dontleave2For the past 4 months…I have left home without it (I haven’t renewed my plan)!  And guess what AMERICA? I think my BRAIN is DEFINITELY growing BIGGER…or, my brain cells are being rejuvenated…or, AT THE VERY MINIMUM, my brain stopped shrinking..Matter of fact, I am now confidently convinced that if I continue NOT using a “SMART” phone for an entire year  – I might just be able to become a ROCKET SCIENTIST (see pic below)

rocketsOr, a NEUROSURGEON (see pic below)

brainsOr even…PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (see pic of idiot BELOW)

bsuhiAll kidding aside though, I have noticed that my memory has improved…like for example, when I did have my “SMART” phone – I couldn’t even remember my mother’s and girlfriend’s telephone #….NOW, I have 50 different telephone #s of family, friends, co-workers, and even some enemies memorized…I have also noticed that I am able to do simple math again i.e. adding, subtracting, division, and multiplications…which is great for my wallet and nest egg 🙂

Even better is the fact that when I leave my home now, I feel a sense of freedom that I have not felt since the early 1990s (THE PRE-CELL/SMART PHONE DAYS) when my only means of communication was my home phone..

There is a NEGATIVE side though….to not HAVING your “SMART” phone when leaving home that is starting to disturb me immensely….and that is – the questions I am receiving from family, friends, girlfriend, co-workers, etc…The #1 question being, “I tried to call you many times and could NOT reach you (in a very frustrated tone)!!!..why don’t you have your CELL/SMART phone on you?  Is there something you are trying to hide?  Are you doing something ILLEGAL? Are you cheating on me with another woman?”…and I’m like, “OMG! Have you all LOST your EFFIN minds?”

Then….it all DAWNED on me…and a SHIVER of creepiness slid across my spine….If everyone I know gets suspicious about the fact that when I leave my home without having my CELL/SMART phone on my being…then, I can only imagine what my government is thinking about this…and that is CREEPY…

I am now convinced that GEORGE ORWELL had it only half correct in regards to the THEORY of BIG BROTHER aka BIG GOVERNMENT…He either forgot to mention or WAS NOT aware of LITTLE SISTER aka TECHNOLOGY….Mark my words..for I have had moment of clarity – 500 years from now, HUMAN BRAINS will SHRINK and be NO larger than a WALNUT…

BIG BROTHER will NOT only use LITTLE SISTER to spy on our EVERY movements/thoughts/feelings throughout our ENTIRE lives but also to make us DUMBER than ROCKS


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