Ha! The Donald Beating The Bush Family At Their Own Dirty Trick

Wake up Jeb supporters!

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*Laughing Out Loud*

I’ll keep this one short…You gotta give THE DONALD some credit on this one…This ad is hysterically funny..but, more importantly, it is truly Old-School NYC style when it comes to political street fighting (reminds me of the good old TAMMANY HALL days of NYC)..Now, in regards to THE DONALD and his PLEDGE to the REPUBLICAN party…as far as I am concerned, it’s all KABUKI THEATER.

And unfortunately, I no longer trust the GOP…and may NEVER-EVER again..In regards to the DEMOCRATS, President Obama broke my MIDDLE-CLASS heart when he did the “SLICK WILLIE” (“New Democrat”) trick on the AMERICAN PEOPLE by passing the TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT (aka BOEHNER TRADE) – when at no point in his presidential runs in 2008 or 2012 did Obama say this was one of his priorities (to ship millions of u.s. jobs overseas to communist countries who have no regards in the slightest to workers’ rights as well as a host of other very disturbing issues that concern all of humanity)

In my opinion, THE DONALD made a HUGE mistake by pledging his allegiance to the GOP..but then again, I am not inside THE DONALD’S head….so, this might all be part of his MASTER-PLAN…Hopefully it is and in the near future, THE DONALD runs as an INDEPENDENT 3RD PARTY like ROSS PEROT in 1992…

I sincerely believe that if the LAST 25 years has proven one THING to America, it has proven that there is no difference between the republican and democratic parties other than who wears THE STUPID HAT and WHEN aka a total lack of POLITICAL LEADERSHIP in every sense of the word. Both parties need to be PUBLICLY chastised extra properly by someone who knows how our current, CORRUPT system works.  Both parties sincerely NEED to feel that they are going to LOSE in a big way i.e. swept into the un-wiped booty hole of history similar to the WHIG PARTY of old…otherwise, nothing will change and only progressively get worse for all hard working, honest Americans

What I do know is very simple…and VERY obvious…REPUBLICAN and DEMOCRATIC voters are SCREAMING one thing and ONE THING only..and that is:


Hmmmm..perhaps I should purchase the DOMAIN name for this slogan!


Most Popular “Anchor” Baby Name In 2016 Will Be Donald Trump

babytrumpI don’t know much….so please take with an extra grain of salt 🙂 ….

First Name: Donald

Middle Name: Trump

Last Name: Hernadez

“Anchor” Baby name of the FUTURE

Handcuffing An 8 Year Old Boy With Adhd Proves America Has Lost Its Effin Mind

I hate to say this but AMERICA is a DEAD nation WALKING.

Here’s a better idea – let’s START handcuffing EVERYONE in WASHINGTON who is addicted to continuously putting PROFITS before PEOPLE…

And, a wise word of advice for all POLICE MEN/WOMEN in AMERICA –


I don’t think POLICEMEN/WOMEN in AMERICA realize that WASHINGTON has created the perfect SCAPE-GOAT for themselves in the form of our LAW ENFORCEMENT…

PROFITS before PEOPLE is NOT and will NEVER be leadership – it’s CRIMINALITY in its purest form…and that is what our current version of WASHINGTON has become.

Heed my words LAW ENFORCEMENT of AMERICA..do NOT let yourselves become the SCAPE-GOAT for our CURRENT scumbags in WASHINGTON..they will sacrifice you FASTER than Aaron sacrificed a GOAT (Leviticus 16:20-22 from the BIBLE) in order to absolve ISRAEL/WASHINGTON’S evils, sins, and rebellions upon our LORD.  And then, you will be FORCED to go FAR into the desert…never to be seen EVER again..

If this is what you want to happen to you and your lives – “THEN GO FOR IT DUDES!” In the end, it will BE you who SUFFERS the most – not WASHINGTON…You doubt my WORD?  That’s TOTALLY cool DUDES..But, allow me to remind you about that bogus IRAQ war WASHINGTON started in 2003..or, the VIETNAM war of the 1960s…

You tell me who BECAME the SCAPE-GOATS for those 2 BOGUS wars started for profit and greed based on COMPLETE and UTTER lies. AND THEN, you tell me HOW our BRAVE veterans have been treated and are still being TREATED by WASHINGTON as a result of those 2 BOGUS wars…

Grow an EFFIN brain really fast LAW ENFORCEMENT of AMERICA…do NOT become WASHINGTON’S scape-goat…You are good people and SOCIETY and OUR DEMOCRACY most definitely NEEDS you…

What we DO NOT need or WANT…is a BUNCH of BRAINLESS goons who are TOO ignorant to RECOGNIZE the GUILLOTINE that WASHINGTON is quickly moving behind your backs

The National Drone With Rifle Association Coming Soon?

This is TRULY scary stuff…and just a matter of time before people start losing their lives somewhere on this planet due to this truly terrifying combination of personal drones and personal guns…

I mean, I can already smell the DROOL of greedy LOBBYISTS of the GUN INDUSTRY and WASHINGTON devising ways to maximize their profits by this new deadly combination…

“Never let SENSELESS gun violence stop you from making a profit..” is the “BUSINESS AS USUAL” motto of OUR ever greedy GUN INDUSTRY of america..so, it would not surprise me that in our VERY near future, THERE WILL BE a NATIONAL DRONE WITH RIFLE ASSOCIATION coming to a theater near you..

This Video Proves That The Iraq War And The 2nd Amendment Are Responsible For Killing 4 Brave Marines In Tennessee Yesterday

This video proves that gun nuts of AMERICA better grow an effin BRAIN really, really, really, really (did I say REALLY enough times) FAST….

Because if you do NOT heed my words…and GROW an EFFIN brain…within 10 YEARS…UNCLE sam will come & take your guns..PERMANENTLY!

Yesterday’s tragedy in Tennessee proves that, in the EYES of washington, it is TOTALLY kosher and cool for muslim terrorists to kill INNOCENT americans of all kinds IN america…even if you are a brave AMERICAN MARINE/PURPLE HEART recipient who SERVED two TOURS in the MIDDLE EAST.

Let me repeat – as long as muslim terrorists who truly hate america use AMERICA’S favorite COWARDLY toy (the GUN) to kill innocent AMERICANS in AMERICA – “it’s ALL GOOD BABY BABY” to quote BIGGIE SMALLS..in WASHINGTON’S eyes..

I mean, it is NO COINCIDENT that every time a MUSLIM TERRORIST kills innocent AMERICANS in AMERICA…wayne lapierre waynebabyinstantly disappears into THIN air faster than BARBARA EDEN from I DREAM OF JEANNIE (hot diggity damn barbara eden is one fine one woman!)


And that’s pretty DANG hard to do…

But back to the POINT (i apologize for letting barbara eden distract me)…As we all already know, the ONLY time non-sensible GUN CONTROL laws seems to be PASSED is when AMERICAN GUNS are pointed and/or shot at our POLITICIANS..



In AMERICA’S very near FUTURE, one of THESE cowardly MUSLIM TERRORISTS will get their cowardly hands on LEGAL AMERICAN GUNS and point and aim and fire at AN AMERICAN POLITICIAN/S…at which point, you can kiss the 2ND AMENDMENT’S ass (as we know it) GOOD-BYE forever…It will be like WASHINGTON winning the MEGA LOTTERY of ALL-TIME with a JACK-POT prize of 500 million NON-SENSIBLE gun control laws passed faster than any SPEEDING BULLET and SUPERMAN combined…that I promise you.

Now, look AMERICA…I am a very, very busy man with many, many things to do in my VERY VERY important life (in the tone of  TRUE sarcasm)…SO, I really don’t have time to waste with TRULY STUPID, single ISSUE voters OF america any longer..you know the ONES I am talking about – the “GIMMIE, GIMMIE, GIMMIE more GUNS” fools.

But, because I truly LOVE america AND americans (even the “GIMMIE, GIMMIE, GIMMIE more GUNS” fools)..I will BLESS you by spending a few minutes of my very very important time in my very very important life to pass on some VERY wise advice to Y’ALL who CHERISH the 2ND AMENDMENT and OUR FOUNDING FATHERS who created IT.

But, before I do pass on some very wise advice..we must first discuss some facts that CAN no longer be IGNORED..


Before lying war criminals bush jr and cheney started THE BOGUS IRAQ war in 2003…THERE WAS NO SUCH THING as ISIS….so, IN ESSENCE, isis CAN be called SADDAMISTS…and, SADDAMISTS can be called ISIS..they are one and the same people.


SADDAMISTS/ISIS has AMERICAN WEAPONS..and are using AMERICAN WEAPONS to create HAVOC all OVER the MIDDLE EAST…in their ATTEMPT to lure BRAVE AMERICAN SOLDIERS back into the MIDDLE EAST to fight THE HOLY WAR of all WARS.  Even more creepy is the fact that SADDAMISTS/ISIS are using EX vice-president PRICK CHENEY style propaganda (the use of spreading lies and fear TO start WARS) to accomplish their GOALS..


SADDAMISTS/ISIS not ONLY hate america BUT ALSO americans ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE on this PLANET…and, THEY will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to kill INNOCENT americans ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE on this planet…america INCLUDED.

If you doubt me THEN just watch AND listen to the VIDEO above –

So, here is my ADVICE to all GUN-NUTS of AMERICA who cherish the 2ND AMENDMENT

*GROW SOME LONG HAIR like THESE “totally awesome” DUDES from the 1960s

hipp*Organize protests AND march on WASHINGTON yelling and screaming




Heed my advice AMERICA…and DEMAND that our GOVERNMENT gets out of the MIDDLE EAST asap…For, if you continue to IGNORE – this once great & beautiful country & democracy AND all of our freedoms (many of which have already been stolen under the PATRIOT ACT) is ONE mere “COWARDLY muslim TERRORIST with AMERICAN GUNS PROTECTED BY THE 2ND AMENDMENT and AIMED AT an american POLITICIAN” away from the OPPOSITE of what OUR FOUNDING FATHERS dreamed about WHEN founding this GREAT COUNTRY….

The handwriting is on the WALL america….SO FUCKING READ IT or FOREVER NEVER HOLD YOUR


dontleave2For the past 4 months…I have left home without it (I haven’t renewed my plan)!  And guess what AMERICA? I think my BRAIN is DEFINITELY growing BIGGER…or, my brain cells are being rejuvenated…or, AT THE VERY MINIMUM, my brain stopped shrinking..Matter of fact, I am now confidently convinced that if I continue NOT using a “SMART” phone for an entire year  – I might just be able to become a ROCKET SCIENTIST (see pic below)

rocketsOr, a NEUROSURGEON (see pic below)

brainsOr even…PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (see pic of idiot BELOW)

bsuhiAll kidding aside though, I have noticed that my memory has improved…like for example, when I did have my “SMART” phone – I couldn’t even remember my mother’s and girlfriend’s telephone #….NOW, I have 50 different telephone #s of family, friends, co-workers, and even some enemies memorized…I have also noticed that I am able to do simple math again i.e. adding, subtracting, division, and multiplications…which is great for my wallet and nest egg 🙂

Even better is the fact that when I leave my home now, I feel a sense of freedom that I have not felt since the early 1990s (THE PRE-CELL/SMART PHONE DAYS) when my only means of communication was my home phone..

There is a NEGATIVE side though….to not HAVING your “SMART” phone when leaving home that is starting to disturb me immensely….and that is – the questions I am receiving from family, friends, girlfriend, co-workers, etc…The #1 question being, “I tried to call you many times and could NOT reach you (in a very frustrated tone)!!!..why don’t you have your CELL/SMART phone on you?  Is there something you are trying to hide?  Are you doing something ILLEGAL? Are you cheating on me with another woman?”…and I’m like, “OMG! Have you all LOST your EFFIN minds?”

Then….it all DAWNED on me…and a SHIVER of creepiness slid across my spine….If everyone I know gets suspicious about the fact that when I leave my home without having my CELL/SMART phone on my being…then, I can only imagine what my government is thinking about this…and that is CREEPY…

I am now convinced that GEORGE ORWELL had it only half correct in regards to the THEORY of BIG BROTHER aka BIG GOVERNMENT…He either forgot to mention or WAS NOT aware of LITTLE SISTER aka TECHNOLOGY….Mark my words..for I have had moment of clarity – 500 years from now, HUMAN BRAINS will SHRINK and be NO larger than a WALNUT…

BIG BROTHER will NOT only use LITTLE SISTER to spy on our EVERY movements/thoughts/feelings throughout our ENTIRE lives but also to make us DUMBER than ROCKS

The New American Flag?

usfollowers@Americans….we MUST stop FOLLOWING..and START leading again….The ENTIRE planet is BEGGING for the AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS to LEAD again…BEGGING for us to NO longer follow WASHINGTON down their RABBIT HOLES into POVERTY…

And, the answer to all of our PROBLEMS..are so very simple…AND, can be accomplished in 3 very simple STEPS:

Step #1 – Spend a half an hour of every day doing something personally creative..i.e writing, photography, baking, drawing, singing, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., and a TRILLION other etceteras .  It can be anything other than BEING a consumer because as we all know CONSUMING is an ACT of FOLLOWING.  And, do something CREATIVE not FOR the PURSUIT of MONEY…but because of LOVE

Step #2 – If it’s NOT made in AMERICA..made by an AMERICAN…then DO NOT buy it.  “MADE IN AMERICA” is what made AMERICA great AND gave HOPE to an entire planet…our VICTORIES in wars NOR our immense WEALTH could have been ACCOMPLISHED without our MIDDLE CLASS’ devotion & pride in “MADE IN AMERICA”

Step #3 –



you don’t never need help from nobody else

all you got do now


whatever you do

do it good

whatever you do

do, do, Lord, Lord

do it good, alright

it’s not what you look like

when you are doing what you are doing

it’s what you’re doin’ when you’re doin’

what you look like you’re doin’



They’re doing it on the moon, yeah, in the jungle too

everybody on the floor now

jumpin’ like a kangaroo

so let the horns do the thing they do, y’all

some people have everything

and other people don’t

but everything don’t mean a thing

if it ain’t the thing you want



oh, do it, oh, do it

do it to it

go on and do it

y’all, do it, give



do it

Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do IT

Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do IT

Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do IT

fe, fa, fu, fe, fa, fu, fe, fa, fu, fe, fa, fa

fe fa fa fa do it

Oh Lord

Do It oww









– a special THANKS to the LYRICS of Express Yourself from The Charles Wright & Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band