks that you just signed him to a long term contract for good money but he did win you 2 superbowls so it was money well spent albeit stupidly and after the fact – but whatever! That’s all I am going to say about Coach Coughlin – keep him and don’t make the playoffs for the duration of his new contract or FIRE HIM immediately which lets ELITE manning know “If you ain’t careful, your next motherfucker!” For real!  This is New York City man! There ain’t no HALF-STEPPIN up in this city.

#2. Bench Elite manning IMMEDIATELY for a whole bunch of sensible reasons.  The first and most important reason is because he’s playing worse than stank smells on a burning, hot SHIT.  It’s kind of obvious that ELITE didn’t really work out or “WORK ON HIS GAME” too much in the last off-season.  I mean, when you are doing all these stupid FUCKING commercials rapping with your brother rather than working on your game so you can BECOME the elite quarterback you claim to be, it becomes kind of obvious that you are NOT taking football too seriously anymore.  But whatever! Another reason to bench ELITE is because he is the team leader and when you are making 120 million dollars, YOU shouldn’t be making all these stupid FUCKING commercials so you can make millions more on top of the 120 Million dollars you are already making on your contract – since when has fucking loser ELITE MANNING all of sudden become like  Mitt “the false prophet” Romney now? Be a REAL LEADER eli because you are setting a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE example for the rest of your team by acting like a SELFISH fucking loser scumbag presidential candidate who couldn’t even beat a supposed Muslim from Kenya.  Stop being a truly greedy, selfish asshole who only cares about how much money he makes thus not allowing the STANKS, I mean, the giants to pick up other valuable players in the off season like other nfl teams do who are serious about winning and making the playoffs.  Heed my words ELITE manning or you will NEVER, EVER make the playoffs again which means you will NEVER get a big contract ever AGAIN!

And lastly and most importantly, you need to BENCH elite manning immediately before he gets injured and then, “POOF! There goes $120 million DOLLARS!”  There’s no point in doing this whatsoever.  No matter how angry ELITE manning gets about being benched, all you have to say is, “You better kick back some of those millions we gave you from that fat contract you just signed…you know the one!  The only $120 million dollar fucking contract we have EVER signed with ANYONE in our history.  We need some of that money back so we can get more players so we can get back in the playoffs AGAIN you stupid fuck!”   And if ELITE manning doesn’t take kindly to those words then you tell him, “this season is a bust and it’s all YOUR FAULT!  You are not going to get injured throwing 30 or more interceptions because you can’t stop rapping with your brother in stupid FUCKING commercials in the OFF-SEASON when you should be working out and trying to become a better quarterback ! We are going for a HIGH draft pick and with that TOP 3 draft pick we are going to get a QUARTERBACK…maybe we throw some dollars under the table for JOHNNY football, I mean, the match fixer JOHNNY manziel.”  Oh hells fucking no! The new york STANKS, I mean, giants better NEVER even think about getting Johnny Manziel because FAKE-FUCK homeboy is NEVER going to play in the NFL.  My point is simple – get another QUARTERBACK so ELITE manning knows his days are numbered unless he plays like a real quarterback again! And if ELITE manning has a problem with my words then you can go tell him from me, “Go fucking jerk-OFF a-roid, I mean, alex Rodriguez you FUCKING white-boy team CANCER!”

This way ELITE manning knows the STANKS, I mean, the GIANTS are for real about their name and reputation AMONGST their loyal fans and will no longer be BULLIED around by a quarterback too selfish in his pursuit of making money instead of playing football any longer.  Just so you know, ELITE manning, “this ain’t your CITY – it’s OURS! And if you ain’t careful, I’ll bust out the ENERGIZER D BATTERIES us new york city fans are most FAMOUS for!  Yea, you know those batteries – the ones we love to pelt GREEDY BOGUS over-paid  athletes with – you greedy fuck!”

Ok! Let me STOP! I just took my blood pressure and it’s SKYROCKETING and that ain’t cool!

In Regards 2


Will be my new section that will reoccur throughout my blog where I, ALONE, am the fucking judge and fucking jury.  In this courtroom, I will be doling out the sentences like the new pope gives blessings to the poor in any way I feel fit. Guilt and/or innocence, facts, untruths, or whatever is of no concern to me in this section.  The only thing that matters is I get to say my PIECE about any person, subject matter, and/or topic that I choose – you feel me HOME-SLICE!

Dang! I need a cigarette real bad, FOR REALZ…but that ain’t going to happen. I will write a thousand (maybe 10,000) little mini blogs before I suck on the evil CANCER stick/lung dart.  I am NEVER going to say “NEVER” because, if I have learned one thing in the thousands of lives I have already lived so far in my ONE life, it’s that when one says, “I will never…” THIS IS the fastest and surest way for ONE to ALWAYS do what you never wanted to do again – that’s fact.  Alright, let me get back to the point about my new section “In Regards 2”…here are some quick examples:

In Regards 2 the ROYAL BABY


Make sure you pass this on to the QUEEN and the ROYAL FAMILY – I couldn’t give a FLYING FUCK about that forever lecherous and lazy ROYAL BABY…do you want to know why? …because that forever lecherous & lazy ROYAL BABY that was just born doesn’t and will NEVER give a flying fuck about ME. So, there you go!  But, don’t get me wrong now.  If the forever lecherous and lazy ROYAL BABY ever reads my words sometime in the future, and wants to change my attitudes towards him – the solution is very simple. Send me some big DOLLARS & then we can be BFFs…Yea right! Unfortunately for the forever lecherous and lazy ROYAL BABY, I don’t give a FUCK about MONEY so I don’t think my attitudes will ever change (notice how I didn’t use the word “NEVER”:)

 And if I don’t give a flying TURD about the forever lecherous and lazy ROYAL BABY, it goes without saying that I care even less about KIM KARDASHIAN’S & KAYNE WEST’S ever so ugly new born baby that we haven’t seen yet for unknown reasons.  @Kayne West…you are a one-hit LOSER alcoholic whose art suffers due to your denials about what is actually true about you – go get some help before you kill yourself in a blind raging BLACKOUT…@Kim Kardashian…I’ve seen you in real life and you are one GROSS lady whose eternal greed for money and fame makes you even more ugly than you TRULY already are in real life…my advice is to STOP pimping your life and your baby’s life for more DOLLARS…it will end in a most ugly FASHION that I promise.  To any all TV stations, radio stations, internet sites that profit from this horse manure of PRETEND-NEWS, know this – I turn the station instantly when I see or hear anything about these truly NO-BODY babies.

In Regards 2 Anthony Weiner


Hey Anthony! Yo, Weiner! Duuuuude! Just give it up in regards to trying to be MAYOR of New York City. I was born and raised in the city that never sleeps since 1966…I have lived through the GOOD and the BAD times of this truly beautiful but, at times, INSANE city…I am one of the few NEW YORKERS who can glide through all different kinds of neighborhoods whether they be filthy rich, middle class, poverty stricken, White, Black, Latino, Asian, and/or whatever because I “GOT it” like that. RESPECT for all is THE ONLY rule I follow and have always followed. “If I don’t know where you are from and you don’t know where I am from” that’s mutual respect for me. Unlike MOST AMERICANS or people on this planet who get threatened INSTATNLY by people who are different from them.  That is the MOST DANGEROUS way to live in my opinion. But hey! Who am I to question how others live on this planet. That’s none of my fucking business which is another common trait amongst true new yorkers.

But, let’s get back to the WEINER.  I am not going to vote for you not because YOU ARE a flasher who takes cock “SELFIES” and sends them to damaged, ugly younger women, or because you are a shameless LIAR who actually believes that you are more intelligent than all New Yorkers put together.  I am not VOTING FOR YOU because you are an Internet ADDICT probably high on some type of speed like ADDERRALL.  And as we all know, you can never trust an addict until he/she seeks the help that he/she so desperately needs WILLINGLY. Until then, all is a waste of complete time because addicts are very sick people who will do anything and everything to continue to be sick in order to continue living their lives of self-denial. And the first step TO recovery is complete HONESTY to yourself and all in your life. “You are as sick as your secrets” is the old but true saying and YOU, Anthony Weiner, have not been honest with yourself FIRST which means you will never be honest with the New York City voters.  Go get some fucking help Anthony, then get back to us.  And, Oh yea!  By the way! Just because you take VIAGRA and can bend your cock downwards when you have HARD-ON doesn’t make you “A BIG GUY” if you know what I mean – it just makes you look like SMALL-PENIS liar.

In Regards 2 War Criminal Dick Cheney


I will keep this one really short…PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE…WITH ALL THE SUGAR IN THE WORLD ON TOP..PRETTY PLEASE die already!  You are the very WORST thing that has EVER happened to this BEAUTIFUL planet and this WONDERFUL world WILL REJOICE when your fake, plastic heart malfunctions and you die.  KNOW THAT!