Maru & Hana Relaxed On The Hammock

Ha! I love these cats 🙂


What The Expletive!!!

whattheA raccoon riding on the back of an alligator?  Am I hallucinating? How can I be? It’s been about a decade since I last ate some trippy mushrooms!!  And, about 12 years since I tripped on some LSD..perhaps, it’s one of those flashbacks they always talk about in regards to dropping the ACID.

Okay, Okay..have to be 100% honest here…if anyone wants to see me run faster for the hills than the fastest Iraqi soldier when seeing American made ISIS with American weapons coming their way…then send these 2 trouble makers my way…Because…all I am going to say is, “if this is how nature is  adapting..then we are all in trouble!!”  I mean, am I going to have to worry about pythons flying on the backs of eagles now?

My Pooch Patiently Waiting To Take Her 3 Hour Super Bowl Walk

lexiThat’s my pooch LEXI…she’s waiting for me to come home so I can take her on our annual 3 hour walk during the Super Bowl..It’s an 8 year tradition that her and I share.  Nothing against the COMMERCIAL, I mean, SUPER BOWL..but I cannot sit in front of the TELEVISION for 5 straight hours watching one commercial after another…maybe I am ADHD, or ADD, and/or maybe I’m a BIRD with no feathers and I just don’t want to flock together with 100 million others

So, once again, I apologize to the NFL for the 8th straight year…But you will not be getting my eyeballs this evening…I’ll watch the highlights on espn while lexi and I share a slice of PIZZA together…. 🙂

Contrast And Compare


Oranges and Apples….and then…this utterly ADORABLE little PIGGIE and this UTTERLY despicable HUMAN BEING otherwise known as an UNITED STATES politician who, LITERALLY, still takes pride in EVERYTHING that is so CURRENTLY wrong with AMERICA since the turn of the NEW millennium…how can america be GREAT when every single politician in WASHINGTON is SO despicably FAKE…flanked by an ARMY of scumbags, I mean, LOBBYISTS who DESPISE america so that they can FEED their insatiable hunger for even more MONEY and POWER…

Despite what the DRIVEN 4 PROFITS united states DEPARTMENT of agriculture and their evil LOBBYISTS says….eating more VEGETABLES and FRUITS will NOT only prevent your body from being A TOMB for adorably cute animals like the LITTLE baby piglet above…but it will ALSO..and, most IMPORTANTLY…delay your own eventual demise and placement into your own future TOMB….or, in other words…you will be MUCH more healthy which means you will be much more HAPPY 🙂


“If man wants freedom why keep birds and animals in cages?  Truly man is the king of beasts, for his brutality exceeds them.  We live by the death of others.  We are burial places!  I have since an early age abjured the use of meat” Leonardo Da Vinci