Eff You Forever Facebook!!!!


Bye Bye forever facebook!!!  Really!!!! 10 minutes to load a videos, pages, articles, comments, messages, links, EVERYTHING, etc!…You can give all the excuses in the world as to why EVERYTHING on your site takes so long to load up (has been happening for 2 months now)…but it still won’t make a difference…IT’S YOUR FAULT anyway you look at it facebook..

NOT ONE MORE SECOND IN LIFE WILL I SPEND ON YOUR SHITTY SITE!!!  So, I sincerely apologize that you will no longer be able to profit from me wasting MY time on your site any longer..but as the French say, “C’est la vie”… Make sure you keep it up FACEBOOK…cause within 5 years, you will lose 75% of your users.  And, good for you!!!!

P.s. PLEASE don’t waste YOUR TIME sending me a “reminder” in the next few weeks stating that “We have seen that you have not been on facebook for some time now…”fuck-facebook-south-park.gif


It’s The End Of The World – Facebook Is Down

fakebookHa! Facebook is garbage..I’m glad I killed my account 2 years ago…BUT..there are many in AMERICA who are losing their minds right now..probably like 1,000 hairs a minute jumping off their heads…Facebook better get their act together real fast before the majority of Americans become bald….or, die from a stress-induced heart attack..

Calm down Americans!  Facebook will be up AND running soon…and you can resume wasting more time in the one life you have on FACEBOOK..I’m sure WASHINGTON is not too happy though – NSA’s facial recognition programs on FACEBOOK won’t be able to spy on Americans wherever they go AND 3rd party bidders that give FACEBOOK tons of money in order to STEAL your digital lives will be DEMANDING a refund real soon 🙂