Handcuffing An 8 Year Old Boy With Adhd Proves America Has Lost Its Effin Mind

I hate to say this but AMERICA is a DEAD nation WALKING.

Here’s a better idea – let’s START handcuffing EVERYONE in WASHINGTON who is addicted to continuously putting PROFITS before PEOPLE…

And, a wise word of advice for all POLICE MEN/WOMEN in AMERICA –


I don’t think POLICEMEN/WOMEN in AMERICA realize that WASHINGTON has created the perfect SCAPE-GOAT for themselves in the form of our LAW ENFORCEMENT…

PROFITS before PEOPLE is NOT and will NEVER be leadership – it’s CRIMINALITY in its purest form…and that is what our current version of WASHINGTON has become.

Heed my words LAW ENFORCEMENT of AMERICA..do NOT let yourselves become the SCAPE-GOAT for our CURRENT scumbags in WASHINGTON..they will sacrifice you FASTER than Aaron sacrificed a GOAT (Leviticus 16:20-22 from the BIBLE) in order to absolve ISRAEL/WASHINGTON’S evils, sins, and rebellions upon our LORD.  And then, you will be FORCED to go FAR into the desert…never to be seen EVER again..

If this is what you want to happen to you and your lives – “THEN GO FOR IT DUDES!” In the end, it will BE you who SUFFERS the most – not WASHINGTON…You doubt my WORD?  That’s TOTALLY cool DUDES..But, allow me to remind you about that bogus IRAQ war WASHINGTON started in 2003..or, the VIETNAM war of the 1960s…

You tell me who BECAME the SCAPE-GOATS for those 2 BOGUS wars started for profit and greed based on COMPLETE and UTTER lies. AND THEN, you tell me HOW our BRAVE veterans have been treated and are still being TREATED by WASHINGTON as a result of those 2 BOGUS wars…

Grow an EFFIN brain really fast LAW ENFORCEMENT of AMERICA…do NOT become WASHINGTON’S scape-goat…You are good people and SOCIETY and OUR DEMOCRACY most definitely NEEDS you…

What we DO NOT need or WANT…is a BUNCH of BRAINLESS goons who are TOO ignorant to RECOGNIZE the GUILLOTINE that WASHINGTON is quickly moving behind your backs


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