It’s Election Day!

“Our elected representatives are a gang of thieves who swear to better our lot while dipping their hands deep into our pockets.”

“Against the potato eaters like them over there thieving our jobs”

“Alright line them up!  It’s election day!!”

“Rise and shine.  Rise and shine.  In this great country of ours, even the hot-fiends (drug addicts) get to vote!”

“Remember the first rule of politics….the ballots don’t make the results…the counters make the results…the counters..KEEP COUNTING!”

All I can say is…”Oh! How times have NOT changed!”

And, if I recall correctly…in the 2012 Iowa caucuses, the republican party cheated Mitt “the false prophet” Romney to victory…when in reality, Mark Santorum won the Iowa caucuses…Don’t get me wrong now!  I am no fan of Mark Santorum whatsoever….all I am saying is our politics (democracy) is polluted with so much corrupt money (via citizens united) that it has become one big, UNFUNNY joke

And, mark my words, if Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz win tonight, Mother Nature will fight back and crush parts of Iowa with snow-storms and winds not seen in 25 years…



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