The Cowardization Of America


Honest to GOD america…during the past 3 days I was in the middle of writing a BLOG titled, “TOO MANY DAYS HAVE PASSED IN AMERICA WITHOUT A SENSELESS ACT OF GUN VIOLENCE”…and then I wake up this morning….and what do I see on ALL the NEWS…a truly HORRIFYING act of SENSELESS gun VIOLENCE in VIRGINIA…

That being said…allow me to get to my main point…America does not have a GUN problem…It has A cowardly AMERICAN males (of all races) WITH guns PROBLEM..and, GUNS do not KILL…COWARDLY american MALES (of all races) with GUNS kill…

The COWARDIZATION (I just created a NEW word) of AMERICA is real…It is the cancer and THE CURSE of present day AMERICA…

And…if AMERICAN MALES (of all races) do not START growing REAL testicules REALLY, REALLY, REALLY fast…you can KISS this once great country and democracy forever GOOD-BYE…

Recognition is HALF the BATTLE…100% honesty to ONESELF is the other HALF…

@all american males with GUNS in america…go to your MIRROR and look deep and hard into your face…and ASK YOURSELF why you own a GUN?  Is it BECAUSE you are afraid of other COWARDS with GUNS in AMERICA?  If this is your answer, then I TRULY feel for you because you HAVE become the COWARD you fear so much.

I blame ONE PERSON for the COWARDIZATION of AMERICA….and his NAME is STUPID CUNT wayne lapierrewaynebabyPrior to this TRUE american COWARD becoming the HEAD of the NRA in 1991….acts of SENELESS gun violence that we continue to see every month DID NOT exist….

After becoming head of the NRA…truly horrible events like WACO, OKLAHOMA CITY, COLUMBINE, and I can go on and on and on and on and on and on….with one truly tragic event after another involving an AMERICAN COWARD/S with a GUN/S…..until my head spins off…AS examples of the COWARDIZATION of america…

America’s NEWS organizations and POLITICIANS have ALSO become cowards FOR they have become physically INCAPABLE of telling THE AMERICAN PEOPLE a sliver of truth EVER…all in the NAME of EASY PROFITS

The 2nd Amendment gives ALL AMERICANS the right to BEAR arms..but, no where does it say that COWARDS have the RIGHT to BEAR arms…

America SERIOUSLY needs to take a long, hard look at the cowardization of the AMERICAN MALE…We need to isolate them to the POINT where we might HAVE to create a temporary 51st STATE – where all COWARDLY AMERICAN MALES who LOVE guns will be FORCED to live in with their cowardly BRETHREN…I say, “temporary” because within 2 years….95% of the COWARDLY AMERICAN MALES with GUNS in the 51st STATE will all be SHOT to DEATH by their COWARDLY 51st STATE brethren…which will PROVE that the COWARDIZATION of the AMERICAN MALE is REAL….


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