Waiting To Watch Some Football During The Commercial Bowl


That’s right folks..I will not be watching tonight’s COMMERCIAL, I mean, Super Bowl as usual..To me, watching the SUPER BOWL must be like Russians watching Russian President Vladimir Putin giving a speech on Russian Television…where 90% of the men watching are hammered drunk and 90% of the women flinch every time their husbands move their hands for fear of getting slapped upside their heads for no particular reason…

Mark my words…tonight’s SUPER BOWL will be ONE long stream of CORPORATE AMERICAN lies with a little football sprinkled in…and, whatever little football that is actually being played on the field will be scripted for one sole purpose – to keep the game close so that everyone keeps watching the COMMERCIAL, I mean, SUPER BOWL to the very last second…

You will see one commercial after another from THE big oil, big pharma, junk food, automobile, and the alcohol INDUSTRIES spewing one lie after another as to how their products are the next best thing to the SECOND coming of JESUS CHRIST…

AND, even worse…there will be a JEB BUSH commercial FEATURING George “Dubya” Bush stumping for his brother that will also interrupt THE GAME..


No thanks AMERICA!  I will enjoy one of AMERICA’s last freedoms – the right to be UNIQUE


2 thoughts on “Waiting To Watch Some Football During The Commercial Bowl

  1. I didn’t watch the game but I predicted the score and won a thousand bones in a superbowl pool…I think I will be watching every super bowl from now on… – the happy camper 🙂

  2. I watch the Super Bowl for the parties and I went to a great one this year. And I really hardly saw any of the commercials but it was a great game and I was glad the old man, Peyton Manning and the Broncos won.

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