The Joke, I mean, Koch Brothers Are #2 On My “Please Just Effin Die Already” Wish List

drtssFirst and foremost, these 2 losers contracted “RICH PRICK” disease at birth…So, it goes without saying that it’s a “NICE” life when your AMERICAN father (Fred C. Koch) is an AMERICAN TREASON who earned his 100s of millions of DOLLARS selling OIL and CHEMICALS to NAZI/Germany during World War 2….It’s an even “NICER” life when Fred C. Koch’s loser SONS (Charles & David) can INHERIT 300 million dollars so that they can FURTHER pollute this world with their oil and chemicals as well destroying AMERICA’S democracy in their FATHER’S name (another symptom of “RICH PRICK” disease)…

@Charles & David Koch – do KNOW that when you PASS AWAY (hopefully much, much sooner RATHER than later), 100s of millions of americans, 100s of millions of people from all over the globe, and MOTHER NATURE will cheer like never before..There will be no pity or sorrow for you cancerous LOSERS other than from the few brainless corporate puppets that you employ…and, in your very near futures, you fools of AMERICAN HUBRIS will meet your MAKER in a very, very, very HOT place…Matter of fact, I already have a blog all cued up titled “GOOD RIDDANCE!”


Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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