Truly Ignorant Climate Change Deniers, I Mean, Renewable Dummies Are Real Quiet This Year!


It’s Christmas Eve 2015 and the temperature in New York City will be 75 degrees when it’s all said and done…and not one PEEP from the truly ignorant climate change deniers so far this winter…

Hmmmm….I wonder why the SILENCE from these truly DIM-WITTED idiots?


Because these truly ignorant RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS actually believe that EL NINO is an ILLEGAL MEXICAN trying to cross the TEXAS border.

I don’t know about the rest of you….but, I will be having a barbecue on my roof in Harlem on America’s MOST pagan holiday otherwise known as Christmas/Christmas Eve.

Everyone is welcome –

“Inc. God We Trust”