Doing The “Tom Brady”

bsdfAlright, alright! I want first dibs on “DOING THE TOM BRADY”…or “DOING THE BRADY”…from this moment on until the END of ETERNITY… Any and every time any person any where on this plant DESTROYS his/her cell phone in an attempt to hide ANYTHING and/or EVERYTHING on it that might be actual or supposed evidence in LEGAL, CIVIL and/or INTER-PERSONAL matters – that’s called “DOING THE TOM BRADY” and/or “DOING THE BRADY … whichever rolls off of your tongue easier 🙂

Example #1:

Let’s say a douche bag from wall street is suspected of INSIDER TRADING and it is found out that before his COURT DATE…this SAID douche bag destroyed his cell phone in an attempt to hide all texts, calls, contacts, etc in regards to the INSIDER TRADING scheme he is being convicted of in a court of LAW…all the prosecution team needs to say in front of the jury is, “JURORS! It is obvious TO ALL that this douche bag from WALL STREET is guilty of all charges because he “DID THE BRADY”


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