If Wall Street Tanks In 2016, Bernie Is President In A Heartbeat


Let us never, EVER forget….bailing out WALL STREET not ONCE but TWICE (one under bush jr for 750 billion dollars in 2008 and one under obama for a trillion dollars in 2009) is SOCIALISM in its PUREST FORM…

A wise word to all SOCIALISTS (inept democrats) and FASCISTS (inept republicans) in CAPITALIST’S clothing presiding in WASHINGTON today…make sure you keep all your SOCIALIST & FASCIST cronies on WALL STREET in check during 2016…OTHERWISE, you will be handing over THE PRESIDENCY to BERNIE on a SLIVER PLATTER..

And, if you fools try to tank WALL STREET after 2016…you will be handing over the presidency to ELIZABETH WARREN on a GOLD PLATTER in 2020.

Bottom line here is very, very, very simple….today’s republicans and democrats (the baby boomer politicians) are responsible for creating OUR new-age, modern class of INDENTURED SERVANTS…otherwise known as the MILLENNIALS…Every single day that turns into night, this POOR generation of AMERICANS will have to pay more and more out of their pockets in order to just BARELY sustain our unsustainable socialist/fascist corrupt system of cronyism nurtured and natured by Big Oil, Big Pharma, Wall Street and Washington.

The problem with our current MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, I mean, capitalists on wall street is that they DEEM themselves to be PERFECT…when, in reality, they are nothing more than a bunch of CRAVEN sociopaths who LOVE socialism AKA “too big to fail” just as much as they love fascism AKA the “war on terror” as the conduit to globalization




No More Blank Checks, I Mean, War…


One day, hopefully much sooner rather than much later, Americans will realeyez that when WASHINGTON declares WAR on anything…i.e. whether it be on poverty, drugs, terror, and/or WHATEVER, etc…what they really want is BLANK CHECKS from the MIDDLE CLASS…which IRONICALLY, only further weakens and impoverishs the MIDDLE CLASS…

And, the solutions to all of  AMERICA’S current problems are so very simple…if you are going to vote for either party in our currently, corrupt politics of today (citizens united, corporate welfare, too-big-to-fail, too-big-to jail, etc)…THEN put your MONEY where your MOUTH is…meaning BOYCOTT the american corporations that own our POLITICIANS and POLITICAL APPARATUS…meaning if IT IS NOT MADE IN AMERICA by an AMERICAN…then DON’T buy it…and LET washington know..

Otherwise, Americans will have no choice but to be continuously forced to choose between 2 horrible choices one election after another until there is no longer a MIDDLE CLASS in america…I will end by using NANCY REAGAN’S words, “JUST SAY NO…to BLANK CHECKS!”

Incorporated God We Trust


Pointing ignorant partisan fingers at each other will be the ARSENIC that kills us all because it ENABLES the CANCER THAT TRULY KILLS, I mean, our trillion dollar corporations that pay no TAXES who own our COUNTRY as well as our BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrat and republican politicians to further DIVIDE renewable dummies, I mean, WE THE SHEEPLE, I mean, PEOPLE.  Wake up AMERICA! If you cannot see that MONEY is the root of all GOVERNMENT EVIL, then this country is DOOMED to DIE a most horrible, violent, and painful DEATH – and deservedly so.   To any person who truly LOVES America, you need to step up and make it OBVIOUSLY clear to the CORPORATIONS that are destroying our once beautiful country with their unrelenting greed that we are on to their CORRUPTED game of MONOPLY and TOO BIG TO FAIL politics.  And if push comes to shove, I am ready to hide whatever money I have and I will never spend another penny other than what keeps me alive in this world – a little food, water, shelter, and warmth and THAT’S FUCKING it.  I’ll even quit my job so the government can no longer steal my taxes and do ABSOLUTELY nothing with them other than padding their POCKETS with more of America’s hard earned money.

 I am ALSO so terribly sick of our GOVERNMENT GONE WILD who can only SPEAK IN TONGUE and read a teleprompter OWNED by THEIR CORPORATE owners and lobbyists  who are literally CHOKING the very life out of this country right before our own eyes.  I am even more horrified about this nation’s newest commodity – RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, american CITIZENS who now ACTUALLY take pride in their own IGNORANCE and who continuously yell “We’re #1!  We’re #1!  We #1!” – when, in reality, this country ranks LOWER and LOWER each year with practically EVERY vital STATISTIC that matters most to HUMAN BEINGS; i.e education, life-expectancy, quality of life, pollution, pre-school education, jobs, healthcare, etc., etc., etc.  Ironically, the three statistics where America is #1 (OBSESITY, GUN VIOLENCE and GOVERNMENT SURVEILLANCE) should send SHIVERS through the spines of every AMERICAN alive today. And the solution is so VERY SIMPLE – end corporate PERSONHOOD immediately otherwise our government and the corporations that own US will NEVER get another damn, red penny from me ever again.  And if they try to force me OR try to steal my money, then it will have to be over my dead body – and then good luck finding my money because you won’t.

Eternal Welfare For Our Scummy Uber Wealthy And Our U.S. Political Class Is Now Called Too Big To Fail


And RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, truly STUPID Americans to this very day still do not have a SLIVER of a CLUE how those 4 simple words TRULY ruined the lives of their children, their grand children, their great grand children, and finally THEIR fucking great, great grand children as they continue to point their truly ignorant bi-partisan fingers at each other as to who is responsible for destroying this once beautiful & great country. Hey everyone in fucking BRAIN-DEAD america! I will give you all a REALLY, REALLY big fucking clue – it’s ALL of OUR FAULTS for acting like A BUNCH of ignorant INBREDS.  Here’s another pretty OBVIOUS clue that I will BLESS upon the RENEWABLE DUMMIES of america, I mean, stupid AMERICANS – the trick to ANY successful GOVERNMENT (past, present, or future) is to make it’s OWN citizens AS TRULY IGNORANT as humanly possible (that’s the eternal struggle between good and evil you know what I am saying).  I mean, if you are republican or a democrat (either or – it don’t make a difference to me) who thinks they love America MORE than their political enemy or nemesis who is ALSO an American – well then, you should all be shot DEAD because it is THIS very obvious IGNORANCE that allows our TRULY scummy and corrupted politicians and the corporations who own them to behave like the true BLOOD SUCKING leeches that they are.

 In our very NEAR FUTURE, words like “Too Big To Fail” will become “Too Corrupt To Fail” then “Too Greedy To Fail” then “Too Stupid To Fail” then “Too Obese To Fail” then “Too Horny To Fail” then “Too Ugly To Fail” then “Too Cowardly To Fail” then “Too High & Drunk To Fail” then “Too Polluted To Fail” and I can go and on and on until my asshole is BRIGHT GREEN & glow in the dark BLUE from eating all of Monsanto’s genetically created foods of our future, I mean, our future’s “HEALTH AND ORGANIC” foods.  And still you will see both IGNORANT democrats and republicans, I mean, RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, truly ignorant Americans pointing their bi-partisan fingers at each other as our corrupt politicians & corporations continuously slide their greedy fingers up and down our OBAMA CARE anal canals looking for a more cost effective to exploit another weakness amongst the people.

In ending, I will SUPER-QUICKLY look into AMERICA’S crystal ball and reveal our very near future.  By no later than 50 YEARS from now (probably much sooner is my guess but I’m a pessimist not an optimist) the BLOODY heads of RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, stupid Americans’ babies will be rolling down streets of every country and nation on this planet (INCLUDING IN AMERICA) with crowds of 100,000s of thousand cheering at the top of their lungs.  And what will RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, stupid Americans being doing while this is happening?  Pointing their bi-partisan crooked and ignorant fingers at each other screaming at the top of their lungs, “it’s all the REPUBLICANS fault!’ and “it’s all the DEMOCRATS fault!” while watching their IDIOT boxes, I mean, televisions and computers filled with CORPORATE & POLITICAL lies and falsehoods provided by the truly DIRTY WHORES of our lying society otherwise known as our MEDIA.  I will end with “Get off your “SMART” phones and stop texting your lives away with your pudgy, diabetic, lazy, filthy hands and wake up AMERICA!  And the solution is so VERY simple – “Money is the ROOT to all GOVERNMENT evil!”  So, let’s start with the very basics like; for example, ENDING CORPORATE PERSONHOOD immediately.  Hmmmm, and I’m pretty certain that OUR FOUNDING FATHERS would agree with me on that one, don’t ya think!