I Wish You All A Merry Made In China And India Christmas


I am done complaining and preaching about the change I refuse to become!  I have finally learned the most valuable lesson in life – “ALL TALK & NO ACTION” is AMERICANS favorite slogan.  So, this year (2013 A.D.) the ONLY gifts I will be purchasing will be products that are MADE only IN AMERICA!  If this means I have to pay more for each gift so be it!  And if it means that I find out that there are NO PRODUCTS that are MADE only IN AMERICA, I guess I won’t be purchasing any gifts this holiday season.  At least I know my hard-earned money will be going toward another hard working fellow American who is guilty of nothing more than JUST trying to make a honest and simple living in America; or, at the very least, my hard earned MONEY remains in my pocket (which is always a good thing).

So, if you are a Walmart, a Target, or an Apple, etc or any other AMERICAN CORPORATION whose Christmas inventory is made up of cheap products made from China or India…THEN my Christmas gift to you is an extra large and healthy FUCK YOU, YOU STUPID FUCKING STUPID FUCKS!!! Stop choking this country to death with your treasonous GREED!  I know! I know! One person in of a country of 300 million will have no impact whatsoever.  But that is not what is important to me right now.  What is MOST important to me right now is that I show some loyalty to my fellow AMERICAN – not to some TRILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION that pays pennies only in taxes and leaves it all up to the AMERICAN tax payer to subsidize our working poor who show up to work every single day at these GREEDY CORPORATIONS whose only purpose and concern is to make EVEN more dollars by the BILLIONS.  Those days are OVER for me!  And ironically, IT’S THE VERY BEST and ONLY GIFT I CAN AFFORD to give my fellow AMERICAN.  You can call me A SCROOGE or you can call me A LOYAL AMERICAN.  Either or is just fine with me because A TRUE gift comes from the HEART.


Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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