I Woke Up This Morning Definitely Not Proud To Be An American


Okay, okay…..in full disclosure here….. the real reason why I woke up in a REALLY, REALLY bad mood is because I didn’t have any HALF & HALF for my coffee today…

Now that I’ve got that out of the way…we can move on to more serious matters i.e. why I AM NOT PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN today!!!

So….while I am sipping my nasty black cup of coffee with no HALF & HALF in it, I turn my TELEVISION on…and….THE FIRST THING i see (on every single EFFIN channel)  is our NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNING u.s. PRESIDENT obama (in co-hoots with WAR CRIMINALS and BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats) STARTING another UNNECESSARY war of IGNORANT CHOICE paid for by HARD WORKING americans’ taxes WHICH will MOST definitely place MANY, MANY boots on the ground in our NEAR future..

Time to turn my TELEVISION off and turn MY COMPUTER on…and what am I bombarded with on the INTERNET..more war PRESIDENT obama starting another war……Jasmine Tridevil and HER three BOOBS…and, LAST BUT not LEAST…teen mom FARRAH ABRAHAM’S back-door entry FUCKABLE SEX DOLL.

america HAS lost its EFFIN mind…or…maybe i have lost my FUCKING mind…”I DON’T KNOW and I DON’T CARE!” is all I have to say…I mean, perhaps Vice President Joe Biden should have said, “we will chase ISIS to the GATES of AMERICA (instead of hell)!!!!”

Get your POPCORN heeeeeere!!!!!!  We are going to WAR again AMERICA…Here’s my proof…the TRAITOROUS WAR CRIMINALS in both OUR republican and democrat parties are TOO cowardly to DEBATE and then PLACE a BINDING vote on this MATTER until AFTER our elections in NOVEMBER…which begs for me to say, “what an EFFIN and insulting JOKE on the american people!!!!”

In regards to JASMINE TRIDEVIL and her 3 boobs…I ask, “Why only 3 boobs and not 8 boobs?  3 boobs on the front..3 boobs on the back….one boob on the forehead..and one boob on the chin (all different sizes)…..NOW THAT IS SEXY!!! Or perhaps, Romney-ama Care (let’s give credit where credit is due yo!  Romneycare came before MORE WAR/COPYCAT obamacare) only covers the first 3 boobs WITH  a $1,000 dollar deductible..all the other boobs come out of POCKET.

Ok…Ok..I got the munchies real bad right now so I’m gonna keep this real short in regards to the  teen mom FARRAH ABRAHAM’S FUCKABLE SEX DOLL (with vibrating ass and pussy)…

“I refuse to purchase this product for false advertising…I do NOT see any VENEREAL DISEASES on that SEX DOLL!!!  Like everything else in AMERICA, it’s counterfeit!!!”


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