Citizens United Will Prove That The Road To Heaven Will Be Paved With Bad Intentions

incgod1First and foremost, if you are a war mongering supporter of CITIZENS UNITED, you are FALSE christian in every sense of the word; and, you are the TRUE cancer of GOD’S beautiful planet..Even worse is the fact that if FALSE christians (not all but they are many in America i.e. the Televangelists) of America continue to have their way in their attempt to pave THEIR way into their false HEAVEN with their BAD intentions i.e. by actually legalizing unlimited amounts of MORE dark money into our politics and/or religions…It’ll be just a matter of time (probably within the next 50 years) that there will be a SAINT Exxon Mobil or SAINT JP Morgan well as a POPE Jamie Dimon or David Koch…And, just a matter of time when children will be singing “Onward Halliburton and BlackWater soldiers, marching as to war, With the cross of Citizens United going on before…”  Or, in other words, until they choke this planet AND all of its beautiful, innocent children to death with their ignorance, greed and hypocrisy.

There is NO such thing as DEMOCRACY in a CITIZENS UNITED world…that would be like saying, “The only PEOPLE who will get into HEAVEN are the ONES with the MOST money.” We have already lived that HORROR SHOW in our past.  Plus, it’s an insult and face slap to our historical forefathers and shepherds of Democracy, america, and Christianity.

In a CITIZENS UNITED world…there is no such things as MERCENARY ARMIES like the days of old…They have been replaced by THE new-age weapons of today’s TECHNOLOGY i.e. Drones, Satellites, Robots, Smart Phones, Space Ships, etc.  The NEW mercenary armies of today and the future are and will be LOBBYISTS aka the U.S. INDUSTRIAL LOBBYING COMPLEX.  This complex will be the BEASTS of all BEASTS whose hunger (aka its addiction to fame, power and money) can and will never be satisfied.  This beast of all beasts will monetize any and everything on this beautiful planet…then steal it under the guise of “JUST” legality..then sell it for an immense profit…until there is nothing left on earth except for the stench of war, poverty, disease, famine, pollution, and finally… decay and WHICH POINT..they will move to the NEXT planet…and then…repeat and rinse like instructions on a shampoo bottle.

Which brings me to my last & final point..the recent “happenings” in INDIANA and all this religious personhood (RELIGIOUS FREEDOM RESTORATION ACT) lunacy and madness that happened last week.  I mean, am I the only person who sees the TRUE comical IRONY in regards to this entire sordid affair that occurred? Perhaps I am…perhaps I’m not..perhaps I’m insane..perhaps I’m not…who knows and who cares..That’s the beauty of AMERICA – the first amendment 🙂

Governor Mike Pence of Indiana will soon become a case study as to how CITIZENS UNITED and the U.S. INDUSTRIAL LOBBYING COMPLEX only further pollutes our already polluted GOVERNMENT in the name of PROFITS and RELIGION.  LOBBYISTS don’t care about RELIGION…just like they don’t give a FLYING shit about LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, and TRANSGENDER rights…LOBBYISTS only CARE about MONEY and how much more they can make by INFLAMING both sides of a coin, I mean, debate…THEN, they move onto the next MOST PROFITABLE debate..

Long story short, I find it highly comical that it was the fake christians of the Republican Party that wanted and then gave us CITIZENS UNITED in 2010…it is, NOW, these same people who are getting beaten over their NOGGINS with CITIZENS UNITED.  This is the war (corporate vs religious personhood) that will destroy the republican party first..then the democratic party next, and finally AMERICA and it’s beautiful DEMOCRACY – but that’s a whole other SITCOM that will be discussed in one of my future blogs

Mark my words FALSE christians of America, if CITIZENS UNITED is not repealed in our very near future..There will be a GAY PRESIDENT and a SAME-SEX, transgender first lady (probably within 20 years)in the WHITE HOUSE….”not that there is anything wrong with that!” – Jerry Seinfeld and George Constanza.  And, if you think President Obama and/or President Hillary Clinton drives you insane – just wait until there is a GAY PRESIDENT and a SAME-SEX, transgender first lady in the WHITE HOUSE…that WILL BE the final nail in your forever COFFIN.

And, even much worse, I fear that CITIZENS UNITED will set the table for our very near future, DIGITAL version of the soon to be reincarnation of ADOLF HITLER the SECOND aka the ANTI-CHRIST…Let’s just be THANKFUL that the first HITLER believed in his FALSE “the Aryan race is superior” bullshit instead of God or Allah..or even worse, Jesus or the Prophet Mohammed..In a CITIZENS UNITED world, we won’t be so LUCKY.

War mongering FALSE CHRISTIANS who support CORPORATE and RELIGIOUS personhood legislation need to STOP playing GOD on a planet that BELONGS to all MANKIND with all of its IMPERFECTIONS…for, if they DO NOT, they will be casting their innocent and beautiful children into SATAN’S heart before they are even BORN.

Inc. God We Trust


West Virginia And North Carolina Now Have To Undrink The Polluted Water That Our Corrupt Government Told Them Was Safe To Drink


Truth be told…I was originally going to title this one “America Has A Bad Case Of Western Virginia Disease” (the newly mutated version of WESTERN NILE DISEASE that has been plaguing America recently) but then NORTH CAROLINA and the DANE RIVER happened on SUPERBOWL Sunday where 82,000 tons of COAL ASH somehow spilled into the Dane River.  And since I just smokeD a little GREEN-AGE aka THE CANNABIS, I’m going to bust this out real quick.  This is what’s going down with OUR current version of the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT these days.  Citizens United has ushered in a new BREED of scumbag into WASHINGTON.  His name is the LOBBYIST and his specialty is his UNIQUE way of carrying SUITCASES full of RE-ELECTION VICTORIES to every single one of our current politicians…straight from the cold, evil hands of the TODAY’S %1ers AKA “the inheritance class” (the worst type of %1er)…who own BILLION DOLLAR polluting CORPORATIONS…that pay no TAXES with demeaning and insulting pride

 And here is how it works from point A to point B….THE POLITICIAN gets the suitcase full of RE-ELECTION VICTORIES from THE LOBBYIST (on top of his already PLUSH salary and  perks paid for by the U.S. taxpayer)…then THE POLITICIAN looks the OTHER WAY with UNREGULATING EYES when THE %1ERS’ polluting corporations violate every law on the books (and there are MANY) with impunity when it comes to safe DRINKING WATER for the American people.  And then, if by chance, SOMETHING terrible happens (and they always do) the solution is real SIMPLE – just bring in the fucking KANGAROO COURTS filled with terrible actors and rubber stamped JUDGES from THE EPA fascist AGENCY to pretend TO DOLE out fake punishments that are NEVER criminal.  And then, the second to last COCK-SLAP to the left cheek of the hard-working AMERICAN people’s faces is when THE POLITICIAN fines THE %1ERS’ billion dollar POLLUTING CORPORATIONS just a sliver of the amount of what that corporation should pay in TAXES which brings us to the final and MOST insulting joke of all – THE POLITICIAN then becomes THE LOBBYIST..and then the vicious cycle starts all over again with a planet filled with MORE POLLUTED WATER.

 If the American people cannot find a way to repeal CITIZENS UNITED and do this extra quick…we will all, unfortunately, be forced to learn how to undrink and uneat all of our future water and food… and that’s definitely going to be a tough one.  But, in the greediest NATION of all NATIONS in the HISTORY of MANKIND, I am 100% certain that the “POWERS THAT BE” are already working on this TECHNOLOGY (probably creating the PATENTS right now) as another way to RING IN more profits that they do NOT need.  We live in ONE BIG JOKE with depressing CLOWNS as our political and religious leaders doing the dirty work for the cancerous %1 who are sucking the very life from this PLANET.

The True Story About A One Man Boycott In America


I am the annoying, little, incessantly BUZZING in your ear mosquito that keeps a person up all night slapping themselves while I look for the perfect opportunity to suck some dirty, filthy American blood.  I do this not so much for my love of tasting human blood (matter of fact, I hate the taste of blood most of the time – the only time it tastes GREAT is when I ingest a little of America’s new drug of choice BATH SALTS which makes eating AMERICAN face extra TASTY).  I do this in hopes of spreading a brand new virus of hope throughout America before we are “ALL FUCKED FOREVER”, I mean, it’s WAY too late.  I mean, if you cannot see that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats are one and the same party who take turns wearing the BAD GUY hat in their overzealous DIVIDE & CONQUER politics – then my theory that America’s MOST precious COMMODITY today is nothing more than it’s own ignorant citizens aka RENEWABLE DUMMIES comes true.  And just so you know, pointing ignorant PARTISAN fingers at each other does NOT solve the problem; matter of fact, it’s the WET DREAM come true for our corrupt, ever greedy politicians and their army of LAWYERS & LOBBYISTS as they circle the wagons of WE THE PEOPLE and strip every last vestige of freedom from us with that HUGE & EXTRA FAKE, SMUG fucking smile on their faces.  In short, a country where ONLY the RICH can afford to PURCHASE their freedom while everyone else’s ONLY freedom is the right to kill another for whatever reason they deem fit with their LEGAL WEAPONS is nothing more than TOO BIG TO FAIL CAPITALISM – not a DEMOCRACY.

 If there are 2 things that life has taught me in my 47 years of living SO FAR is that there are NO coincidences in the LIFE of the ONLY SUPER POWER and that HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF only because there is a PROFIT in it by the very people who can AFFORD to write OUR HISTORY.  Like for example, there is a reason why OBAMACARE aka the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT was passed into LAW as America became the most OBESE nation on the face of this planet by one party (the democrats) while the other party (the republicans) offered absolutely no alternative WHATSOEVER (because, as we all know, the very concept of OBAMACARE aka THE AFFORDABLE CARE act was created by the conservative think-tank THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION way back in the early 1990s).  Or, let’s take TOO BIG TO FAIL as another example.  I mean, the very second that we handed over our money to bail out the very banks that almost bankrupted our country with their 100% ILLEGAL & TREASONOUS UNRELENTING GREED was the very moment BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats solidified into law WHY every 30 years HISTORY will repeat itself in America – all in the name of EVEN MORE profits for evil beings that don’t need any more profits for centuries to come.  Or, let’s take CORPORATE PERSONHOOD aka CITIZEN UNITED, as yet another perfect example of how BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats truly show their bi-partisan UTTER DISDAIN toward the very people that put them in power and pay their CORRUPT salaries.  Just the name alone (CITIZENS UNITED) is a TOTAL insult to any kind of intelligence out there in the universe; and, it is a truly sad TESTAMENT of how truly ignorant Americans have recently become.  Even more disturbing is the newly found pride present in AMERICAN ignorance today compared to when this country was the GREATEST COUNTRY on the face of earth just a couple of decades ago when MADE IN AMERICA and I AM THE CUSTOMER actually meant something dear and near to our hearts.

 And, mark my words, the VERY second CORPORATE PERSONHOOD aka CITIZENS UNITED became law in our country a few years back, it will only become INEVITABLE that RELIGIOUS PERSONHOOD will follow suit in our very near future which will probably be called ALL GODS UNITED by our BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republican and democrat politicians in their attempt to further pad their pockets with even more cash-flow while stealing even more freedoms in the stealth of the night with their newly purchased & paid for by us NIGHT VISION google glasses.

Ok Ok! Let me calm down a little because I’m getting all worked up again which means my blood pressure is probably exploding like when an american hears a muslim saying, “bomb go boom” on an airplane.  And that’s not good for my health according to my newly acquired AFFORDABLE CARE ACT doctor.  And, for this reason alone, I am taking ONE simple, drastic step in my own personal life so that I won’t have horrible feelings of guilt on my future deathbed whenever that may be.  I will not SPEND one single DAMN RED penny of my money this year or in any years to come on anything other than the necessities of life i.e. food, water, a roof over my head, heat, a few items of clothing, cat food and litter for my cat and that’s it – UNLESS IT IS MADE ONLY IN AMERICA by a small American business owner.  That means no Chinese or India made cheap, slave labor products as gifts for any holiday in America INCLUDING  for my own birthday.  This also means not one penny in POLITICAL DONATIONS whatsoever UNLESS that person is for ENDING CORPORATE PERSONHOOD immediately (not tomorrow, or next year, or a decade from now).  No more cable television because it’s one long, ignorant commercial with pretend NEWS purchased by US corporations to sell their constant unwanted TREASONOUS, propaganda garbage.  In short, I am tuning AMERICA out of my life ENTIRELY simply because I know THE ROOT OF ALL GOVERNMENT EVIL is money so I am AIMING my patriotic WRATH at the very U.S. MONOPOLIES, I mean, corporations that I am certain are destroying this country all in the name of GREED IS GOOD.  I am doing this as of this moment because I can and know that in 50 years my words and actions will probably be punishable by death if things in AMERICA do not change DRASTICALLY real quick.  So, I’m sending an extra big “FUCK YOU” to every single AMERICAN big corporation – and an even bigger “FUCK YOU” to our lying media who are also owned by big CORPORATE AMERICA – no more  FUCKING SOUP FOR FUCKING ANY OF YOU!  Because, if all you care about is INK on PAPER or DIGITS on a SCREEN, I mean, money THEN you get absolutely NONE of my money unless you REFUND me the real AMERICA back right now–  until then, you can stick my skinny, little pinkie finger as far up your STANKY ass as humanly possible for all I fucking care.

The 2nd Amendment Plus Citizens United Equals An Extra Gross And Fugly Whore On Crack, I Mean, The Death Of America


  • Let us never forget…America does not have a gun has a cowardly American males (of all colors) with guns problem…And guns don’t kill, cowardly a
  • American males (of all colors) with guns kill – THAT’S FACT!

Here’s the little dirty secret our cowardly, gun loving, ignorant, selfish corporate personhood WHORES, I mean, our SO-CALLED defenders of our freedoms NEVER want to admit; and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, will be the reason why they are they are the CANCER that truly kills all freedom.  If I have said this ONCE, I have SAID this a ga-zillion TIMES – I have no problems whatsoever with responsible gun owners in the once LAND OF THE FREE (now the land of the corporate slave) and THE HOME OF THE BRAVE (now the home of the ignorant coward).  What I do have a problem with is very simple – you cannot be a DEFENDER OF OUR FREEDOM if you support CORPORATE PERSONHOOD or, in other words, you do NOT believe that MONEY is the ROOT of all GOVERNMENT evil.

 PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE with all the SUGAR in the world ON TOP, PRETTY PLEASE stop quoting our founding father and THE 2nd AMENDMENT unless you stupid, FREAKIN products of daddy banging granny, I mean, ignorant INBREDS are also going to quote our FOUNDING FATHERS’ feelings and words about MONEY corrupting our GOVERNMENT in our CONSTITUTION.

Always REMEMBER and never FORGET, MONEY corrupts – it’s just a FACT of life! Is that too DIFFICULT of a concept for you CORPORATE PERSONHHOD whores to comprehend or are you guys just a bunch of lying, FREAKIN cowards who actually dream of the day that A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT is born.  I mean, you fucking idiots DO UNDERSTAND that the TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT our founding father feared so much is A GOVERNMENT owned and controlled by MONEY & CORPORATIONS.  Look up it idiots!  It’s ALL right there in OUR PAST, in our HISTORY BOOKS and in our fucking CONSTITUTION.  So, once again, if you FOOLS are going to constantly QUOTE our founding fathers and the 2ND amendment; then, you must ALSO quote their words and thoughts about MONEY in POLITICS; or otherwise, you are nothing more than AN UGLY CRACKHEAD who constantly promises herself/himself and the world, “I swear to GOD, this TIME, I swear, will be my last COCK I suck for a hit of crack!” (only to suck another cock 5 minutes later for yet another bell-ringer hit)

 Long story short, the GUN MANUFACTURERS and the NRA have been bribing, I mean, strong-arming, I mean, lobbying our EASY TO CORRUPT (best friends forever democrats and republicans) politicians and government for the longest of time.  SHIIIIT! I’ll bet you that our MUSKET MANUFACTURERS from our past bribed, I mean, strong-armed, I mean lobbied our founding fathers to put the 2nd Amendment into our CONSTITUTION in the first place.

 So, the MORAL of THIS STORY is extremely simple.  If you want to be the TRUE DEFENDERS OF OUR FREEDOMS then keep your guns and GET THE FUCK OUT of the CORPORATE PERSONHOOD and LOBBYING business; or, in your very near future you treasonous ignorant fools will be lower on the TOTEM POLE than WALL STREET – the TRUE epitome of scum. Or, you can continue as is and be the best corporate personhood, lying WHORES on the face of this planet so that you can keep giving your hard-earned money to the GUN MANUFACTURERS & NRA so that they can CONTINUE bribing, I mean, strong arming, I mean, LOBBYING our corrupt politicians and government until this once beautiful country is CHOKED to death from your OWN ignorance and your OWN hypocrisy.   You CANNOT have your cake (the 2nd amendment) and eat it (citizens united) too because THIS is the TYRANNICAL government you fools claim to be protecting us from.   If your crack, I mean, your guns have made you TOO IGNORANT to understand this THEN you are the REAL enemy that will LOSE dearly.

 P.S. Let’s the get the definition of the word TRAGEDY in regards to Gun Violence correct okay assholes.  If you are a MODERN DAY pro-gun, pro-2nd amendment, and pro-corporate personhood asshole and someone very dear & close to you (i.e. a family member, child, best friend, wife, or whomever) dies at the hands of a GUN for whatever reason…THIS is NOT a tragedy – IT’S fucking ignorant BAD KARMA.  But, if you are for ENDING CORPORATE personhood so that only TRULY responsible people can own LEGAL guns like our founding father intended and a close family member, friend, etc. is SHOT to death or maimed then that’s A TRUE TRAGEDY.


Incorporated God We Trust


Pointing ignorant partisan fingers at each other will be the ARSENIC that kills us all because it ENABLES the CANCER THAT TRULY KILLS, I mean, our trillion dollar corporations that pay no TAXES who own our COUNTRY as well as our BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrat and republican politicians to further DIVIDE renewable dummies, I mean, WE THE SHEEPLE, I mean, PEOPLE.  Wake up AMERICA! If you cannot see that MONEY is the root of all GOVERNMENT EVIL, then this country is DOOMED to DIE a most horrible, violent, and painful DEATH – and deservedly so.   To any person who truly LOVES America, you need to step up and make it OBVIOUSLY clear to the CORPORATIONS that are destroying our once beautiful country with their unrelenting greed that we are on to their CORRUPTED game of MONOPLY and TOO BIG TO FAIL politics.  And if push comes to shove, I am ready to hide whatever money I have and I will never spend another penny other than what keeps me alive in this world – a little food, water, shelter, and warmth and THAT’S FUCKING it.  I’ll even quit my job so the government can no longer steal my taxes and do ABSOLUTELY nothing with them other than padding their POCKETS with more of America’s hard earned money.

 I am ALSO so terribly sick of our GOVERNMENT GONE WILD who can only SPEAK IN TONGUE and read a teleprompter OWNED by THEIR CORPORATE owners and lobbyists  who are literally CHOKING the very life out of this country right before our own eyes.  I am even more horrified about this nation’s newest commodity – RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, american CITIZENS who now ACTUALLY take pride in their own IGNORANCE and who continuously yell “We’re #1!  We’re #1!  We #1!” – when, in reality, this country ranks LOWER and LOWER each year with practically EVERY vital STATISTIC that matters most to HUMAN BEINGS; i.e education, life-expectancy, quality of life, pollution, pre-school education, jobs, healthcare, etc., etc., etc.  Ironically, the three statistics where America is #1 (OBSESITY, GUN VIOLENCE and GOVERNMENT SURVEILLANCE) should send SHIVERS through the spines of every AMERICAN alive today. And the solution is so VERY SIMPLE – end corporate PERSONHOOD immediately otherwise our government and the corporations that own US will NEVER get another damn, red penny from me ever again.  And if they try to force me OR try to steal my money, then it will have to be over my dead body – and then good luck finding my money because you won’t.

3 Words That Truly Send Shivers Through The Crooked Spines Of Every Single Politician And Political Party In The United States Of America


End Corporate Personhood!  And to the person who is able to get this “LIFE or DEATH of a SUPER POWER” message to WE THE PEOPLE, do realize YOU WILL NOT LIVE long.  Those 3 words (END CORPORATE PERSONHOOD) are the KYPONITE that will kill our “SUPERgreedyMAN” from another MOTHER, I mean, UNIVERSE that is currently posing as our GOVERNMENT owned and purchased by MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR GLOBAL conglomerates who pay NO TAXES.