The Cowardization Of America


Honest to GOD america…during the past 3 days I was in the middle of writing a BLOG titled, “TOO MANY DAYS HAVE PASSED IN AMERICA WITHOUT A SENSELESS ACT OF GUN VIOLENCE”…and then I wake up this morning….and what do I see on ALL the NEWS…a truly HORRIFYING act of SENSELESS gun VIOLENCE in VIRGINIA…

That being said…allow me to get to my main point…America does not have a GUN problem…It has A cowardly AMERICAN males (of all races) WITH guns PROBLEM..and, GUNS do not KILL…COWARDLY american MALES (of all races) with GUNS kill…

The COWARDIZATION (I just created a NEW word) of AMERICA is real…It is the cancer and THE CURSE of present day AMERICA…

And…if AMERICAN MALES (of all races) do not START growing REAL testicules REALLY, REALLY, REALLY fast…you can KISS this once great country and democracy forever GOOD-BYE…

Recognition is HALF the BATTLE…100% honesty to ONESELF is the other HALF…

@all american males with GUNS in america…go to your MIRROR and look deep and hard into your face…and ASK YOURSELF why you own a GUN?  Is it BECAUSE you are afraid of other COWARDS with GUNS in AMERICA?  If this is your answer, then I TRULY feel for you because you HAVE become the COWARD you fear so much.

I blame ONE PERSON for the COWARDIZATION of AMERICA….and his NAME is STUPID CUNT wayne lapierrewaynebabyPrior to this TRUE american COWARD becoming the HEAD of the NRA in 1991….acts of SENELESS gun violence that we continue to see every month DID NOT exist….

After becoming head of the NRA…truly horrible events like WACO, OKLAHOMA CITY, COLUMBINE, and I can go on and on and on and on and on and on….with one truly tragic event after another involving an AMERICAN COWARD/S with a GUN/S…..until my head spins off…AS examples of the COWARDIZATION of america…

America’s NEWS organizations and POLITICIANS have ALSO become cowards FOR they have become physically INCAPABLE of telling THE AMERICAN PEOPLE a sliver of truth EVER…all in the NAME of EASY PROFITS

The 2nd Amendment gives ALL AMERICANS the right to BEAR arms..but, no where does it say that COWARDS have the RIGHT to BEAR arms…

America SERIOUSLY needs to take a long, hard look at the cowardization of the AMERICAN MALE…We need to isolate them to the POINT where we might HAVE to create a temporary 51st STATE – where all COWARDLY AMERICAN MALES who LOVE guns will be FORCED to live in with their cowardly BRETHREN…I say, “temporary” because within 2 years….95% of the COWARDLY AMERICAN MALES with GUNS in the 51st STATE will all be SHOT to DEATH by their COWARDLY 51st STATE brethren…which will PROVE that the COWARDIZATION of the AMERICAN MALE is REAL….


The Lie, I Mean, The Straw That Will Break The Middle Class, I Mean, The Camel’s Back

topp1If I recall correctly, I do not remember ONE TIME that president obama mentioned one utterance about passing treasonous fast track trade deals i.e. the trans-pacific-partnership in either his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaign runs

If I recall correctly, I vividly remember the “WE HATE OBAMA” republicans (practically all of them) CONSTANTLY vowing to an ENTIRE world that they would try to block and/or stop EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that our muslim born, socialist president tries to pass in his attempt to “DESTROY AMERICA”.

If I recall correctly, I precisely remember president obama continuously demanding that WASHINGTON needs to pass an INFRASTRUCTURE bill in order to rebuild america’s CRUMBLING infrastructure and how INFRASTRUCTURE spending would CREATE millions of JOBS that would help AMERICA pull itself out of the GREAT RECESSION..

If I recall correctly, I precisely remember the “WE HATE OBAMA” republicans blocking president obama’s every attempt to pass an INFRASTRUCTURE spending bill…all the while spewing their same OLD GARBAGE about TRICKLE DOWN as a means of creating AMERICAN jobs…

For all the reasons above, I will NEVER vote republican and/or democrat EVER again..I will vote 3rd party ONLY…and if there isn’t a 3rd party in america for a long time (due to citizens united) then I guess I won’t be voting for a long time..

I will no longer VOTE against hard-working AMERICANS ever again regardless of what lying party is in POWER..simply because it has BECOME obvious to all that BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES in AMERICA only have one political AGENDA – their BLINDING GREED…I mean, the “WE HATE OBAMA” republicans had the PERFECT opportunity to protect the HARD WORKING american middle class not SEEN since the DAYS of REAGAN..and what do these fools do???  THEY PASS obama’s treasonous FAST-TRACK tpp TRADE DEAL…even more insulting was the fact that OBAMA and the DEMOCRATS didn’t even have the common decency to try to ATTACH an INFRASTRUCTURE bill to that HORRIBLE TRADE DEAL that will LITERALLY ship millions of AMERICAN JOBS overseas…

AMERICAN corporations like NIKE and/or APPLE should be BOYCOTTED relentlessly for one SIMPLE reason…they DO NOT make ONE SINGLE PRODUCT in america..NOT ONE!!!!  I mean, at the very LEAST, try to PRETEND that you care about AMERICA and hard working AMERICANS who purchase YOUR chinese-made PRODUCTS…

Have american corporations like these and their political allies in WASHINGTON (both parties) have become so BLINDED by their unpatriotic GREED that they cannot COMPREHEND that having ONE MANUFACTURING PLANT in AMERICA that builds 1,000 APPLE “smart” PHONES and/or NIKE “sneakers” might be a “GOOD IDEA”…just for APPEARANCES sake..Obviously NOT!!!

Is it any wonder why the IDIOTS in WASHINGTON are so SURPRISED by the rise of BERNIE SAUNDERS and DONALD TRUMP in their RESPECTIVE parties????  Is it a SHOCK to anyone WHY our LYING, corporate owned media cannont COMPREHEND what DONALD TRUMP is saying…

Get your popcorn FOLKS!

Because when it takes THE DONALD to do the job OUR politicians and OUR media should be doing (discussing TOPICS that AMERICANS deem IMPORTANT i.e. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, OUR BRAVE VETERANS, AMERICAN JOBS, HORRIBLE TRADE DEALS, etc…THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION is going to get REAL, REAL INTERESTING really, really FAST..

On one side, you will have the DEMOCRATS catering to their far-left FRINGE…on the other side, you will have the REPUBLICANS catering to their far-right FRINGE…and, THE DONALD catering to the MIDDLE…Long story short, the NEXT election will be THE FIRST ELECTION in a VERY, VERY LONG time that BOTH the republican and democratic PARTIES will NOT be able to have THEIR CAKE and EAT IT too..and THAT’S A GOOD THING

In Regards To American Sniper, I’m Still Waiting For Hollywood To Produce “The United States Should Have Never Started The Iraq War” Movie

smokeybuildLet’s play PRETEND for a couple of seconds AND see where it takes us..

#1. Let’s pretend that AMERICANS have a FUNCTIONING brain…

#2. Let’s pretend that the U.S. media actually believes in DUE DILIGENCE.. i.e. our news organizations/corporations and their reporters actually doing their jobs by providing the TRUTH

#3. Let’s pretend that we DO NOT have a GOVERNMENT that is INCAPABLE of EVER telling the truth to its citizens…

we’d all REALEYEZ that IRAQ had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the DREADFUL attacks that OCCURRED on that TRULY tragic day on SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2001…

Which would mean:

#1. The LIVES of more than 5,000 truly BRAVE american SOLDIERS would NOT have been lost.

#2. More than 32,226 truly BRAVE american SOLDIERS would NOT have been maimed and/or injured as a result of the IRAQ WAR (and let’s be 100% honest and admit that the 32,226 injured soldiers is a GROSS under-estimate provided by guess WHO?…our LYING government)

#3. More than 250,000 (also grossly under-estimated) innocent IRAQI lives (women and children ALWAYS included) would not have been LOST.  And, I am not even going to mention the 100’s of thousands of INNOCENTS maimed and/or injured…

#4. The more than 3 TRILLION DOLLARS (when it’s all said and done) of AMERICAN TAXPAYERS’ hard-earned money that would NOT have been SPENT in an unnecessary WAR that has ONLY created a permanent ASSEMBLY-LINE of  jihadist terrorists FROM the middle east for generations to come.

AND FINALLY and most importantly…

#5. Chris Kyle (the american sniper) would STILL be ALIVE today simply because he would NEVER have been killed by a FELLOW american SOLDIER suffering form POST TRAUMATIC STRESS SYNDROME as a result of the IRAQ WAR.

Which brings me back to my MAIN point…IRAQ HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2001..

Which means the life and death of CHRIS KYLE is nothing more than the proverbial representation of THE MIRROR america REFUSES to look into – for it exposes us as the true PARIAHS that we have ALL become as americans

“A country that puts PROFITS before PEOPLE will ALWAYS fail…” realeyezlife yo

Citizens United Has Best Friends Forever Republicans And Democrats Singing Their Favorite Song Again For 2016 Elections

“I used to think that MONEY was the root of all evil…then I realized I was wrong…Washington is the ROOT of all EVIL because they PRINT all the money…” realeyezlife

While the honest, hard-working MIDDLE CLASS of AMERICA continues to ask, “What we can do for our COUNTRY?..” the TREASONOUS %1ers ask, “Since we own all those CORRUPT politicians, what can WASHINGTON do for ME?…”

Grow a BRAIN already AMERICA!!!  PROFITS before PEOPLE is the complete ANTITHESIS of DEMOCRACY.  If you think for EVEN one SPLIT second that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats care about your vote….well then, YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MIND…

Washington does NOT care about OR need your vote….they NEED your subservience to their CORRUPT version of DEMOCRACY..or, IN OTHER WORDS,



AND, be quiet

*I hope you DIG the little video I created 🙂 🙂

Coming To America…With Ebola

ebolas1Hey America!  There’s a new movie coming to a theater near you; and it’s called “Coming To America…with Ebola.”  And no!!!  This movie is not a comedy starring Eddie Murphy and Arensio Hall…This movie will be a REAL-LIFE documentary about how Washington (our current treasonous government) will try to continue brainwashing AMERICANS into thinking that protecting WASHINGTON’S oil INTERESTS in the MIDDLE EAST are far more important than saving AMERICANS from dying a MOST horrible death from the HANDS of the EBOLA virus…

How Do You Know When An American Politician Is Lying?

lies203When his or her lips start moving…and, I hate to say this…but they are all liars…and, we are all HERE to serve them…and, more of our TAX dollars will be spent on creating more terrorists who hate america in the MIDDLE EAST so that more future generations of AMERICANS will become bankrupt…So, in a nutshell….when you see an american politician’s lips moving, it’s time to change the channel because you know they are lying…This country needs a 3rd party,  and it needs ONE very soon..Best friends forever republicans and democrats know this and is the reason why our ELECTIONS are always a CHOICE between 2 TERRIBLE choices…because they are one and the same party who take turns wearing the “BAD GUY” cap whose only purpose is to CIRCLE THE WAGONS on the IGNORANCE and HYPOCRISY of the AMERICAN people

The REAL enemy to BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats is not the MUSLIM terrorists in the MIDDLE EAST…it’s a STRONG middle CLASS in AMERICA…and, it’s for this REASON alone..why BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats constantly START wars in the MIDDLE EAST…Give america’s POLITICIANS credit where credit is due..they have CREATED the PERFECT boogeyman in the MIDDLE EAST…whose only purpose is to ROB the middle class of AMERICA into BANKRUPTCY for generations to come

The Barbarians In Washington And The U.S. Media Trying To Brainwash America That ISIS Is More Barbaric


Hmmmmm….I pose this very simple question…WHO do you consider more barbaric….War criminals Bush jr. and Prick Cheney starting a BOGUS war of CHOICE in conjunction with our TRULY ignorant Congress controlled by the DEMOCRATS at that time…that killed upwards of 200,000 innocent Iraqi citizens (probably more but we will never know thanks to our LYING media that brainwashed us in the FIRST PLACE), more than 5,000 American brave soldiers (I’m not even going to mention the 10s of THOUSANDS maimed and/or injured), with a cost of 4 to 6 trillion DOLLARS when it’s all said and done to be paid for by U.S. taxpayers…ALL CENTERED AROUND A COMPLETE LIE placed on the FRONT PAGES of our CORPORATE OWNED, LYING MEDIA about WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION with a COUNTRY that had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the tragedy of 9/11……and, I am not even going to mention the fact that WAR CRIMINALS bush jr and prick cheney and the democrat party BARBARIANS who controlled CONGRESS at the time BANNED the LYING U.S MEDIA from taking PICTURES and/or VIDEOS of dead, BRAVE american soldiers coming back home in caskets.


A terrorist group named ISIS (that was created after and in response to the BOGUS war of CHOICE that was started by war criminals bush jr. and prick cheney, the barbarians of the democrat party who controlled congress, and the SHEER ignorance of the american PEOPLE at the particular moment in HISTORY) who have stolen AMERICAN weapons and USED those very AMERICAN weapons (PAID FOR BY THE U.S. TAXPAYER) to put themselves in a position to be able to BEHEAD an american journalist who was COMPLETELY aware of the DANGERS surrounding him in the MIDDLE EAST knowing full well that AMERICA does not NEGOTIATE with terrorist groups (especially ones POSSESSING american weapons)..all in FRONT of a camera

In regards to who is MORE barbaric….I’ll let you decide..As far as I am CONCERNED though – It’s a DRAW…until ISIS kills more than 200,000 innocent MUSLIMS, more than 5,000 BRAVE, american SOLDIERS, maims and/or injures 100s of thousands of INNOCENTS as well as 10s of thousands of U.S. soldiers, steals more than 4 to 6 trillion dollars from the U.S. TAXPAYERS, and BANS the PRESS from doing their JOBS…I think this answer is RATHER obvious…but THAT’S just me…Here’s another thing I think…that the CURRENT war criminals in Washington and OUR MILITARY COMPLEX (not the SOLDIERS but THE LEADERS) and our LYING MEDIA are using the SEVERED HEAD of an american JOURNALIST to MISSION-CREEP us back into IRAQ paid for by the U.S. TAXPAYER in order to feed their INSATIABLE greed for more PERSONAL profit and power under the guise of DEMOCRACY at THE EXPENSE of the U.S TAXPAYER and INNOCENT civilians…or, in other words, AND once again – It’s COIN-FLIPPING time in WASHINGTON again – it’s HEADS!!!!! WASHINGTON and the U.S. MILITARY COMPLEX wins…OR, it’s TAILS and WE THE PEOPLE lose

And, as far as I am concerned…THIS IS UTTERLY REVOLTING….I mean, does WASHINGTON, the U.S. MILITARY COMPLEX, and our LYING MEDIA have no SHAME whatsoever? I guess not