It’s Official! I Can Start Calling Him…


Let us never forget America!  If (and when) fat-fuck & “heavy weight” pretender Donald “il douche” Trump starts “sashaying” his belly around the White House, all blame will fall on Hillary “fracking” Clinton, Bill “wall street shill” Clinton, and President Monsanto “ask what you can do for wall street” Obama

In my “humble” opinion, the day Hillary “fracking” Clinton chose war monger/wall street/TPP trade deal puppet Tim “I want less regulations for the TOO BIG TO FAIL banks” Kaine as her Vice President was the day the wall street owned NEO-LIBERALS of the DEMOCRAT PARTY handed over ALL 3 BRANCHES of government to the treacherous GOP..

Or, in other words, the only reason why Fracking Hillary, Wall Street Shill Bill Clinton, and President Monsanto Obama did not want Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren as Vice President was/is because Wall Street is terrified of a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren Vice Presidency despite the fact that the Vice President really doesn’t have any power.

Even the most ignorant of ignorant Republicans fat-fuck & “heavy weight” pretender Donald “il douche” Trump himself knows that there is no way in hell or heaven that the Democrats lose with a Hillary/Obama/Bernie/Warren/Stein coalition…

If (and when) the Democrats lose the White House, it will be for one reason – they would/could not COMPROMISE with THEIR own BASE!  For if they had done so (by picking Sander or Warren as Vice President), Hillary “fracking” Clinton could have literally SLEPT WALKED into the WHITE HOUSE.

P.s. In my “humble” opinion, the DEMOCRATS should grow a FUCKING BRAIN really, really fast…and compromise with their own base….and kick war monger/wall street/TPP trade deal puppet Tim “I want less regulations for the TOO BIG TO FAIL banks” Kaine to the WALL STREET curb…and replace him with Sanders or Warren…that is if the DEMOCRATS want to win in a LANDSLIDE.  Bottom line here is VERY SIMPLE – if Hillary wins, she will just barely win…meaning…Wall Street gets exactly what they want – a DEMOCRAT president, a REPUBLICAN senate and congress AKA the status quo to even more “YUUUUUUUUGE” profits for Wall Street!






Chris Christie Says The New F Word Stands For Fema While I Say It Stands For Fat Fuck!


Unfortunately, and once again, Mr. Blubber, I mean, Chris Christie doesn’t have the slightest clue about anything in life other than devouring the puke of BULIMICS when NO ONE is looking and BLUBBER-BULLYING the very constituents (New Jersey residents) who pay his salary as their public servant.  Even more insulting to any kind of intelligence out there in the universe is the fact that we all know the F word does NOT stand for FEMA – it stands for FAT-FUCK!  And that is what Chris Christie is – A FAT-FUCK!

Here are TWO other OBVIOUS reasons why Mr. Blubber, I mean, Chris Christie is a FAT FUCK who should NEVER become PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.  And I am not even going to mention BLUBBERGATE, I mean, BridgeGate; or, the fact that he used HURRICANE SANDY MONEY as his own political SLUSH-FUND.

 Reason #1.  He lobbied for The Securities Industry Association (aka Wall Street) when Bernie Madoff  was a senior official there.  Or, in simplier terms, FAT-FUCK chris christie REEKS from the DISGUSTING STENCH of unregulated & bailed out wall street BUNG-HOLE.

 Reason #2.  He lobbied for war criminals George W. Bush & Prick Cheney not ONCE but TWICE.  To all democrats – wipe that smug smile off of your UGLY faces because our current president is also a WAR-CRIMINAL (due to his use of drones that has caused the deaths of many INNOCENTS around the world).  And let’s never forget that it was the DEMOCRATS who controlled CONGRESS when Bush jr. & Prick Cheney lied about WMDs and got us into 2 unnecessary WARS that cost the lives of THOUSANDS of brave AMERICAN soldiers and bankrupted this once GREAT & WEALTHY COUNTRY.

 In regards to REASON #1, I am not going to further waste everyone’s time elaborating on this topic other than to say that it has become rather OBVIOUS to the majority of democrats, republicans, and independents recently that all of WALL STREET sucks big, hairy, stank BALLS.  Now, in regards to lobbying or voting for war criminal bush jr & Prick cheney not once but 2 times – there is NO excuse for that other than you are an IGNORANT loser who is too STUPID to know that you actually despise AMERICA.

Hasn’t anyone ever heard of the old saying, “Once is FUNNY – twice is DUMMY!”?  Well, if you haven’t, now you have (and, you can thank me for that in your next life).  In full disclosure, I will say that immediately before war criminal bush jr & Prick cheney cheated their way into the WHITE HOUSE, I continuously said over and over and over again to anyone who was listening, “if these 2 losers cheat their way into the WHITE HOUSE, it will be THE VERY WORST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO THIS COUNTRY ever!”  So, in hindsight, I was 100% correct.  And for those who voted 2 times for these TREASONS, your punishment should be to ROT in hell for ETERNITY.  But I am a nice guy and believe in SALVATION – so your punishment is PRESIDENT OBAMA for 8 years and then PRESIDENT HILLARY CLINTON for another 8 years.   Thanks a lot you fucking ASSHOLES!  Never forget this fact because it is THE TRUTH!  No bush jr. & Prick cheney and there would never have been a PRESIDENT OBAMA followed by PRESIDENT HILLARY CLINTON.  So, look in your own FUCKING mirror when looking for someone to blame for how truly UNGREAT this country has become since the beginning of this new MILLENNIUM.

Long story short, I couldn’t give a BLOODY shit if FAT-FUCK chris christie runs for PRESIDENT or not in 2016 because AMERICA is currently on a PATH to destruction brought about by an unrelenting force of GREED & IGNORACE never before seen in the history of MANKIND at the very WORST TIME in this planet’s history as our RESOURCES become more limited due to CLIMATE CHANGE.  In short, Americans immediately NEED to stop acting like their ELECTED LEADERS – criminals who are incapable of speaking a sliver of any kind of TRUTH who deem being ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS a sin punishable by DEATH.  I used to believe that MONEY was the ROOT of all EVIL until I recently realized that GOVERNMENTS are the ROOT of all EVIL simply because they are the ones who print the MONEY.