Stop the Biased Bernie-Bashing

Killary is killing democratic turnout…it’s time for her to leave and when she does…turnout for the democrats will smash republican turnout despite the trump effect


The establishment media, especially the Washington Post, is doing everything in its power to dampen Bernie-movement enthusiasm by collectively reporting that Clinton is “sprinting” to the finish line and relegating Bernie’s victories in 4 states (and 1 tie) yesterday to after-thought status.  I’m frankly flabbergasted and outraged at their biased reporting and editorializing.  Bernie handily beat Hillary in major states: Minnesota (25 points), Colorado by 20 points, Oklahoma by 10, and Mass was a virtual tie.  His percentages in almost every southern state also improved from the dismal 18% in the SC primary (with the exception of Alabama) well into the 30% range, yet all we hear from the Washington Post are quotes like:  ” . . . as she marches towards the Democratic nomination.” and “”Clinton is now on a path towards a PERMANENT lead among delegates, etc.”

The most outrageous trick is the Post’s failure to differentiate pledged…

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