The Pentagon Wants 8 Billion Dollars More In Order To Drop More “Smart” Bombs In The Middle East


Hmmmm……I guess the 579 billion dollars the Pentagon has ALREADY received in their military budget this year wasn’t ENOUGH….or perhaps the Pentagon underestimated the costs of “SMART” bombs???  I don’t know and I don’t care because our government has lost its FUCKING minds…

Allow me to read your near future AMERICA…the war criminals (republicans) in CONGRESS will give THE PENTAGON the 8 billion dollars they so “desperately” need faster than FAT-FUCK chris christie can swallow a pizza pie…and/or faster than Ted “freddy krueger” Cruz can lie to the war-mongering, FALSE CHRISTIANS of IOWA during the 2016 Iowa caucuses.

And, the democrats will do what they do best – lie better than the republicans AND pretend to care about the AMERICAN people as they find new ways for the AMERICAN people to pay for the politically craven mistakes WASHINGTON always makes…AND, the final insult will be that NO one will go to jail for poisoning children with lead.

Grow a BRAIN already AMERICA…or, at the very least, remove your brain from your skulls and then replace with a brand, new, extra shiny “SMART” phone and start taking more “selfies”



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