Grow A Brain Hollywood – If You Don’t Want Your Nude Pics To Be Seen By The Entire World – Use A Polaroid

yeatopsAnd even better than being 100% HACKER proof..The ONE-STEP polaroid camera is ALSO 100% NSA proof…even ERIC SNOWDEN would agree with me on this one..So, here’s how the POLAROID works hollywood…it’s very simple.  You take a NUDE pictures of yourself…AND THEN…you take those NUDE PICTURES of yourself and you put them in a SAFE (DO NOT! AND I MEAN do not  SCAN YOUR polaroids into your computer OKAY) …and VOILA!!!  No one can steal your NUDE pics…unless they break into your which point YOU have every right to blow their BRAINS away..It is really not that complicated HOLLYWOOD..unless that is…you WANT everyone to see your nude photos..

Now, do REALIZE hollywood…It’s very difficult to PHOTOSHOP polaroids…so, you won’t be able to achieve that PERFECT look you guys are so fond of recently.. but hey!!! what are gonna do 🙂



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