If Everyone In America Had A WordPress Page Instead Of A Facebook Or Twitter Page, This World Would Be A Better Place For All


And the REASON for this is SO very simple…Having a WORDPRESS page means you actually HAVE to have a functioning BRAIN…meaning you have to actually be able to READ and WRITE….Any demo-monkey of an AMERICAN can COPY and PASTE links or take SELFIES…this WE already KNOW…THERE is a MOST definite reason WHY america is a SUPER POWER in rapid DECLINE…and NO LONGER the SHINING beacon of DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM, and HOPE…and that REASON is IGNORANCE, SELFISHNESS, and NARCISSISM…which all go HAND in HAND…spoon fed to US by our GOVERNMENT and the CORPORATIONS that own it.

There is a WAR going on AMERICA…it’s a war between the STUPID vs the INTELLIGENT…and unfortunately AMERICA, the STUPID are winning. “WHY?” do you ask? Very simple…the corporations and the U.S. government they own are on the side OF the STUPID…ignorance only BREEDS two outcomes…immense WEALTH for the %1ers and A NATION of SLAVES..or, in other words, the NEW WORLD ORDER.

So, I say, “Let the ignorants STAY on sites like SLAVE-FACE-BOOK and/or STANK-CLITTER.com”….this way, when the SHIT hits THE FAN for these RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, the IGNORANTS of AMERICA…they will realize it DOES not TAKE a rocket-scientist to look INTO their OWN mirrors AND see why THEY have nothing in their TRULY meaningless lives other than THEIR simple PASSWORDS to login into their favorite SITES of IGNORANCE and SELFISHNESS.

Shiiiiiiiiit! The more I think about it, the more I realize that NOT everyone IN america should HAVE a WORDPRESS page…just the thought of having to see an endless array of SELFIES from STUPID americans who can barely read and write and/or having to read what some IDIOT had for breakfast or what shitty CHINESE-MADE PRODUCT they purchased from A treasonous AMERICAN CORPORATION….makes me TRULY cringe…



Bon Appetit To All Climate Change Deniers 100 Years From Now!


Here’s one thing I know…IGNORANCE will not be so BLISSFUL for the GRAND CHILDREN of today’s TRULY ignorant CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS…Grow a FREAKIN brain ALREADY before your little secret as to why you IGNORANT fools are so ADAMANTLY pro-life is exposed…

Just so you know…that wasn’t meant to be FUNNY!



Chris Christie Says The New F Word Stands For Fema While I Say It Stands For Fat Fuck!


Unfortunately, and once again, Mr. Blubber, I mean, Chris Christie doesn’t have the slightest clue about anything in life other than devouring the puke of BULIMICS when NO ONE is looking and BLUBBER-BULLYING the very constituents (New Jersey residents) who pay his salary as their public servant.  Even more insulting to any kind of intelligence out there in the universe is the fact that we all know the F word does NOT stand for FEMA – it stands for FAT-FUCK!  And that is what Chris Christie is – A FAT-FUCK!

Here are TWO other OBVIOUS reasons why Mr. Blubber, I mean, Chris Christie is a FAT FUCK who should NEVER become PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.  And I am not even going to mention BLUBBERGATE, I mean, BridgeGate; or, the fact that he used HURRICANE SANDY MONEY as his own political SLUSH-FUND.

 Reason #1.  He lobbied for The Securities Industry Association (aka Wall Street) when Bernie Madoff  was a senior official there.  Or, in simplier terms, FAT-FUCK chris christie REEKS from the DISGUSTING STENCH of unregulated & bailed out wall street BUNG-HOLE.

 Reason #2.  He lobbied for war criminals George W. Bush & Prick Cheney not ONCE but TWICE.  To all democrats – wipe that smug smile off of your UGLY faces because our current president is also a WAR-CRIMINAL (due to his use of drones that has caused the deaths of many INNOCENTS around the world).  And let’s never forget that it was the DEMOCRATS who controlled CONGRESS when Bush jr. & Prick Cheney lied about WMDs and got us into 2 unnecessary WARS that cost the lives of THOUSANDS of brave AMERICAN soldiers and bankrupted this once GREAT & WEALTHY COUNTRY.

 In regards to REASON #1, I am not going to further waste everyone’s time elaborating on this topic other than to say that it has become rather OBVIOUS to the majority of democrats, republicans, and independents recently that all of WALL STREET sucks big, hairy, stank BALLS.  Now, in regards to lobbying or voting for war criminal bush jr & Prick cheney not once but 2 times – there is NO excuse for that other than you are an IGNORANT loser who is too STUPID to know that you actually despise AMERICA.

Hasn’t anyone ever heard of the old saying, “Once is FUNNY – twice is DUMMY!”?  Well, if you haven’t, now you have (and, you can thank me for that in your next life).  In full disclosure, I will say that immediately before war criminal bush jr & Prick cheney cheated their way into the WHITE HOUSE, I continuously said over and over and over again to anyone who was listening, “if these 2 losers cheat their way into the WHITE HOUSE, it will be THE VERY WORST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO THIS COUNTRY ever!”  So, in hindsight, I was 100% correct.  And for those who voted 2 times for these TREASONS, your punishment should be to ROT in hell for ETERNITY.  But I am a nice guy and believe in SALVATION – so your punishment is PRESIDENT OBAMA for 8 years and then PRESIDENT HILLARY CLINTON for another 8 years.   Thanks a lot you fucking ASSHOLES!  Never forget this fact because it is THE TRUTH!  No bush jr. & Prick cheney and there would never have been a PRESIDENT OBAMA followed by PRESIDENT HILLARY CLINTON.  So, look in your own FUCKING mirror when looking for someone to blame for how truly UNGREAT this country has become since the beginning of this new MILLENNIUM.

Long story short, I couldn’t give a BLOODY shit if FAT-FUCK chris christie runs for PRESIDENT or not in 2016 because AMERICA is currently on a PATH to destruction brought about by an unrelenting force of GREED & IGNORACE never before seen in the history of MANKIND at the very WORST TIME in this planet’s history as our RESOURCES become more limited due to CLIMATE CHANGE.  In short, Americans immediately NEED to stop acting like their ELECTED LEADERS – criminals who are incapable of speaking a sliver of any kind of TRUTH who deem being ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS a sin punishable by DEATH.  I used to believe that MONEY was the ROOT of all EVIL until I recently realized that GOVERNMENTS are the ROOT of all EVIL simply because they are the ones who print the MONEY.

Soon To Be Unemployed


Will someone please tell this soon to be UNEMPLOYED troll that only a TRULY ignorant american believes that there is a DIFFERENCE between BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans when EVERY single intelligent, sensible American knows that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans are ONE and the SAME party who take turns wearing the BAD GUY cap.  In America’s very NEAR FUTURE, ignorant people who point their CROOKED & CORRUPTED partisan fingers as their MAIN form of EMPLOYMENT (99% of today’s MEDIA) will be THE VERY FIRST people on the long line to the GULLOTINE, I mean, for UNEMPLOYMENT benefits that they deem as WELFARE.

 Hey America!  Whether you like this or not, CHANGE is a COMING real fast and will take no PRISONERS just like every other time on this PLANET’S history.  This change will happen to everyday AMERICANS as they wake up from the PRETEND “bi-partisan politics” NIGHTMARE that this country so proudly labels as a “DEMOCRACY” – when in reality, it’s nothing more than CORRUPTED CAPITALISM which is no different than China’s TOTALITARIAN CAPITALISM.  Mark my words – within 2 years (by 2015) the majority of Americans will NO LONGER accept the CURRENT form of PRETEND democracy that we have AND will demand that anyone that even slightly resembles the days of a PAST CENTURY or MILLENIUM be chased down and burned at the stake faster than any and all poor innocent witches from SALEM some 300 years ago.  I will end by quoting ABE LINCOLN (the last republican president that actually cared about AMERICA and AMERICANS), “A house divided against itself CANNOT stand” because it will be those WORDS that precipitate the END of the “paid-for” GROUNDHOG’S day our UBER scummy %1ERS, POLITICIANS, and MEDIA never want to end solely because its how these truly cancerous fools enable themselves to remain wealthy and stay in power.  CHANGE or get the fuck out of the way BECAUSE if you don’t – you will get STAMPEDED by a MOB that will truly enjoy ending YOUR LIFE as only you know it.

What Do You Call One Political Party In Congress That Shuts Down The U.S. Government Over Defunding Obamacare And Another Political Party In Congress That Did Not Shut Down The U.S. Government To Prevent America From Entering 2 Bogus Wars In Iraq And Afghanistan


Best Friends Forever RepubliCUNTS, I mean, republicans & DemoRats, I mean, Democrats.  Stop texting your lives away with your fancy Chinese made, multi-colored, extra expensive “SMART” phones and pocketful of useless apps STUPID American DEMO-MONKEYS!  If you do NOT wake up real quick, it will only be a matter of time before our GOVERNMENT and the CORPORATONS that own and control this government realize that it would be FAR more profitable for them to UNLEASH its CLONED-CREATED zombies that can only digest stupid little American brains before starting this whole EXTREMELY profitable scam all over again in another country full of idiots.  ALWAYS remember & NEVER forget, IGNORANCE is CHOICE.  And if HISTORY has proven ONE thing throughout all of TIME on this planet, it’s that IGNORANT PEOPLE always GET slaughtered and deservedly so.

And just in case there are any stupid Americans who read my words and might be offended by them I was born and raised in AMERICA.  Do realize THE TRUTH always hurts the feelings of THE IGNORANT.  So, if my words bother you, go look in YOUR ignorant CHINESE MADE mirror from WALMART and leave your useless comment there.  I no longer waste my time with the one life I have arguing with STUPID PEOPLE, I mean, AMERICANS who cannot see it’s their OWN ignorance as to why they live such miserable lives and why this once beautiful country will continue to slip closer and closer to its own demise.  If have said this one time, I have said this A MILLION times – republicans and democrats are ONE and the same party who take turns WEARING the BAD GUY hat; or in other words, BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.   And, the only PEOPLE who CANNOT comprehend this are TRULY ignorant AMERICANS because they are TOO busy blaming everyone else but themselves for their own hypocrisy, cowardice and ignorance.  If you are a true-blue AMERICAN and truly LOVE this country like so many of you PUBLICLY claim, then stop HATING each other and START hating your government and the corporations that own OUR GOVERNMENT.  I will end with 3 EXTREMELY simple questions that I will even PROVIDE the answers to –

QUESTION #1 – who has THE VERY BEST healthcare on the face of this PLANET?

ANSWER – republicans and democrats! And I am not even going to ask who PAYS for the best HEALTHCARE on the face of this PLANET for our BEST FRIENDS FOREVER politicians – that’s too difficult a question for now

QUESTION #2 – who is receiving their salaries despite the fact that they are responsible for SHUTTING DOWN their OWN jobs, I mean, the government?

ANSWER – republicans and democrats

QUESTION #3 – what do you call truly ignorant people who take pride in their IGNORANCE?

ANSWER – stupid AMERICANS who actually think there is a difference between BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans