Terrorism To Hit Germany And Britain Next


And it will hit within 6 weeks….if not sooner….How do I know this?  Because just like with FRANCE, the UK and GERMANY have now decided to join the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in continuing their unrelenting bombing of the MIDDLE EAST.

There is only ONE WAY to put an END to all this MADNESS..and that ONE WAY is NEVER EVER mentioned by WASHINGTON and/or by any of its lying bobble-head corporate owned media/news/foreign policy pundits…and that way is to


Here are the 3 things that will happen to any and all governments who join the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S coalition against the so called “WAR ON TERROR”

  1. More innocent tax-payers of these countries will continue to be massacred
  2. Your national debt will SKYROCKET into the TRILLIONS of DOLLARS within 5 years
  3. Your ECONOMIES will SHRINK to very dangerous levels

How do I know this….? Very simple…Because this is EXACTLY what has happened to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA since it started all this bullshit by starting that TRULY bogus IRAQI WAR in 2003.

If I have said this once, I have said this more times than there are guns in america (300 million times)…this so called WAR ON TERROR will end EXACTLY the same was as WASHINGTON’S war on poverty and/or WASHINGTON’S war on drugs – with cheaper and more lethal terrorists EVERYWHERE….And, our recent history is already proving this for all the world to see.

Simply because…It is NOT about protecting its tax paying citizens – IT IS ALL ABOUT extracting 100s of BILLIONS of $$$$s from its TAX PAYERS so as to continue their profitable myriad of EXTREMELY BOGUS ponzi schemes under the guise of words like freedom, capitalism, and security…

But…there is GOOD NEWS coming soon!  Our collective moment of clarity is EXTREMELY close at hand WO/MANKIND!  And it will be BEAUTIFUL and EVERLASTING!!  It is already happening in small pockets across this beautiful GLOBE….AND will only continue to grow bigger and bigger by the day….and it will be NON-VIOLENT…but, most importantly, it will restore the natural order of life- PEOPLE before PROFITS…

Organic boycotts are the ANSWER to all of our problems…and I will explain why in my next blog, “It’s Going To Be A Bloody Christmas And An Even Bloodier New Year!”







Banned Saucy Seaside Postcards From Back In the Day


The most famous artist of this type of “saucy seaside postcards” was Donald McGill……


who when he was 80 years old…..


was put on trial under the Obscene Publications Act…


and found guilty and fined……


Today they are one of the most collected items of memorabilia and….


worth a fortune!!!  “Go figure & how TIMES have changed!” is all I can say

In Regards 2


Will be my new section that will reoccur throughout my blog where I, ALONE, am the fucking judge and fucking jury.  In this courtroom, I will be doling out the sentences like the new pope gives blessings to the poor in any way I feel fit. Guilt and/or innocence, facts, untruths, or whatever is of no concern to me in this section.  The only thing that matters is I get to say my PIECE about any person, subject matter, and/or topic that I choose – you feel me HOME-SLICE!

Dang! I need a cigarette real bad, FOR REALZ…but that ain’t going to happen. I will write a thousand (maybe 10,000) little mini blogs before I suck on the evil CANCER stick/lung dart.  I am NEVER going to say “NEVER” because, if I have learned one thing in the thousands of lives I have already lived so far in my ONE life, it’s that when one says, “I will never…” THIS IS the fastest and surest way for ONE to ALWAYS do what you never wanted to do again – that’s fact.  Alright, let me get back to the point about my new section “In Regards 2”…here are some quick examples:

In Regards 2 the ROYAL BABY


Make sure you pass this on to the QUEEN and the ROYAL FAMILY – I couldn’t give a FLYING FUCK about that forever lecherous and lazy ROYAL BABY…do you want to know why? …because that forever lecherous & lazy ROYAL BABY that was just born doesn’t and will NEVER give a flying fuck about ME. So, there you go!  But, don’t get me wrong now.  If the forever lecherous and lazy ROYAL BABY ever reads my words sometime in the future, and wants to change my attitudes towards him – the solution is very simple. Send me some big DOLLARS & then we can be BFFs…Yea right! Unfortunately for the forever lecherous and lazy ROYAL BABY, I don’t give a FUCK about MONEY so I don’t think my attitudes will ever change (notice how I didn’t use the word “NEVER”:)

 And if I don’t give a flying TURD about the forever lecherous and lazy ROYAL BABY, it goes without saying that I care even less about KIM KARDASHIAN’S & KAYNE WEST’S ever so ugly new born baby that we haven’t seen yet for unknown reasons.  @Kayne West…you are a one-hit LOSER alcoholic whose art suffers due to your denials about what is actually true about you – go get some help before you kill yourself in a blind raging BLACKOUT…@Kim Kardashian…I’ve seen you in real life and you are one GROSS lady whose eternal greed for money and fame makes you even more ugly than you TRULY already are in real life…my advice is to STOP pimping your life and your baby’s life for more DOLLARS…it will end in a most ugly FASHION that I promise.  To any all TV stations, radio stations, internet sites that profit from this horse manure of PRETEND-NEWS, know this – I turn the station instantly when I see or hear anything about these truly NO-BODY babies.

In Regards 2 Anthony Weiner


Hey Anthony! Yo, Weiner! Duuuuude! Just give it up in regards to trying to be MAYOR of New York City. I was born and raised in the city that never sleeps since 1966…I have lived through the GOOD and the BAD times of this truly beautiful but, at times, INSANE city…I am one of the few NEW YORKERS who can glide through all different kinds of neighborhoods whether they be filthy rich, middle class, poverty stricken, White, Black, Latino, Asian, and/or whatever because I “GOT it” like that. RESPECT for all is THE ONLY rule I follow and have always followed. “If I don’t know where you are from and you don’t know where I am from” that’s mutual respect for me. Unlike MOST AMERICANS or people on this planet who get threatened INSTATNLY by people who are different from them.  That is the MOST DANGEROUS way to live in my opinion. But hey! Who am I to question how others live on this planet. That’s none of my fucking business which is another common trait amongst true new yorkers.

But, let’s get back to the WEINER.  I am not going to vote for you not because YOU ARE a flasher who takes cock “SELFIES” and sends them to damaged, ugly younger women, or because you are a shameless LIAR who actually believes that you are more intelligent than all New Yorkers put together.  I am not VOTING FOR YOU because you are an Internet ADDICT probably high on some type of speed like ADDERRALL.  And as we all know, you can never trust an addict until he/she seeks the help that he/she so desperately needs WILLINGLY. Until then, all is a waste of complete time because addicts are very sick people who will do anything and everything to continue to be sick in order to continue living their lives of self-denial. And the first step TO recovery is complete HONESTY to yourself and all in your life. “You are as sick as your secrets” is the old but true saying and YOU, Anthony Weiner, have not been honest with yourself FIRST which means you will never be honest with the New York City voters.  Go get some fucking help Anthony, then get back to us.  And, Oh yea!  By the way! Just because you take VIAGRA and can bend your cock downwards when you have HARD-ON doesn’t make you “A BIG GUY” if you know what I mean – it just makes you look like SMALL-PENIS liar.

In Regards 2 War Criminal Dick Cheney


I will keep this one really short…PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE…WITH ALL THE SUGAR IN THE WORLD ON TOP..PRETTY PLEASE die already!  You are the very WORST thing that has EVER happened to this BEAUTIFUL planet and this WONDERFUL world WILL REJOICE when your fake, plastic heart malfunctions and you die.  KNOW THAT!