Greed And Money Are Winning The Battle For Your Health

Please read this excellent blog…It’s very true and very scary


We just keep getting hit by the greed and madness on all sides.  When will it stop?



There’s a law making it’s way through the US Congress, The 21st Century Cares Act, that among other things, would allow drug manufacturers to use a drug designed to treat one condition, to treat a different condition and to expedite the development of these drugs, establishing a “streamlined” data review program.  Folks we don’t need to streamline most drug approval processes.

I actually agree with most of the 21st Century Cures Act—on the surface.
I am all for research and development.  There is no doubt that we have plenty of diseases and conditions that need answers and this legislation would certainly help funding and fast tracking.  But if you dig a little deeper and look into research by organizations not associated with big pharma and medical industry “think tanks”, you will…

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2 thoughts on “Greed And Money Are Winning The Battle For Your Health

  1. I totally agree and will do – contacting my congressional representatives is my way of having fun 🙂 … it’s like our government has forgotten the most important aspect to LIFE…that being one’s HEALTH!!!! and, THANK YOU for sharing – the best gift MANKIND can pass on

  2. Thanks for helping to spread the word. First step is to realize that this is a BIG problem that only will get bigger. Encourage your congressional representatives to insist on changes to the proposed 21st Century Cares Act to ensure dangerous drugs aren’t fast tracked by the FDA. Don’t give a green light to corporate greed at the expense of our health!!

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