Pets And Politics

ffgrtis what I do…Pets – because everyone loves them…Yay!!! Politics – because everyone despises it…Booo!!!!  Let’s get out of the Middle East, heal our VETERANS, rebuild AMERICA, protect the HOMELAND, respect the MIDDLE CLASS, help the Poor, and get MONEY out of POLITICS.

“For we must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill, the eyes of all people are upon us; so that if we shall deal falsely with our God in this work we have undertaken, and so cause Him to withdraw His present help from us, we shall shame the faces of many of God’s worthy servants, and cause their prayers to be turned into curses…” – John Winthrop, aboard the Arbella, 1630


My Pooch Patiently Waiting To Take Her 3 Hour Super Bowl Walk

lexiThat’s my pooch LEXI…she’s waiting for me to come home so I can take her on our annual 3 hour walk during the Super Bowl..It’s an 8 year tradition that her and I share.  Nothing against the COMMERCIAL, I mean, SUPER BOWL..but I cannot sit in front of the TELEVISION for 5 straight hours watching one commercial after another…maybe I am ADHD, or ADD, and/or maybe I’m a BIRD with no feathers and I just don’t want to flock together with 100 million others

So, once again, I apologize to the NFL for the 8th straight year…But you will not be getting my eyeballs this evening…I’ll watch the highlights on espn while lexi and I share a slice of PIZZA together…. 🙂

Lucky Puppies Delight in Swimming Pool Pawty

SKINNY DIPPING time!!!!  This is hysterical…notice how the GREAT DANE keeps jumping into the SHALLOW SECTION of the pool….He won’t dare go into the deep section but keeps contemplating the plunge..and then says to himself, “Oh hells no…I’ll let all these other crazy dogs go into the deep section and I will just stay here!”

Walking The Dog + Texting = Not Cool

dogiicelaCome on HUMANS!!!  When walking the pooch…leave the “smart” phone in the pockets..if there’s an emergency, they’ll call you…If we ALL don’t make a stand against this very new and disturbing trend…our beloved pooches will have no choice but summons their inner-wolf and start looking at us like the picture below


Beware Criminals Because There Is A New Superman In Town

pic13648aDon’t say I did not WARN you CRIMINALS…if you commit the CRIME, you will be doing the TIME….because the new SUPERMAN is no JOKE…and he is for REAL!!! Unlike our PAST superman, this adorable SUPER HERO will MOST DEFINITELY take a REAL BITE out of CRIME…….So, make sure you have some extra DELICIOUS treats in your pockets CRIMINALS of the WORLD…it’s your ONLY hope…. 🙂

Sleepy Time!!!

coo20a“Ok guys!!!  Let’s try to keep the pre bed-time conversation to a minimum tonight alright!!! I had kinda of a rough day today…and to add insult to injury…I’m sleeping in the CARDBOARD box while you guys are about to enter SLUMBER-LAND on those extra-COMFY beds with those extra-SOFTY pillows under those extra-WARMY blankets…Plus, my food tasted a little STALE tonight but that’s neither here nor there…I just want to get a little SHUT-EYE tonight and not have to hear about that “CUTE” cashier at the supermarket one more time cause I’m so much cuter than her..AND finally…………


People Watching In New York City

poochie14So…it’s around 8:15 pm Saturday night (8/9/14)..I’m walking down 111th street between Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway on the Upper West Side in Manhattan…and, suddenly and out of nowhere, I get this incredibly strong feeling that someone is WATCHING me very intently….Do realize and do not get me wrong now…when it comes to PEOPLE-WATCHING, I am the ultimate JUDGE and JURY…meaning that I have no problems whatsoever when it comes to people watching me in New York City…It’s just that I want to know who’s doing the watching…

Anyway, as I am walking down 111th street and sense that INVISIBLE eyes are intently watching..I stop in my tracks and look around in order to BUST the culprit with the NOSEY eyes…and LOW & BEHOLD, I see this DAPPER and extra GOOD LOOKING fella sitting perfectly still in his window sill…At first glance, I thought it was a statue of a dog that some crazy New Yorker placed there for whatever crazy New York City reason they may have had…and I was like, “WTF! Someone has a statue of their dog and they place it on their window sill – crazy NEW YORKER!!!!”

And…it was at this point that this ADORABLE pooch sensed that I was onto him totally BUSTING him people watching…and, ever so slowly, the pooch began to SLINK backwards in his attempt to hide behind the ONE flower seen in the pic…I know THAT in this pooch’s mind…he believed that hiding and staying ABSOLUTELY and perfectly still behind that ONE FLOWER would make him invisible to all…It didn’t..But, I will give this DAPPER FELLA much credit tho…because he DID NOT flinch a centimeter when I kept asking her/him, “You want a TREAT!”…Now, that’s PEOPLE WATCHING in its purest form