If It’s A Boeing 777 – Do Not Get In It!


That is if you do NOT want to increase your chances of DYING a MOST violent DEATH…or, at the very minimum, if you do get in a BOEING 777…make sure you are not  a TRULY selfish ASSHOLE…and please get some LIFE-INSURANCE..this way, when you are blown out of the sky OR vanish into THIN-AIR…your family will get a little POCKET-CHANGE when you are removed from this planet…So, let’s get to my main point..which is TOOTING my HORN.. If any of you have read any of my past posts in regards to the “missing” MALAYSIA AIRLINES flight MH370, you will already know my main point…and that is – whether the “missing” MALAYSIAN AIRLINES flight 370 of a few months was BLOWN out of the sky by nefarious “terrorists” and/or it exploded in MID-AIR due to a STRUCTURAL DESIGN flaw in the BOEING 7777….really DOES NOT make a difference…DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY IT DOES NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE?  The answer is so very SIMPLE..and the current MALAYSIA AIRLINES 17 which blew up in mid-air TODAY over the UKRAINE will be my ultimate proof  to my OVERALL point… And, here it is… cause it’s as PLAIN as DAY…WE WILL NEVER KNOW THE TRUTH?  Why will we NEVER know the truth..Once again, the ANSWER is so very SIMPLE…because THERE IS NEVER ANY profit in TELLING the truth..We live in an AGE where the ETERNAL FANGS of GREED dominates EVERY facet of our lives.  Now, I am not going to get into a detailed discussion about the GEO-POLITICAL bullshit that our corporate MEDIA so loves to discuss and confuse us all with…matter of fact, I could not GIVE a FLYING FUCK (excuse the PUN) because THERE IS only 2 scenarios that we need to look at.. #1 Scenario…If it was a STRUCTURAL DESIGN flaw of the BOEINNG 777… we will most DEFINITELY never know the truth..MATTER OF FACT, boeing and the UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT will go out of their way to blame the “FOREVER” bad guy (terrorists) as to why today’s MALAYSIA AIRLINES 17 exploded today…this way BOEING can CONTINUE to ring in the PROFITS by selling PIECES OF SHIT airplanes to all NATIONS on this planet BY being the MOST IMPERIALISTIC MONOPOLY the aviation industry has ever seen… #2 Scenario…Terrorists/Separatists (for whatever reason is not important) blew MALAYSIA AIRLINES flight 17 out of the sky TODAY…and, ONCE AGAIN, we will never know the TRUTH…because, AS USUAL, WASHINGTON D.C . (the eternal LIARS) will MAKE sure we NEVER know THE TRUTH..because the REAL truth about everything that is HAPPENING with RUSSIA and the UKRAINE  today HAS everything TO DO with THE FANGS of WASHINGTON’S and BIG OIL’S eternal GREED…and the TRULY piece-of-shit CHICKEN-HAWK neo-cons WHO are addicted to sending BRAVE AMERICANS to die ON foreign SOIL for more PROFITS they DO NOT even need. Which brings me FULL-CIRCLE…if it’s A BOEING 777 flying anywhere on THIS PLANET…do NOT get in IT!!!  If there is one thing I can promise in the ONE life given to me in the AGE of “The FANGS of ETERNAL greed” we are ALL currently living it…it’s that if all people STOP flying on BOEING 777s due to its NOW chronic tendency to either vanish into THIN air or EXPLODE in mid-air…both BOEING and the eternal LIARS in WASHINGTON will GUARANTEE that they STOP taking our TAXES and TRANSFORMING it into BLOOD money that ULTIMATELY and ALWAYS comes back to KILL us…And, NEVER FORGET – violence BREEDS fear which always earns HUGE PROFITS for the scumbags whose only goal is to DIVIDE and CONQUER in their eternal pursuit to PUT profits always before PEOPLE


Beware Of Socialism In Capitalist Clothing Aka The U.S. Military And Federal Government


Why is it that every single time America tries cut back on military spending the cowardly WAR MONGRELS, I Mean, Neo-Cons aka “THE CHICKEN HAWKS” instantly come out and try to TROLL, I mean, scare the American People into another war?  Or, here’s an EVEN better question – why is it that EVERY SINGLE TIME in the past 50 years that the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT has had a BUDGET SURPLUS (not a deficit), IT’S TIME TO GO TO WAR.

 Well…the answer to my own question is very simple – American style SOCIALISM is the most corrupt and dangerous version that THIS WORLD has ever seen.  I mean, come on NOW…if AMERICA could just be honest for just one single, split second for the first time in its LYING fucking history, we’d realize that AMERICAN style SOCIALISM created the U.S. MILITARY, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, UNCLE SAM, WALL STREET, U.S BANKS, the WHITE HOUSE, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the NRA, EXXON, FREEDOM INDUSTRIES, the treasonous %1ers, and I can go on until my face is a DARK, BLUE hue in color…but I won’t because I think my point has been made.  Bottom line is…the U.S. MILITARY and FEDERAL GOVERNMENT have been picking WINNERS and LOSERS for the past 50 years or so by using WE THE PEOPLE’S money to create FALSE & FAKE  INDUSTRIES that only further ENRICH themselves in THEIR eternal and perpetual loop of GREED, HYPOCRISY, and UNTRUTHS that will only have ONE ENDING – the demise of this BEAUTIFUL PLANET as we know it.

 But there is a SOLUTION America – and it’s a very simple solution!  We must starve THE BEAST before THE BEAST starves us.  How do we starve THE BEAST?  American style SOCIALISM has one GOLDEN RULE; and, it is this simple GOLDEN RULE that exposes it’s true CHARACTER FLAW….profits before people…..Any society that ALWAYS puts PROFITS before PEOPLE always has one of two endings – either the BEAST starves to death or the PEOPLE starve to death.  So, lets starve the BEAST before the BEAST starves US.  And, here’s how you starve the BEAST – if it is not made in AMERICA by an AMERICAN, then do NOT buy it!!!