Happy 38th Birthday Saturday Night Fever

I was 11 years old when this movie came out…and I can tell you with pride as an Italian/American born in Harlem, NYC (1966) that right after watching this movie…No joke…I made my mother buy that very exact outfit in the intro for me and was strutting around Harlem like an 11 year old John Travolta…stacking my pizza slices on top of each other and trying to pick up all the 11, 12, and 13 year old girls….Let’s just say, I was chased home that day after school….but since I could fly, I mean, run like the wind…no one caught me…and right before I entered my building with all the black and spanish kids breathing heavy from chasing me…I busted out some of those Travolta dance moves…and the next thing I know…I’m the only white boy in Harlem in a break-dancing crew…I was good…Oh! What fond memories of Old-School NYC…I miss them!

Here are some of my favorite clips of Saturday Night Fever…

Once again…being born into an Italian family..I can attest with 100% certainty that I have been slapped upside my head by my father many times..as well as my father yelling “ONE PORK CHOP!” with my grandmother saying the exact same thing, “Basta!!! Manga, manga!”in her attempt to try to stop the arguing…And this was before Saturday Night Fever even came out in the movie theaters… 🙂

And, in this clip…you will see a young Fran Drescher (from the t.v. show “The Nanny”)…Rumor has it that she had such a crush on John Travolta that she didn’t wear any underwear for this scene..and, I have to be 100% honest..I would have done the exact same thing back then…..And, if this dance is not FOREVER remembered, then there is something terribly wrong with humanity 🙂

And, this scene featuring the song “More Than A Woman” has always given me (even to this day) the “LOVE” goose bumps and chills all up and down my spine 🙂

And finally, as any born and raised, old school New Yorker will tell you…anytime you got problems…or needed to clear your head from the insanity..or just a get a little peace and quiet…all you had to do was get on the NYC subway system late at night and just ride..Now granted…back then…NYC wasn’t the safest place (far from it! We had the highest murder rate for 50 consecutive years)…especially in the subways..and especially for people not from New York City…but, back then…it was all about your attitude..If you had a NYC attitude (even if you weren’t from New York City) – meaning you had respect for everyone – it was always ALL good..

Wow! I actually shed a tear or two just now..reminiscing about old school New York City…From my eyes, New York City has changed so much (for the worse) in the last 25 years (thanks to Mayor Giuliani and Bloomberg) in their pursuit of making NYC the richest city in the world.  The very essence and fabric of NYC has been destroyed forever…no more is there a vibrant middle class of all nationalities striving to make it here…Now, NYC is mostly extremely, obscenely wealthy with pockets of extreme poverty interspersed…where 100,000 homeless people sleep on the streets every single night..Don’t get me wrong now..there were many homeless people in the city back then…but no where near as many as there are now…

To the world, the Statue Of Liberty says, “Welcome To All!”…But to us New Yorkers…it’s always saying, “C’est la vie!”…”That’s life!”…I will always be grateful for the opportunity to have been able to have been born and raised in the last real NEW YORK CITY… and, in the last real AMERICA…




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