NYC Police Do Not Know How 2 White Flags Were Placed On Top Of The Brooklyn Bridge Because They Are Too Busy Killing People For Selling Loose Cigarettes

What an EFFIN joke…so my taxes pay for police to kill a man for selling “LOOSE” cigarettes (probably at 50 cents a cigarette) whose family will now sue NEW YORK CITY for 10s of MILLIONS of DOLLARS…so that I will have TO PAY even higher TAXES in my NEAR future..Even worse and MORE insulting is the fact that SOMEONE and/or SOME PEOPLE were able to climb on top of the BROOKLYN BRIDGE and replace 2 AMERICAN FLAGS  with 2 WHITE FLAGS….and the POLICE do NOT have the SLIGHTEST clue as to how THIS happened.

Ironically (but not in a FUNNY way at ALL) is the FACT that this TRULY HORRIBLE way our CITY & STATE GOVERNMENTS spend our TAXES is almost as bad as how our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT spends our for EXAMPLE….giving ISRAEL billions of U.S. TAXPAYERS’ DOLLARS so that they can build the IRON DOME to protect themselves from MUSLIM TERRORISTS…all the while giving Palestine 47 million dollars for HUMANITARIAN AID due to the massacre of INNOCENT civilians and CHILDREN from the hands of ISRAEL…or, in other words, “HEADS we win and TAILS you lose!”

Which begs for the MOST IMPORTANT question to be answered…WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?  Well…I know what the FUCK is going on here…so, please allow me to explain..The CURRENT u.s. government (BOTH the republican and democratic PARTIES) have lost THEIR way..They are MORE interested in dividing THE PEOPLE than SERVING the people (who pay their salaries) because it’s their ONLY way to stay & retain THEIR power in a TRULY broken POLITICAL SYSTEM flush with all KINDS of legalized CORPORATE and/or 1%er, DARK MONEY…and that’s a very BIG & EXTREMELY DANGEROUS problem for every single person living on this PLANET today…But, not to worry AMERICA!  The SOLUTION is very simple…and, it’s our VERY last chance to RIGHT our ways AND return to our PATH to GREATNESS once again…

So, here goes..the 3 extremely simple steps that we can ALL take..

Step #1 – VOTE OUT every single INCUMBENT at EVERY SINGLE level of government when it’s time to vote (keep only the INCUMBENTS that are going to support and vote on CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM aka “getting money out of politics!” )..I’m not saying to vote for the other party..what I am saying is vote out the INCUMBENTS via PRIMARIES in your OWN party.  For example, take ERIC CANTOR in VIRGINIA as the perfect example..despite all his claims and promises that if he were NOT elected AGAIN..bad things would happen to VIRGINIA…THAT’S a complete & utter LIE..Virginia will be just FINE without ERIC CANTOR…

Step #2 – Get ALL money out of POLITICS…and it’s SO very simple to do…introduce amendments at EVERY level of government (federal included) that says, “Oh HELL’S no…no MORE money in our POLITICS!” I mean, do I really need to explain to all that MONEY in POLITICS defeats the whole purpose of HAVING elections and the POWER of the VOTE…in simpler TERMS, as long as money is in POLITICS…our current POLITICIANS would rather suck the SHIT out of a RED BABOON’S BALD ASS than to count the VOTES of people so ignorant as to allow MONEY into politics in THE first place – because that is NOT democracy…it’s PLUTOCRACY!

Step #3 – TERM LIMITS…I mean, if we already had TERM-LIMITS, 99% of the CURRENT scumbags in our government today WOULDN’T even be interested in getting into politics in the first place..MONEY & POWER-ADDICTED losers must be removed from all POLITICS by ANY means NECESSARY…and TERM-LIMITS achieve this OBJECTIVE.

This ALL can be ACCOMPLISHED america..but, unfortunately, this must be DONE by US (you & me)..and me & you alone…Now do realize, if all 3 simple steps above were to (even remotely) come close to FRUITION, you would start hearing all kinds of crazy words like words like, “This would lead to the END of life as we KNOW IT!” or “This would destroy America!” or “This is the most destructive & dangerous behavior of the PEOPLE ever seen before in the HISTORY of america!”…all these words and many more would come flying from the LYING mouths of MONEY & POWER ADDICTED losers and the CORPORATIONS that own OUR GOVERNMENT..And my answer to them is very simple, “SHUT the FUCK up! We’ve heard your lies before!” and then would point back to our HISTORY to prove my point!  If I recall correctly, every single CAR COMPANY in america SCREAMED and CRIED and HOLLERED that if SEAT BELTS were required in every car, the AMERICAN AUTO INDUSTRY would never survive AND die as we know it!!!” If this were the CASE (which it’s not), then we wouldn’t have to WORRY about CLIMATE CHANGE for another 200 years.


What Do You Call A Scumbag In Washington Who Has Both A Legal And Business Degree?


A lobbyist of COURSE!!!  And, of COURSE, this goes without saying…if I have said this once, I have said this WAY more than a GAZILLION times…when I was a skinny, YOUNG, “never minding my own business and always minding yours”, naive, little lad growing up in the mean streets of new york city back in the 1970s & 1980s…i USED to think MONEY was THE ROOT of all EVIL…but then someone told me “that being young was wasted on the youth!” and that made SENSE to me….So, I changed my attitudes and view on life…or, in other words, I grew up…AND, as we all know, the TRANSFORMATION from youth into ADULTHOOD (especially in AMERICA) can be 1 billion times MORE painful than when that asshole of a greedy doctor slapped my little, pale white ass after pulling me out of my BEAUTIFUL mother’s womb…and, although, I was unable to speak and understand words at that particular moment in my life…I swear I heard the Doc say, “Ohhh! Look how cute and adorable this little FUTURE $$$$ (dollar signs), I mean, baby is!”…and then the EXTRA LOUD sound of “SMACK” right on my little ass…followed by the WORDS, “welcome to the WORLD kiddo!”…which brings me FULL-CIRCLE to my original POINT…I no LONGER believe that MONEY is THE ROOT of all EVIL….because I now know WASHINGTON is the ROOT of all EVIL..because WASHINGTON prints all the MONEY..

One day in all of our very NEAR futures…we will ALL have a COLLECTIVE moment of CLARITY and realize that MONEY is only for THE RICH…not for the SILLY poor AND the middle CLASS…and WHEN this day will BE the DAY that the PROVERBIAL “tables” will turn…and then AND only then…WILL we ALL be able to live in PEACE and HAPPINESS..simply BECAUSE that is all THE POOR and the MIDDLE CLASS have ever WANTED…just some FUCKING peace and happiness…and I DO NOT think this IS too MUCH to ask for in LIFE.

And THE ANSWER to all of our PROBLEMS today are TWO simple amendments that will IMMEDIATELY end all the madness that is VIOLENTLY swirling throughout OUR LIVES…


#2. TERM-LIMITS for every SINGLE scumbag in WASHINGTON in EVERY level of our GOVERNMENT

MONEY is and NEVER will be SPEECH…how do I know this?  The answer is VERY simple…if MONEY could literally TALK…these are the words that would come from the mouths of EVERY single DOLLAR BILL (all denominations included), “Can I be a TREE again!”  In regards to TERM LIMITS…I am so VERY sick of SEEING the same SCUMBAGS paid for by GREEDY and TREASONOUS u.s. CORPORATIONS who constantly CLAIM that they despise SOCIALISM…but, IN ACTUALITY, have become EVEN more wealthy by FORCING their SOCIALISM upon the hard-working POOR and MIDDLE class of AMERICA…or, in OTHER WORDS, using BAILOUTS to guarantee that all of our FUTURE CHILDREN will have NOTHING but misery in their lives…

In our current NATION that always PUTS profits BEFORE people, TODAY’S %1ers and their LITTLE troll LOBBYISTS and GOVERNMENT officials have OVERESTIMATED the ignorance of the AMERICAN people that they, SOLELY, have created…if YOU want MY MONEY then you will treat me as AN EQUAL by earning it…and UNTIL then, my ONE-MAN boycott of EVERYTHING american WILL continue…if IT IS not made in AMERICA by AN AMERICAN…i will not buy it..and, at every opportunity available, I will let WASHINGTON know…for I am the tiny, tiny, extra-tiny LITTLE mosquito that can & will keep a man up all NIGHT…not in the pursuit of  SUCKING blood…but to constantly buzz THE TRUTH