Omfg Now I Have To Worry About Getting Mowed Down By A Blind Man WIth A Legal Gun When I Am In Iowa


Mental Note To Myself:  NEVER go to Iowa ever again and NEVER spend another damn, red penny on anything ever MADE and/or FROM Iowa ever again.  And, it goes without saying, all my 10,000 and growing Facebook friends will follow suit.  I mean, we are already ALL boycotting NRA and any and all businesses related to the NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS in this country so this won’t be difficult either.  This is yet another perfect example of how our so-called DEFENDERS of OUR FREEDOMS, I mean, all you 2nd Amendment lovers, the NRA, and the GUN MANUFACTURERS of this country have become the TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT that our founding fathers feared so much.  Don’t get me wrong now – I don’t anything against blind people whatsoever; but by allowing blind people to legally pack heat (carry guns) in Iowa perfectly ILLUSTRATES the truly corrupting impact and influence that money has in POLITICS.  IT IS OBVIOUS that this law was passed due to the strong arming, I mean, bribing, I mean, lobbying of NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS in the state of Iowa.  It also highlights just how corrupt some of our politicians who constantly claim to be against CORPORATE PERSONHOOD but always seem to have a huge brown bag filled with CASH underneath their desks.

 If I have said this once, I have said a trillion times to all legal gun owners in America, “BUY & KEEP ALL THE GUNS YOU WANT BUT GET FUCK OUT OF THE STRONG ARMING, I mean, BRIBING, I mean, LOBBYING BUSINESS.  You idiots can no longer pretend to be patriotic hiding behind the AMERICAN FLAG & the 2ND AMENDMENT while you selfish assholes sit idly by as the NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS spread their cancer and sell our freedoms for pennies on the dollar.  Do you understand what I am saying!  It’s very simple!  Corporate personhood via LOBBYING by corrupt, corporate LOBBYISTS are destroying this country – not guns or responsible legal gun owners.  And being that the NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS of America created the PLAYBOOK on how to correctly corrupt our politicians and political system, other corrupt CORPORATIONS and INDUSTIRES like, for example, WALL STREET say to themselves, “Hey! If Americans are truly THIS stupid and ignorant…Why don’t we STRONG-ARM, I mean, BRIBE, I mean, LOBBY our greedy and corrupt politicians so that we can get more of the AMERICAN PIE just like the NRA & GUN MANUFACTURERS do!”

 So, let’s play PRETEND again…Let’s say I am a bad guy with no money in Iowa but I want to get my hands on a GUN.  Here’s all I would have to do in order to obtain my gun.  First things first, I would burn on a cheap Compact Disc my voice screaming, “hey you BLIND MOTHERFUCKER…give me all your fucking MONEY before I put some LUMPS on your head!”  I would then put that CD with my voice on it in a cheap BOOM BOX that I stole a few days ago and then put that cheap boom box in my barely working car that I ALSO stole a few days ago.  I would then go to the nearest gun store and/or gun show and patiently wait for a blind man to enter and then leave with a brand new firearm he just purchased.  I would then follow the blind man home and when he was about 20 feet from his door I would put down my cheap BOOM BOX with my CD in it and press play.  Suddenly, The blind man would hear, “hey you BLIND MOTHERFUCKER…give me all your fucking MONEY before I put some LUMPS on your head!”  The blind man who just purchased his legal firearm would abruptly turn around and then start shooting in order to save his life.  Naturally, he’d probably hit some innocent people (not me because I would be laying on the ground to the side of him) in the vicinity because the poor guy is FUCKING BLIND and would unload in the direction of the boom box with my recorded voice on it.  It would be at this point that the blind man would hear my voice saying, “Close but no cigar dude!!!  And, by the way, you just shot your next door neighbor mowing his lawn across the street you stupid ASS blind fuck!”  Then I would calmly grab his gun (I wouldn’t even have to push him to the ground – how easy is that) and take off yelling, “look who has a brand new motherfucking GUN now!”

 Or, if I just was a lazy bad guy in search of a GUN, I would follow a blind man home from a gun show and/or gun store and wait until it was dark.  Once it was dark, I would just break into his home and repeat above and guess who would have, “a brand new motherfucking gun now?”  BINGO! You answered correctly – ME the bad guy!  So, until you ignorant fools grow half a fucking BRAIN and a quarter set of fucking BALLS and stand up THE CORPORATE PERSONHOOD whores of the NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS who are corrupting our politicians and government, I can proudly say that “guns are for punks who are afraid of other punks with guns” – it’s really that simple! And, if you could just admit to this simple fact, half of the gun control crowd would instantly disappears! Until this happens, then you are “THE TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT” our founding fathers never wanted in our country in the first place.  So, keep killing each other STUPID AMERICANS…it’s the AMERICAN way!


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