ggadNo leniency JUDGE!!! I say “throw the book at them!”


4 thoughts on “Mugshots

  1. Ha! Knucklecat! LOL! Love the name..and I do the same with my cats chimp, gorilla, and slimbo..I throw them in a big closet with a prison (double bed) bunk bed..they only get dry food and some water and the litter pan..sometimes, when all 3 gang up on me..i throw them all into prison at the same time and the fun really begins…they start play fighting for the 2 bunk beds while one gets the cold floor (usually chimpie who is the best behaved but the smallest so she gets a “good behavior” early release 🙂 with treats and delicious soft food again..which makes the other 2 in prison very angry..but they do begrudgingly start behaving properly again…for a while LOL!

  2. In kitty jail, my cat is banished to the laundry room where he gets bread and water, a scratching post and a litter pan. His name is Knucklecat by the way!

  3. Ha! LOL! Thank you! You made laugh heartily :)…My cat just got released after a 2 year stretch for crimes against humanity – knocking over all my garbage pales every time I leave the house..she is not too happy about being on parole and being forced to meet her parole officer (me) every day concerning her progress with this criminal activity… 🙂

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