My Pooch Patiently Waiting To Take Her 3 Hour Super Bowl Walk

lexiThat’s my pooch LEXI…she’s waiting for me to come home so I can take her on our annual 3 hour walk during the Super Bowl..It’s an 8 year tradition that her and I share.  Nothing against the COMMERCIAL, I mean, SUPER BOWL..but I cannot sit in front of the TELEVISION for 5 straight hours watching one commercial after another…maybe I am ADHD, or ADD, and/or maybe I’m a BIRD with no feathers and I just don’t want to flock together with 100 million others

So, once again, I apologize to the NFL for the 8th straight year…But you will not be getting my eyeballs this evening…I’ll watch the highlights on espn while lexi and I share a slice of PIZZA together…. 🙂


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