Please Cry For Beautiful Cecil The Lion

cryssToday I cried for Cecil the beautiful lion…How can someone so UGLY kill something so BEAUTIFUL…for sport..This TRULY vile person makes me question if there TRULY is a GOD in this UNIVERSE.  To lure this TRULY beautiful animal from his preserve (with a huge GPS collar around its neck) and then shoot it with a cross-bow from 100 yards away… stalk it for another 40 hours while gravely wounded before finally ending its misery by shooting it to death so that you can skin it, decapitate it and then hang this TRULY beautiful lion’s head on YOUR wall – IS UNCONSCIONABLE.

You and everyone who hunts for sport ILLEGALLY are VILE human beings in every sense of the word.  Even more vile is the FACT that typical of so many AMERICANS in AMERICA today, you do NOT want to be held accountable for your VILE actions.  And, therein lies AMERICA’S undoing – WE MUST ALL BE ACCOUNTABLE for our ACTIONS.  Until we accept this FACT, we are all guilty and do not deserve LIFE on this truly beautiful planet


3 thoughts on “Please Cry For Beautiful Cecil The Lion

  1. All animals deserve to live. If you (anyone reading my comment) think it’s wrong to kill a lion but are okay with exploiting, enslaving, and murdering pigs, cows, chickens, then you are blinded by what society has taught you and you need to rethink your morals. All species deserve equal treatment and equally deserve to live freely and peacefully. It’s just as wrong to harm an animal for “food” or for “clothing” or for conservation”. This one lion is nothing compared to the millions of animals killed EVERY DAY and who aren’t represented in the news and on newsfeeds.

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