In Regards 2 South Carolina – Please Stop With The “It’s A Once In A 1,000 Year Event” Horse Manure

floodsyMark my words America….what happened in South Carolina this past weekend in regards to flooding due to inclement weather will happen again in South Carolina way, way, way, way before 1,000 years passes…I’d say probably no LESS than 10 years…and that’s me being optimistic…

So…while our government and media are BLAH, BLAH, BLAHING us to death with their “Oh! Don’t worry AMERICA…this won’t happen again…at least for another 1,000 years…” PHONEY BALONEY  – I am saying to myself, “Just imagine if Hurricane Joaquin had made LANDFALL anywhere on the EAST COAST this past weekend!”

In regards 2 how much destruction Mother Nature could have meted out this past weekend, America narrowly avoided one MAJOR bullet..unlike the poor students at Umpqua Community College in Oregon who lost their precious lives at the hands of another cowardly AMERICAN male with a gun.

Okay…I feel my blood pressure increasing dramatically right now so let me stop…I’ll just end by saying, “Stop with the IT’S A ONCE A 1,000 YEAR EVENT bullshit!”