Handwriting On The Wall


“Peace is War….Slavery is Freedom…Strength is Ignorance”  Ministry Of The New Oil World Order

(Music from Pink Floyd “Just Another Brick In The Wall)…”We need EDUCATION…”(Music from Pink Floyd “Just Another Brick In The Wall)… “We need THOUGHT CONTROL….”(Music from Pink Floyd “Just Another Brick In The Wall)…”DARK SARCASM in the classroom….”(Music from Pink Floyd “Just Another Brick In The Wall)…”teacher DON’T leave them kids alone…”(Music from Pink Floyd “Just Another Brick In The Wall)…”hey teacher!!! DON’T leave them KIDS alone…”(Music from Pink Floyd “Just Another Brick In The Wall)…”All in all it’s just another HOLE in the WALL…”(Music from Pink Floyd “Just Another Brick In The Wall)…”All in all you’re just another HOLE in the WALL…”(Music from Pink Floyd “Just Another Brick In The Wall).  New Oil World Order’s Future Version Of Pink Floyd’s “Just Another Brick In The Wall

“When it’s all said and done, MOTHER NATURE will expose who the real TERRORISTS are…” realeyezlife


Living In A Down Side Up World


This is not POETRY…this is STREAM of CONSCIOUSNESS…from a COLLECTIVE consciousness..i AM not GOD..but GOD is in me…like he is in ALL of US….denying the SUPREME being is NOT fate but a CHOICE…a WRONG that many AMERICANS take pride in….this CHOICE of IGNORANCE is extremely PROFITABLE in the TIMES of NOW…but the CHOICE to praise the all-MIGHTY lord of PROFTS & WEALTH only STEALS every SHRED of HOPE from the BEAUTIFUL babies of our TOMORROW..

How can AMERICA lead when there is NOT one, single LEADER in OUR government?…this beautiful PLANET is DYING..dying RIGHT before our eyes…we ARE all responsible for putting our FAITH and HOPES and VOTES in BEINGS so UTTERLY hideous…who CONSTANTLY proclaim “AMERICA is GREAT (only for them)!”…

And, I ask..how CAN america BE great?…a COUNTRY that is responsible for DESTROYING this planet with its CONCEPTS of FREEDOM aka death, pollution, and GREED hidden behind a FAKE SYMBOL of FREEDOM – THE american FLAG…no COUNTRY can be GREAT that has PERFECTED the art of SERVING only to the INNER needs of OUR evilness that is within US all….greed IS not GOOD, it’s a CANCER…but in AMERICA, it’s the DREAM…

The SUMMER of 2014 will be one to REMEMBER forever…not BECAUSE it will be in THE NEWS..but because this SUMMER will be the ADVENT of SOMETHING truly HORRIBLE that will DEEPLY impact us ALL…this IMPACT will be EXTREMELY negative…and LETHAL…i.e. drought, wild fires, famine, rising sea levels brought about by CLIMATE CHANGE and, EVEN worse, MORE senseless GUN VIOLENCE from hands of cowardly american LUNATICS legally ARMED to the teeth…IT will be AT this very MOMENT, that we all realize THE 2ND COMING of JESUS our SAVIOR has already come AND gone..INc. GOD we TRUST…

Move over Jesus…the devil RESIDES in america…and PROUDLY so…BILLIONS will DIE in the NEXT one hundred YEARS…by the VERY tools AMERICA has created AND perfected…disease, famine, war, climate change, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, by america’s symbol of FREEDOM & #1 export aka GUNS…these BILLIONS of innocents that will perish in our near future will DIE in VAIN, I mean, in the NAME of GREED for the VERY few…AND this will BE done ON purpose…and then, started ALL OVER again….in ORDER to feed THE TRULY evil beast otherwise KNOWN as the %1ers..whose EVILNESS has no BOUNDS in THEIR attempt to create THEIR ideal NEW WORLD ORDER –  a world where SOCIALISM is only FOR the BAD APPLES of AMERICA and communism is for the REST…

THE so-called CHRISTIANS in WASHINGTON have stolen this BEAUTIFUL planet’s INNOCENCE..and have REPLACED it with THE FANGS of ETERNAL GREED…this WILL only lead to the RETURN of the AGE of the PAGAN gods….who are ALREADY UPON us….brought about by our TECHNOLOGY whose only GOAL is to spread IGNORANCE, FALSE-TRUTHS, divisions by mulitplication, and their concept of THEIR WORLD ORDER..a TRULY void WORLD where POLITICAL CORRECTNESS only BREEDS hatred for OUR fellow human beings

The choice in regards to OUR FUTURE is very simple…because AMERICA “the ungreat” has left us ONLY two choices…

Choice #1…find and start praying that THE PAGAN gods of OUR PAST are real…and THEN hope (if they are REAL) that THEY listen to OUR prayers..especially the SUN and OCEAN gods…BECAUSE, as we all know from OUR prehistoric past, the BEST way to rid SCUM from our PLANET is EXTREMELY simple…OVERHEAT, then RINSE with SALT-WATER, and then FREEZE…in that order…

Choice #2…kick the FUCKING brood of VIPERS and HEATHENS out of WASHINGTON by consuming less in EVERY sense of the WORD…this will MOST definitely get the ATTENTION of the CORPORATIONS that now OWN our government..which, IRONICALLY, will only LEAVE these UNPATRIOTIC and truly TREASONOUS corporations two choices…CHANGE or GO fucking BANKRUPT..

AND always REMEMBER…. generations not NATIONS (and never CORPORATIONS) will be OUR only SALVATION… repealing CITIZENS united and TERM limits for all in WASHINGTON will be our first BABY steps IN the right DIRECTION. Lets get TO WORK…

GOD bless the BEAUTIFUL people of THIS PLANET because SATAN has CURSED washington

If Everyone In America Had A WordPress Page Instead Of A Facebook Or Twitter Page, This World Would Be A Better Place For All


And the REASON for this is SO very simple…Having a WORDPRESS page means you actually HAVE to have a functioning BRAIN…meaning you have to actually be able to READ and WRITE….Any demo-monkey of an AMERICAN can COPY and PASTE links or take SELFIES…this WE already KNOW…THERE is a MOST definite reason WHY america is a SUPER POWER in rapid DECLINE…and NO LONGER the SHINING beacon of DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM, and HOPE…and that REASON is IGNORANCE, SELFISHNESS, and NARCISSISM…which all go HAND in HAND…spoon fed to US by our GOVERNMENT and the CORPORATIONS that own it.

There is a WAR going on AMERICA…it’s a war between the STUPID vs the INTELLIGENT…and unfortunately AMERICA, the STUPID are winning. “WHY?” do you ask? Very simple…the corporations and the U.S. government they own are on the side OF the STUPID…ignorance only BREEDS two outcomes…immense WEALTH for the %1ers and A NATION of SLAVES..or, in other words, the NEW WORLD ORDER.

So, I say, “Let the ignorants STAY on sites like SLAVE-FACE-BOOK and/or STANK-CLITTER.com”….this way, when the SHIT hits THE FAN for these RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, the IGNORANTS of AMERICA…they will realize it DOES not TAKE a rocket-scientist to look INTO their OWN mirrors AND see why THEY have nothing in their TRULY meaningless lives other than THEIR simple PASSWORDS to login into their favorite SITES of IGNORANCE and SELFISHNESS.

Shiiiiiiiiit! The more I think about it, the more I realize that NOT everyone IN america should HAVE a WORDPRESS page…just the thought of having to see an endless array of SELFIES from STUPID americans who can barely read and write and/or having to read what some IDIOT had for breakfast or what shitty CHINESE-MADE PRODUCT they purchased from A treasonous AMERICAN CORPORATION….makes me TRULY cringe…


The New World Order And The Declaration Of Their Independence


“We hold these truths to be SELF-EVIDENT, that all men are created UNEQUALLY, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable RIGHTS, that among these are DEATH, SLAVERY and the PURSUIT of DESTROYING planet EARTH. That to secure these RIGHTS, MEN are instituted among GOVERNMENTS, deriving their UNJUST powers from the consent of the %1er. That whenever any FORM of DISSENT from THE PEOPLE becomes DESTRUCTIVE of these ENDS, it is the RIGHT of the %1er to ALTER or ABOLISH it, and to INSTITUTE a new group of SLAVES/CITIZENS, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to guarantee their (the %1ers) their PROFTIS, SAFETY, and HAPPINESS.”

WAKE UP and OPEN YOUR EYEZ america!!! Phase One of Wall Street’s invisible COUP D’ETAT of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT has ALMOST been accomplished without a single drop of bloodshed….All that was required was to DOLE out many, many, many and many more SUITCASES full of INSIDER TRADING information/advice and guaranteed RE-ELECTION victories to our BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republican and democrat POLITICIANS. As we all already know, bill “INTERNET BUBBLE” clinton got the ball rolling when he REPEALED the GLASS STEAGALL act in 1999. This was followed by WAR CRIMINAL george “LET’S BANKRUPT AMERICA” bush jr. by starting 2 bogus WARS of CHOICE for PERSONAL GREED so that THE PATRIOT ACT could be passed…which brings us to president Barack “I’ll Approve The Keystone And Will Not Close Guantanamo Bay” Obama – the perfect SYMBOL to trick THE PEOPLE into BAILING OUT the SCUM of wall street so that CITIZENS UNITED could be SNEAKED in thru the BACK-DOOR in 2010. And finally, the future ELECTION VICTORY of the first FEMALE president HILLARY CLINTON in 2016 will be the finishing TOUCH to phase ONE of this BLOODLESS coup from THE cold, scummy HANDS of WALL STREET.

The %1ERS have PROVEN, once and for all, that there is AN IMMENSE profit in HISTORY repeating ITSELF. This is PHASE two of the NEW WORLD ORDER with a NEW wrinkle….The New World Order will first use oil & pollution to choke the planet a very slow & painful DEATH as they allow the HUMAN POPULATION to explode in the name of MORE PERSONAL PROFITS thru their MONOPOLIES/CORPORATIONS. As the planet’s resources become more and more scarce, I mean, in DEMAND, the %1ERS already IMMENSE wealth will expand exponentially a BILLION fold…And when the HUMAN POPULATION becomes TOO large as to make these GREEDY & IMMORAL a-holes nervous…it will be EXACTLY at this moment that TRICKS of old (disease and war) will be UNLEASHED upon the PEOPLE…as well as the NEW and ULTIMATELY most dangerous WEAPON of all TIME…the RISING sea levels and ever increasingly POWERFUL storms and inclement weather brought about by CLIMATE CHANGE from the DIRTY & POLLUTED hands of THE OIL INDUSTRY. Phase Three…SOCIALISM for the %1, COMMUNISM for THE REST.

Let’s take some of their PROFITS away by SPEAKING up, ORGANIZING and CONSUMING less america! We are 5% of the WORLD’S population who consumes and wastes 30% of the world’s RESOURCES. We have become FROZEN in time (to the detriment of the MAJORITY and the prosperity of the VERY few) but I have confidence that our MOMENT OF CLARITY is close at hand because it will be the BEAUTY within our GENERATIONS, not in our NATIONS and never in our CORPORATIONS that will be OUR only SALVATION. The ETERNAL optimist in me says, “LET’S MAKE LIFE BEAUTIFUL AGAIN and then let’s DIE!”… Let’s do this not for ourselves BUT for our beautiful children, grand children and great grand children.





This planet is ONE man-made DISASTER away from the NEW WORLD ORDER which means THE 2ND COMING will most DEFINITELY be AMERICAN-MADE. Be READY folks because within the NEXT 20 years…BILLIONS of PEOPLE will DIE the most horrible death imaginable so that the remaining SURVIVORS will be so TERRIFIED that they will have no choice but to ACCEPT the NEW WORLD ORDER. And, as BUGS BUNNY always USED to SAY,

Generations Not Nations Will Be Our Salvation


At some point in our very near future, MOTHER NATURE will challenge the beautiful people on this PLANET like never before seen in our HISTORY.  We will be confronted with an EXTREMELY simple CHOICE to make.  Will we REALIZE that this whole NATION-STATE thing that has been ruling this planet for the past 2,000 years or so is not ONLY truly ignorant; but also, extremely dangerous to all beautiful, innocent children all over this globe (MANKIND’S FUTURE).  Or, will we realize that WE are all BROTHERS from different MOTHERS and SISTERS from different FATHERS who are all EQUAL in GOD’S or THIS PLANET’S eyes.

 Never ever FORGET – the purpose of any and all governments has been, is, and will always be TO DIVDE people from people.  The answer to all of our problems is very simple.  Use today’s technology (the Internet) and contact someone from your GENERATION (whether you are a baby boomer, gen Xer, Yer, Millennial, etc. does not make a difference) from another nation – then ask each other one simple question, “Do you love children?”

 The most beautiful IRONY in life TODAY is that 99% of this planet will answer “YES! I love children) and  %1 will BLATANTLY LIE and say, “Of course I love children!” Those 2 simple words “Of course” will be said from the mouths of PEOPLE from GOVERNMENTS who despise children BUT truly LOVE slaves.

So, please allow me to read the OUR very near future.  As resources on this planet become more and more scarce, more and more children will die a MOST HORRIBLE DEATH (from starvation & war) as GOVERNMENTS praise themselves more and more as the solution to VERY problems THEY HAVE CREATED.  This will force a brief moment of CLARITY in history that will unify PEOPLES across this BEAUTIFUL planet who will then initiate a MOVEMENT that will lead to a ONE DAY global FAST (abstaining from food & water) amonst all peace loving people across this planet.  Once this happens and it will – it will become a BRAVE new world.  The current ignorant %1ers (governments included) that are currently destroying this planet with their GLOBAL GAME OF MONOPLY have all forgotten the most IMPORTANT RULE of the game MONOPOLY – when one person/a  small group of people (the %1ers)  have all the MONEY, it’s fucking GAME OVER.