Israel And Uncle Sam’s Worst Nightmare Come True

84whyUnfortunately, we have allowed ourselves to live in a world (or on a planet) where ALL governments, politicians and military leaders reside in a U.S. taxpayer funded “BUBBLE”… Even more unfortunate is the fact that this “BUBBLE” enables these same governments, politicians, and military leaders to only hear the ECHOS of their truly ignorant and narcissist voices…AND not the people’s voices…

The current CRISIS and/or CONFLICT between Israel and Palestine will PROVE this point..with each passing day that THIS manufactured WAR whose only PURPOSE is to feed military complexes on both sides with BILLIONS of dollars at the expense of innocent WOMEN and CHILDREN who are MASSACRED daily…Hold up!!!  Allow me to RE-PHRASE: the MEDIA-WAR that is being currently fought by both Israel and Palestine funded by U.S. DOLLARS falsely allows BOTH sides to commit WAR CRIMES in the NAME of SELF-PRESERVATION.  This will come to an ABRUPT end in our very near future…and here’s why!

U.S. taxpayers are STARTING to wake up…The days of the MINORITY whose goal is to divide the MAJORITY so that their “INTERESTS” can be protected at the expense of the MAJORITY will soon be OVER.  World War 3 will be the MOTHER of all WARS…but it will be a PEACEFUL war AND it will be TELEVISED…Allow me to repeat…It will be a peaceful WAR (much to the chagrin of WASHINGTON and our MILITARY COMPLEX) simply because this WAR will be fought over U.S. TAXPAYERS’ $$$s and how they will be spent in our future…

World War 3 will NOT be a war fought amongst will be a PEACEFUL war between the U.S. Taxpayer and UNCLE SAM..and UNCLE sam will lose trillions of dollars DEARLY..but WE THE PEOPLE will not..and, WE can thank Israel & Palestine for bursting this U.S. taxpayer “BUBBLE” that is enslaving our world for they HAVE created the MARTYRS of our FUTURE – innocent women and their children who have been massacred for doing nothing wrong other than being born right in the middle of a MEDIA WAR that allows no ACCOUNTABILITY for the WAR CRIMES being committed on BOTH sides. 

Heed my words very CAREFULLY Israel & Uncle Sam…STOP THIS WAR IMMEDIATELY…The american PEOPLE are sick of FIGHTING in wars AS WELL AS paying for wars…which means, Uncle Sam and Israel’s worst NIGHTMARE will come TRUE – where WE THE PEOPLE take full control of our LIVES and our TAXES..the awakening has already BEGUN


Will Some Please Tell Micheal Bloomberg Visiting Israel Is No Longer On My Bucket List


And you can also tell Micheal Bloomberg…”I don’t care if you fly from Jerusalem To New York City and back 20 million, 40 million, or 2 billion times to prove to the ENTIRE world that flying to Israel is SAFE!” Now look!  I’m not here to bash Micheal Bloomberg…I’m here to bash WAR…in every sense of the word including the MEDIA WAR that is going on at this very second between the leaders of Israel and Hamas.  Even more depressing and equally horrifying is the fact that HUMAN LIVES of innocent people (on both sides) are being ENDED in the most VIOLENT of ways in a mere blink of an EYE as both sides try to gain the UPPER HAND in their attempt to WIN this TRULY cowardly MEDIA war.  And I am completely FREAKIN done with it…Visiting Jerusalem is off my BUCKET LIST indefinitely until there is a permanent 2 STATE solution…and if that NEVER happens…well then, Israel does NOT get ONE penny of my TOURIST dollars…which proves my ongoing THEORY about life, governments, and the direction this world is heading in – that it can only be GENERATIONS, not nations AND never CORPORATIONS..that will be OUR only SALVATION.

MEN and/or WOMEN who have others fight their BATTLES and WARS…are NOT leaders…they are COWARDS…that being said…the next conclusion is rather OBVIOUS…and that is – EVERY single GOVERNMENT on this PLANET today (america being the most guilty as to the cause AND as the creators of this NEW 21st century cancer that is SPREADING throughout HUMANITY like a California wildfire) is controlled by COWARDS who have all been BRAINWASHED into thinking that WAR PROFITS are more IMPORTANT in obtaining and/or retaining THEIR power than human LIFE..and this FACT is a very scary and dangerous PLACE for all of mankind (but particularly to politicians in the VERY near future)…because if HISTORY has proven one thing it has proven THIS –

When the MINORITY (in this case that would be the people in all GOVERNMENTS aka politicians of today and our near tomorrow) divide and conquer the MAJORITY (7 billion people on this PLANET as of today..and still counting) to the point OF no return (lets take the FRENCH and their “let them eat cake” revolution as ONE example out of MANY throughout history)…a brief MOMENT of CLARITY will, once again, dawn on the MAJORITY in thoughts first, then followed by words like these, “perhaps my LIFE would be much SAFER if we RID OURSELVES (kill) the minority!” And then it is TRULY on…meaning “HERE COMES THE GUILLOTINES!” and they will COME.

A very LONG story short, visiting Israel has been removed from my BUCKET LIST until there is a TOTAL 2 state solution where both sides can live in PEACE…if that DAY never comes…well, SO BE IT!  I have always been and will always be against every form of WAR and VIOLENCE for ONE simple REASON…war AND violence FEEDS on itself which means “IT WILL NEVER END!” until everything is DESTROYED.  The end result for the COWARDS, I mean, leaders of AMERICA, ISRAEL, and HAMAS in this CURRENT so-called dispute is SO very OBVIOUS…WE have all SEEN and LIVED thru this tragedy in our very RECENT past.  A GENERATION of ISRAELIS (as well as AMERICANS) will become bankrupt paying for this war…and a GENERATION of PALESTINIANS will be RADICALIZED..which brings us to OUR next logical conclusion – THIS vicious cycle will ONLY continue until THE MAJORITY wakes up and realizes that our SALVATION can only be attained by OUR GENERATIONS peacefully boycotting our NATIONS and CORPORATIONS who have done absolutely NOTHING other than to feed this vicious CYCLE of insanity by PROMISING to all the INNOCENT PEOPLE on this planet THAT “this TIME will BE different!”

As Long As Benjamin Netanyahu Is Prime Minister, Things Will Only Get Worse For Israel


And it’s so very sad to see the people of Israel being brainwashed into thinking that this immoral and power hungry, prick of an idiot actually cares about Israel.  Bottom line here is very simple…Netanyahu hates Israel and the Israeli people…He is nothing more than an OLD-WORLD, 20th century war relic and criminal whose only concern is to keep himself in power while feeding his military complex at the hands of the American taxpayer…

And, here’s another fact to digest that ignorant Netanyahu does not want anyone to know about…the Palestinians are just as willing to die for their religion and beliefs as the Israelis are…which means everything that Netanyahu accuses the leaders of Hamas of doing, he is also guilty of doing.  Both sides are equally politically craven as well as guilty of extremely serious war crimes..and is more PROOF that Netanyahu truly despises Isreal and the Israeli people..

But, and most importantly, what Netanyahu and other immoral and corrupt military POLITICIANS across this planet are most TERRIFIED about is this very simple fact – WAR is not politics…And this world is so very sick of politics and governments that uses WAR to settle disputes.  War only breeds REVENGE which further escalates disputes until there is no hope for any kind of agreement and/or redemption for all parties involved.  And guess what?  It’s always THE PEOPLE (NEVER the POLITICIANS who make THESE DECISIONS to go to WAR) that die or are maimed for the remainder of their lives…which proves my CENTRAL POINT – today’s politicians FROM ALL AROUND the world (the UNITED STATES being the LEADER of the PACK) no LONGER care about the people who ELECTED them (that’s a downright ruse) simply because their ONLY & PRIMARY concern is to FEED the TRUE BEAST & HATER OF LIFE – their individual MILITARY complexes/war machines that placed them in power.  Never forget everyone..we live in the AGE of “The Fangs Of Eternal Greed.” – which means OUR sole PURPOSE for being on THIS earth is nothing more than to SERVE the evil MASTERS of DEATH and VIOLENCE.

So, continue on Benjamin Netanyahu!  You are doing what a U.S. WAR MACHINE PUPPET does keep RINGING in more personal POWER and PROFITS at the expense of your own PEOPLE…who are too blind and selfish (just like America was in our last 2 wars STARTED by a war criminal republican president, THE “just as guilty” democrats who controlled congress, AND the sheer ignorance of the AMERICAN people)…Just know that you will pay more DEARLY than the only SUPER-POWER on this planet did in the IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN wars of our PAST decade because OUR MILITARY MACHINE bankrupted us for an entire generation..which means we have no more DINERO (cash/money) to be able to help you when you will truly NEED it in your near future..This is NOT a war between 2 peoples..This a  asymmetrical WAR between the LEADERS of 2 military machines