Don’t Let Carly Fiorina’s “Profits Before People’s Face” Fool You


Unlike the DONALD, I have always believed that BEAUTY “is in the eye of the beholder….but more importantly….. THAT a person’s INNER beauty can be seen by ALL.”

I will use 2 “faces” (one male and one female) to prove my point


face1Now..Mahatma Gandhi’s FACE is not a SUPER MODEL’S face in any and every sense of the word..MATTER of is the complete OPPOSITE…but yet, his INNER BEAUTY is one of the most beautiful that has AND will EVER grace this EARTH…even his staunchest deniers/enemies could NEVER deny this.  This beautiful man’s  FACE is a face of EMPATHY, INTELLIGENCE, INDEPENDENCE, TRUTH, LOVE, FAITH, and NON-VIOLENCE for all mankind..In short, Mahatma Gandhi’s FACE/INNER BEAUTY is one of “PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS”


face4In regards to MOTHER TERESA…just imagine if she had graced one FRONT COVER of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SWIMSUIT MAGAZINE…how truly DIFFERENT and BEAUTIFUL this world would be…I am 100% certain that if she had GRACED just one COVER of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SWIMSUIT MAGAZINE…WORLD POVERTY as we know it would NO LONGER exist…In short, the INNER BEAUTY of this TRULY beautiful WOMAN exposes the sheer UGLINESS of SATAN and all of his followers’ VANITIES…

Which brings me full circle back to my point…There is nothing wrong with Carly Fiorina’s face physically…so, the DONALD is 100% incorrect with his “LOOK AT HER FACE” comment last week…What the DONALD should have said is – “Carly Fiorina’s FACE is the FACE of 10s of THOUSANDS of AMERICANS JOBS lost as CEO of HEWLITT PACKARD as she FLOATED AWAY in her 40 MILLION dollar GOLDEN PARACHUTE.”

Just like in the movie “APOLLO 13” when Tom Hanks says, “Houston…we have a problem”…I’m going to say, “America…we have a problem”….Every single CANDIDATE (in both political parties) that is running for the PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, only one FACE puts “PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS” – and his NAME is BERNIE SANDERS



3 thoughts on “Don’t Let Carly Fiorina’s “Profits Before People’s Face” Fool You

  1. This would be a great project for a political science class. Imagine having to come up with a party platform for a 3rd party incorporating the ideas of both Trump and Sanders! And throw in Oprah as Secretary of State—epic

  2. Exactly..that would be a DREAM come true..but, I’m gonna take it one step about a trump/bernie 3rd party independent ticket..complete opposites of the political spectrum comprising for the american people that would make the republican and democratic foundations tremble for decades to come..perhaps, I have lost my mind?

  3. I’m afraid we’re all dreaming but here’s a thought. Is the country ready for a presidential race featuring two total opposites? So how ’bout Donald Trump vs Bernie Sanders!!! Their philosophies couldn’t be farther apart. Never in history has there been such a clear choice. Wake me when the revolution comes.

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