Oh How Times Have NOT Changed


One day…hopefully much sooner rather than much later..we will all realize that when it comes to equality in AMERICA….absolutely nothing gets done until BLOOD is SHED…

Now, here’s my brainy (or not-so brainy) quote of the day….

“History repeats itself not because the peoples are incapable of learning from their mistakes…but because there’s a huge profit in it for the powers that be” – Jesús Nostradamus


4 thoughts on “Oh How Times Have NOT Changed

  1. you are 100%…It is already happening..the 2nd coming of Fascism (created by america and its bogus wars and manufactured terrorism) is already in Europe (France) and within 5 years it will spread to all places in Europe just like in the past..and then, all of Europe will be rounding up the usual suspects (the Jewish)..just like in the past…Holy wars are very bad for planet Earth because everyone loses

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